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À La Carte Productions, Luminous Audio, Ortofon, Spendor, Tweek Geek, Vienna Acoustics, VPI – Florida 2019

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The story of this room was great sound. Despite the stated “Value Room” moniker dubbed by À La Carte Productions, and their exhibit room comprising of a system only totally $9,781 USD, I never felt like anything I was hearing was compromised at any point.

Most interesting was hearing the VPI Industries Player ($1,500 USD w/ Ortofon 2M Red) with both the 2M Blue ($236) and 2M Mono ($356) cartridges. I reviewed the Player in 2018, and had it in house for almost six months.… Read the full article

Roku Now Supports Alexa Voice Control

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Amazon’s voice-enabled virtual assistant Alexa is continuing to find her way into an ever growing list of products. Roku is the latest company to announce Alexa compatibility for its streaming devices and Roku TVs
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When researching origins of surf music the first name that comes up is Dick Dale. Late 50’s to early 60’s was an interesting time the rise of surf music and 1958 say the use of the first power chord by Link Wray. I only have a few Dick Dale records but a ton of Ventures and various artist LPs.
Rebel In The Ring
Bony Moronie
Surfin The Wedge
So long and thanks for all the music. 

FLORIDA 2019: Play It Again Audio, Resolution Acoustics, Little boy blue come blow your horn

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Play It Again Audio was showing a system curated from their large inventory of pre-owned high-end audio equipment. Resolution Acoustics was showing us how a well assembled system of acoustic room treatments could take a stereo system from “meh”, to “WOW!”

Buying or selling high-end audio equipment from the second-hand market can raise more anxiety than I’m willing to deal with most days. Here is where Play It Again Audio comes in to play, to ease those feelings, when you are either the buyer or the seller.… Read the full article

Marantz SR8012 11.2CH Atmos/DTS:X/Auro 3D AV Receiver

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Marantz SR8012 Introduction

Marantz SR8012The Marantz name has always been synonymous with hi fidelity since the brand’s inception over 60 years ago. Look around the audio discussion groups and you’ll find vintage Marantz enthusiasts devouted to the brand. When Sound United purchased the brand along with Denon, Definitive Technology, and Polk, and others, we wondered what they’d do to differentiate Marantz which shares AV receiver platforms with Denon.  This concern was put to rest with the release of their flagship SR8012. Though not quite the super receiver of a decade ago, the SR8012 packs quite a wallop, weighing in at almost 40lbs with a large toroidal power supply, and dual heatsinks with a monolithic amplifier construction rated at 140 watts/ch x 11.… Read the full article

Two-thirds of Android’s antivirus apps found to be completely useless

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According to rigorous new tests undertaken by AV-Comparatives, two-thirds of the antivirus apps available for Android devices offer no protection whatsoever. 

In its ongoing mission to offer systemic testing of security software, the independent organization put 250 Android antivirus apps through their paces, finding that all but 80 of them failed to meet even the site's minimum requirements for basic security.

According to the site's 2019 test, less than a third of the apps examined managed to detect at least 30% of 2018's malicious apps with zero false alarms – many of the apps that failed to meet the site's standards regularly found popular genuine (clean) apps to be harmful, and malicious ones to be safe. 

Where did they go wrong?

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Schiit Mani phono preamp

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An Antenna No More!

This past year numerous readers and followers of mine on Twitter and Facebook continually asked me to recommend a budget phono stage, and to this end I had acquired the following phono stages:

  1. Parasound ZPhono
  2. Cambridge Audio Duo
  3. NAD PP2e
  4. Musical Fidelity V90-LPS
  5. Rega Fono Mini
  6. Pro-Ject Audio Phono Box DC

That’s a lot of budget phono stages and, with six turntables and five separate systems here, I am just the staffer at Dagogo to pull this off.

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HRS M3X2 platform cutaway

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An awesome diagram of all the pieces and parts of an Harmonic Resolution Systems M3X2 Isolation Base. These platforms are used many places in a HRS-based setup: as amplifier stands, as shelves in equipment racks, as turntable bases.

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Google+ public posts will be saved forever thanks to the Internet Archive

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Following the decline in popularity of its failed social media platform, and a spate of security breaches, Google announced it would be deleting all data from Google+ beginning in April, but there are those out there that intend to preserve its somewhat underwhelming legacy.

It’s the Internet Archive’s goal to conserve large swathes of the internet in a vast online library so that our rich digital history isn’t at the mercy of various website authors and server hosts that otherwise preside over the data.… Read the full article

Methyl Ethel: Tied Up In The Spider's Webb

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Coming as a shock to literally no-one, the new album from Methyl Ethel is a fiercely poignant, eccentric masterstroke from the minds of Perth’s most peculiar art-rock fivesome. Their third LP in total with a gargantuan theatre tour in its support lined up for June, Triage is as musically dense as it is danceable. Keen to learn more about how it went from embryonic to anthemic, we caught up with frontman Jake Webb.

How did you want to evolve your musicianship with, or build creatively on what you’d established Methyl Ethel to sound like with this record?Read the full article