October 2016
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A tale of two cities with the OPPO Digital Sonica DAC, HA-2SE

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OPPO Digital’s range of Sonica products will soon comprise two wireless multi-room speaker models. We might (lazily) think of them as OPPO’s take on a Sonos Play:1 and Play:3. However, each Sonica speaker sports a handful of fundamental differences to the Santa Barbara-born old timers: DLNA, Bluetooth and AirPlay compatibility. The latter turns each Sonica – or each L/R pair – into a Roon endpoint.

At both RMAF 2016 and the Tokyo Headphone Festival, the Chinese/American manufacturer teased a pre-production version of another new Sonica product: the Sonica DAC.… Read the full article

AnalogPlanet Radio’s WFDU HD2 Bob Dylan Nobel Prize Tribute Show

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“Bob Dylan” stops by the WFDU-HD2 studios to talk with AnalogPlanet editor “Michael Fremer” about his Nobel Prize for Literature and his career. The “two” spin records and Bob recollects leaving Hibbing, MN for Minneapolis, Chicago and then New York City.

Questyle QP1R USB DAC

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Questyle’s popular QP1R has had a free firmware upgrade that allows it to function as a USB DAC. The firmware upgrade (v1.0.7), and a newly-developed driver, mean that QP1R owners will now be able to use their units as a USB DAC with support for true DSD64/DSD128 (i.e. native) as well as PCM up to 192/24.  

The new firmware v1.0.7 and the accompanying driver that will be needed to work with it are for free download HERE (Click on the ‘Drive Tab’ when the page loads)

Audio Dynamics, which distributes Questyle in Australia, told Australian Hi-Fi Magazine that Questyle will be posting further firmware updates to permit Artist/Album/Song sorting and Folder Play-Through as well as other features requested by reviewers and end-users.… Read the full article

B&W 805 D3

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B&W 805 D3

What is the first thing that comes to mind when you hear the term “flagship” loudspeaker? Its size, of course. Such speakers tend to be impressive, full-range statements—multi-driver platforms that cast long shadows in the room, their sheer size cowing listeners into respectful, worshipful silence. But grandiosity alone doesn’t make the argument all by itself. So the question I’ve been asking myself ever since I began listening to the B&W 805 D3 is: Can a two-way compact, a segment defined by modesty and yes, limitations, be considered a flagship product?… Read the full article

Thales Tonarm TTT-Compact II turntable production

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Drive unit for Thales Tonarm TTT-Compact II turntable, consisting of 95 parts; getting ready to be matched into the turntable.

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KEF Ci200QSb-THX and Ci200TRb In Wall Subwoofer Preview

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We saw two new editions to KEF’s  ‘Q’ series line at the 2016 CEDIA Expo show in Dallas, Texas – the Ci200QSb-THX in wall or in-ceiling subwoofer and the ridiculously thin Ci200TRb.

The Ci200QSb is a THX-certified 8” square subwoofer.  When configuring four Ci200QSb-THX subwoofers with a KASA500, THX Select 2 certification standards are achieved. and when configuring eight Ci200QSb-THX subwoofers with a KASA500, THX Ultra 2 certifications standards are met.

200trb width

The Ci200TRb is an ultra-thin architectural speaker with an 8” dual-voice coil subwoofer and a mere 50mm (1.96”) mounting depth.

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Cyenne Audio

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“Cyenne is more and more switching over to custom designs. This special Contralto is made for a customer who wanted specifically a R2R DAC and no volume control in the digital domain. This will accomplished by a BB PCM63P-K based DAC printed circuit board (PCB).”

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Thales Tonarm philosophy explained

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While cutting the master disc of vinyl LP, the cutting-tool is hold on a massive support and guided linearly above the disc’s surface. This arrangement keeps the cutter-head rigid, even if high cutting forces occur.
While tracking the LP for playback, it’s totally different properties: the pickup-cartridge should follow the groove as smooth as possible and even tolerate eccentric and wavy vinyl. Therefore, radial pivoted tonearms are established as they allow to reduce unintentional forces at the tracking point tremendously.… Read the full article

Review – Black Rhodium Quickstep Loudspeaker Cable

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Janine Elliot cuts a rug with the Black Rhodium Quickstep loudspeaker cables costing £400 for a 3m pair.


“Whilst the bass wasn’t over pronounced it had a sense of energy that many speaker cables are unable to convey well. Imaging is also very detailed and tightly placed within the soundstage, with all music played without stress.”

Read the full review here. 

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Vienna Philharmonic impression in Japan

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Vienna Philharmonic / Wiener Philharmoniker photo impressions from their tour in Japan…

Photo: Benedikt Dinkhauser
Photo: Martin Kubik
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