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Impressions: The LA Audio Show 2017, My Portraits

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[Note:  All components in BOLD are loaned; all components in standard face are owned by me.]


The GamuT Audio Zodiac Reference Loudspeakers and Balanced Audio Technology VK-255 SE stereo amplifier.

GamuT Audio Zodiac with SACD rack_web

The GamuT Audio Zodiac Reference Loudspeaker next to one of our racks of SACDs.


The Evolution Acoustics MM2 Loudspeakers with a pair of Audionet MAX monoblock amplifiers and the PRE G2 preamp on the Walker Audio Prologue Rack.


GamuT Audio Zodiac Reference Loudspeakers; Evolution Acoustics MM2 loudspeakers with Wave Kinetics isolation feet; Nova Rendition II loudspeakers outfitted with Walker Audio Reference HDLs on the upper and lower bi-wires, and Townshend Audio Super Tweeters, all contacts treated with Walker Audio Extreme SST Contact Enhancer.… Read the full article

James Loudspeaker™ Unveils Ultra High-Performance Q-Series Floor-Standing Speakers to Suit Any Decor     

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All components in BOLD are loaned; all components in standard face are owned by me.


Vandersteen Quatro Wood Carbon. Enigma Acoustics Tweeters. Reimer Speaker Systems Tetons (with the Hi-Vi Isodynamic Planar tweeters and series crossovers) heavily treated with Marigo VTS Dots. 


PS Audio BHK 250 amplifier, PS Audio BHK Signature preamplifier. Clayton Audio M200 monoblock amplifiers (with Hi-Fi Tuning and Furutech fuses), Channel D Lino phono stage, and the Heed Thesis phono stage. DEQX PreMate + (preamp) Marantz 2230 receiver, and the Kora integrated.… Read the full article

Rega Planar 6 Turntable

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Rega has released the latest turntable in its Planar series, the Planar 6, and it will soon be going on-sale in Australia.

The new Rega Planar 6 is the first Rega turntable to be constructed with an ultra lightweight Tan-Cast 8 polyurethane foam (a material developed for the aerospace industry) cored plinth that sees a layer of Tan-Cast 8 foam sandwiched between two sections of high pressure-formed laminate. The sub-platter of the Planar 6 is machined from a single piece of aluminium that is rotated via a belt connected to a pulley driven by a new low-noise synchronous motor 24V motor powered by a Rega NEO power supply unit (PSU).… Read the full article

Einstein The Tune Integrated Amplifier Review & Test

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Expert review and independent laboratory test of the Einstein The Tune Integrated Amplifier by Australian Hi-Fi Magazine. Free download.

This equipment review consists of a full subjective evaluation of the Einstein The Tune Integrated Amplifier written by Stephen Dawson together with a complete set of independent laboratory tests conducted by Newport Test Labs and a test report written by Steve Holding.

The following downloadable pdf is an exact replica of the original pages on which the review appeared in Australian Hi-Fi Magazine, July/August 2016 issue (Volume 47 Number 4).… Read the full article

Paradox Pulse Monoblock Amplifiers

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Terence Robinson, owner and chief designer of Paradox Enterprise, has been making bespoke high end audio components and loudspeakers for over forty years.

Like many ‘old stagers’ in this business, with a history going back to the beginnings of our avocation, Robinson has quite defined opinions about all aspects of the ‘business’. Design, print, ‘audio personalities’, just ask him. 

He has maintained a going concern in the high desert of Southern California and has many loyal customers. 

I was contacted by Paradox and decided to give their Pulse monoblocks a run in my system.… Read the full article

You can thank Stormtroopers for the look of Apple AirPods

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I hate to break it to you, but if you’ve worn a pair of Apple EarPods or AirPods recently, you were tacitly supporting the Empire – you know, that military group from Star Wars that tried to control the universe through fear and exploitation. 

In what has to be one of the strangest conversations about the mash-up of Apple and Star Wars, well, ever, Apple design lead Jony Ive told Star Wars: The Force Awakens director J.J. Abrams that his primary inspiration for Apple’s iconic in-ear headphones were none other than Stormtroopers. 

This strange tidbit of information appeared in an interview in The Wall Street Journal where Ive was describing his design inspirations over the years. 

Crazy as it sounds, however, it sort of makes sense. 

Stormtroopers wear glossy white armor, Apple EarPods and AirPods have a glossy white encasing.… Read the full article

Tidal Force Wave 5 Headpones

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