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Gydotron Audio show 2017

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30+ photo set from Gydotron Audio show 2017. Some very nice gear galore like Marten Mingus Quintet speakers, Harbeth speakers, Kii Audio speakers etc…


Photos: Wim Daneels

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Wilson Audio momentum

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Wilson Audio Sabrina speakers getting ready to ship out and Sasha Series 2 posing in a cosy environment…


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Sprint Invests in Tidal

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On January 23, 2017, telecoms company Sprint acquired 33% of the Tidal music streaming service. According to the press release jointly issued by the two companies, the deal guarantees that Tidal, which now claims a catalog of over 42.5 million songs and 140,000 “high quality videos,” will become available to Sprint’s 45,000,000 retail customers, who will gain “unlimited access to exclusive artist content not available anywhere else.”

Jay Z and Tidal’s “artist-owners” will continue to run the service, while Sprint CEO, Marcelo Claure will join Tidal’s Board of Directors.… Read the full article

CES 2017: 12 hour Tour – Technics, DEG, Mytek, Sony, ELAC, Nagra, MSB, SweetVinyl, dCS, AudioQuest, Musical Surroundings

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This year, I decided to do the accelerated CES 2017 tour.  With some loss of good judgement, I created a flight plan in and out of Vegas from Seattle in a single day with just enough time to literally rip my way through CES.  The trip was booked, meetings all lined up, and the day  finally arrived- 12 hours of get ‘er done while seeing familiar faces and friends who share the same love for Music.

First stop; the Technics booth, showcasing the new SL-1200GR Direct Drive Turntable.  … Read the full article

10 of the most expensive pairs of headphones in the world

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Price: $53,400/£43,500/AU$70,845

Best for: Having the fanciest knobs (seriously)

The big daddy of all high-end headphones is the Sennheiser Orpheus. Sennheiser started making these headphones in 1991, a no-holds-barred project to see exactly how good headphones could sound. 

They were electrostatic headphones, so needed their own special amplifier, and only 300 pairs were made. They were also ridiculously expensive at $16,000, or $28,400 accounting for inflation. Collector’s item much? 

After 25 years a lot of those pairs were probably falling to bits, so Sennheiser decided to come up with the Orpheus HE1060 in 2015.… Read the full article

Beethoven: Symphony No. 7; Vienna Philharmonic; Carlos Kleiber; Speakers Corner 180 gram LP

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Many people consider the companion recording to this Beethoven 7 DG classic (Beethoven’s 5th Symphony with the same forces) as not only the greatest Beethoven recording of all time but the greatest recording of all time. I’m inclined to agree. It’s perfection in an imperfect setting. Have you heard it? 

So, when Kleiber gathered the same players and recording team to record the 7th, it was akin to trying to capture lightning in a bottle. 

As such, this 7th got a little bit of a pasting in the audio press.… Read the full article

Cable-Readiness Delayed Again

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In a blow to pay-TV subscribers, the Federal Communications Commission has postponed a vote on its effort to create a new cable-ready standard. The vote would have followed a two-year process in which every possible angle was considered. An app-based solution had the conditional support of the cable industry.
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AnalogPlanet Radio’s WFDU HD2 “The Doors Tribute” Show Streams Here Now!

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A Doors tribute today on AnalogPlanet Radio occasionally sourced from original pressings but mostly from Analogue Productions’ 45rpm box set. If you are hesitant to purchase it but love The Doors, better not listen! From the first note of “Touch Me” you’ll easily hear what a great job Bruce Botnick and the late Doug Sax did with these fragile tapes.

A Survey of Digital Audio Players Part 3

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As I write this, it’s been roughly one full year since I posted part two of this series, and even longer since part one went live. Let’s get it out of the way right now—I totally fell short here. Despite my high hopes for keeping up to date with the rapidly expanding DAP market, I found myself buried in other reviews, the day job, and life in general. It didn’t help that this market really picked up with a rapid-fire launch of one significant model after another.… Read the full article

Epson's 17-inch SureColor P5070 arrives

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Epson is claiming that its new 17-inch Epson SureColor P5070 not only delivers the latest imaging technologies, but reduces the longer-term costs of ownership for professional photographers and those in the fine arts and graphic design industries.

“The SureColor P5070 is the latest addition to the Epson SureColor product line, which is bringing Epson’s photographic technology to the next level,” says Craig Heckenberg, General Manager of EPson Australia’s Business Division. “Sitting above the popular Epson SureColor SC-P800 in the range, the SureColor P5070 packs all of the SureColor printing technology into a 17-inch desktop model, providing photographers and graphic designers with the best imaging technology has to offer.”

The P5070 uses Epson’s PrecisionCore TFP printhead and UltraChrome HDX 10-colour pigment ink set to deliver an increased colour gamut, higher-density blacks and, claims the company, superior running costs.Read the full article