October 2016
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B&W 805 D3

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B&W 805 D3

What is the first thing that comes to mind when you hear the term “flagship” loudspeaker? Its size, of course. Such speakers tend to be impressive, full-range statements—multi-driver platforms that cast long shadows in the room, their sheer size cowing listeners into respectful, worshipful silence. But grandiosity alone doesn’t make the argument all by itself. So the question I’ve been asking myself ever since I began listening to the B&W 805 D3 is: Can a two-way compact, a segment defined by modesty and yes, limitations, be considered a flagship product?… Read the full article

Thales Tonarm TTT-Compact II turntable production

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Drive unit for Thales Tonarm TTT-Compact II turntable, consisting of 95 parts; getting ready to be matched into the turntable.

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Cyenne Audio

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“Cyenne is more and more switching over to custom designs. This special Contralto is made for a customer who wanted specifically a R2R DAC and no volume control in the digital domain. This will accomplished by a BB PCM63P-K based DAC printed circuit board (PCB).”

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Thales Tonarm philosophy explained

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While cutting the master disc of vinyl LP, the cutting-tool is hold on a massive support and guided linearly above the disc’s surface. This arrangement keeps the cutter-head rigid, even if high cutting forces occur.
While tracking the LP for playback, it’s totally different properties: the pickup-cartridge should follow the groove as smooth as possible and even tolerate eccentric and wavy vinyl. Therefore, radial pivoted tonearms are established as they allow to reduce unintentional forces at the tracking point tremendously.… Read the full article

Review – Black Rhodium Quickstep Loudspeaker Cable

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Janine Elliot cuts a rug with the Black Rhodium Quickstep loudspeaker cables costing £400 for a 3m pair.


“Whilst the bass wasn’t over pronounced it had a sense of energy that many speaker cables are unable to convey well. Imaging is also very detailed and tightly placed within the soundstage, with all music played without stress.”

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Vienna Philharmonic impression in Japan

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Vienna Philharmonic / Wiener Philharmoniker photo impressions from their tour in Japan…

Photo: Benedikt Dinkhauser
Photo: Martin Kubik
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Lavardin ISX Reference Integrated Amplifier

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roksponsmallMidland Audio Xchange got in touch to let us know about the Lavardin ISX Reference integrated amplifier.

The amplifier will make its UK debit at this weeks Windsor Hifi Show, along with the Lavardin K-rak modular table system. The new model is now remote controlled and incorporates new technology to the audio circuit and will be available from mid November.


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Tannoy Dual Concentric driver heritage

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“In 1947 the  was launched at the London Radio Show. This revolutionary technology went on to define TANNOY and then later the whole audio industry.”

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HIRO Acoustic Laboratory MODEL-CCCS speakers

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Upgraded HIRO Acoustic Laboratory MODEL-CCCS aluminum speakers. Made in Japan.


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Time to Vote!

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It’s that time of year. Nope, not Halloween, and even though Christmas decorations showed up in stores weeks ago, it’s not that either. It’s election time! No, no, not that election. It’s time to vote in the first round for the 59th Grammy Awards. Voting members of the Recording Academy just received their ballots for the first round of voting—the nomination phase.
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