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KLIAVS 2018: The 25th anniversary CD is a gem

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By Lam Seng Fatt


What does the tinkling notes of a vibraphone, a binaural recording of a guitarist and saxophonist, Clair Martin slow jazz standards and a soprano have in common? The answer is: Jo Ki.


As usual, LS3/5A sifu Jo Ki is back in action and he selected the tracks for the 25th Anniversary CD of the Kuala Lumpur International AV Show. This time, the 15-track selection is very varied and eclectic. It is also one of the best compilations that Jo Ki has made.… Read the full article

The Echo Dot smart speaker is back to its lowest price ever today

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The Amazon Echo Dot is the cheapest way to get an Alexa smart speaker into your home, and today for Amazon Prime Day 2018, it's once again at its lowest price yet.

It's $29.99 for the Echo Dot (was $49.99) thanks to a temporary price drop during the Amazon.com 36-hour deals marathon. That matches the best Black Friday and Cyber Monday discounts from seven months ago.

This Prime Day deal applies to both colors of the Alexa-powered smart smart speaker, white or black, and yes, they're the 2nd Gen version and brand new.… Read the full article

DMA’s: From Dusk To Dawning

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Note: This piece first appeared in Australian Guitar #128Subscribe to our print edition here!

For most bands, the dreaded ‘sophomore slump’ is a goldmine for anxiety. DMA’s, on the other hand, were keen to hit LP2 with an especially laidback attitude. Words by Matt Doria.

There’s something fascinating about the way DMA’s compose themselves onstage. Oasis nods are amplified by the lackadaisical gravitas that frontman Tommy O’Dell wields, axemen Johnny Took and Matt Mason jamming to their hearts’ content on either side of him.… Read the full article

KLIAVS 2018: Perfect Hi-Fi to launch Cambridge Audio Edge series

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Cambridge Edge components
Cambridge Edge components


Those on the look-out for the best sound systems that Cambridge Audio can offer should head to Perfect Hi-Fi’s room at the coming AV show as the Cambridge-based firm’s flagship Edge series will be launched there.


The flagship Cambridge Audio Edge series, launched to commemorate its 50th anniversary, comprises the Edge A integrated amp, the Edge NQ preamp with network player and Edge W power amplifier.


The Edge A integrated 100-watter amp is interesting as it also receives Bluetooth aptX HD at up to 24/48 resolution.… Read the full article

Cyrus One amplifier now $999: review refresh

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We enjoyed our time with the Cyrus One amplifier when we reviewed it at $1299. Now we hear that distributor Indi Imports has reduced the price to $999 for a limited time, making it all the more attractive.

The now-$999 Cyrus One is staunchly analogue in its socketry – four stereo pairs, one phono input and ground link for a turntable, and a pair of pre-outs – although it does include Bluetooth, with aptX. You can read our original review of the Cyrus One HERE – remembering that the new price knocks $300 from the price, so upping its value.… Read the full article

BenQ TK800 4K AV projector REVIEW

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The BenQ TK800 makes it four. That is, four Ultra-HD AV projectors from BenQ. The other three are from its W and X series — the letters it uses to mark its home cinema models. This one it calls a ‘Home Entertainment’ projector instead, and says in its release information that it’s ‘sport optimised’.

Indeed, this projector is very similar indeed to the BenQ W1700 — the same weight and the same dimensions, inputs and so on.… Read the full article

Cocktail Audio X45 audio player/server/streamer REVIEW

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In recent years, digital music has become fragmented, and fragmented again. We began the new millennium with a CD collection. Then we started sharing music files, and then buying files, and then streaming files. High-res audio became a thing. And just to complicate things, vinyl has made a comeback.

That leaves modern hi-fi with the problem of bringing it all together. And nobody achieves this more comprehensively than Cocktail Audio.… Read the full article

Focal Custom Integration 100-Series Speakers

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Focal’s new 100-Series of in-wall and in-ceiling custom install loudspeakers is said to be the culmination of five years of research and development.

The Focal team began working on this new range five years ago,’ said Gareth Weller of N.A. Distributors, which distributes Focal in Australia. ‘The brief to the design team was clear; design a range of speakers to cover every room in the home, to suit different room sizes, and for multiple uses—sound distribution, home cinema, etc.Read the full article

Marantz SA-14S1 SACD Player Review & Test

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Expert review and test of the Marantz SA-14S1 Special Edition Super Audio CD Player by Australian Hi-Fi Magazine. Free pdf download included.

Marantz prefers to call its SA-14S1 Special Edition a ‘Super Audio CD’ player, rather than an ‘SACD’ player. It’s obviously read the consumer research which reveals that few people these days know what an SACD player is, the format having done its dash back in the last century.

Such people would not realise that an SACD player not only plays back ordinary CDs but does so better than most CD players.… Read the full article

Exquisite Art Songs from Sandrine Piau

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Given how much fuller and more natural I find hi-rez audio sounds, I rarely review recordings that are only available in Red Book quality in the US (footnote 1). But when the soprano is Sandrine Piau, whose voice conveyed the essence of springtime when I heard her live at UC Berkeley a little over six years go, and she sings as marvelously as she does on Chimère, her latest song recital with pianist Susan Manoff, I throw such self-imposed strictures out the window.… Read the full article