October 2017
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Lars Jakob Rudjord's Indiepiano on LP

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Lars Jakob Rudjord Indiepiano

Fyrlyd Records FYRLYDLP1602, available at http://fyrlyd.no/ for 389 NOK

“I’m a huge fan of those guys.”

Music reviewers aren’t supposed to admit to such things. We’re supposed to be objective in our approach to something that’s almost perfectly subjective. We’re supposed to accurately describe the release, offer some sort of reference for the reader that makes sense (“It’s like Pet Sounds performed by My Life in the Thrill Kill Kult.”) and deliver just enough words to sound either vaguely approving or cautiously disapproving.… Read the full article

CanJam at RMAF2017 – HiFiMAN Sundara Open Planar Magnetic Headphones

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If there was a theme to CanJam this year for me it would be affordably priced planars. With all the new stuff from new places attracting attention, I was really happy to see HiFiMAN represent with their new Sundara ($499) planar magnetic headphones. Fang and crew have been working hard at this price range for quite a while now, and it doesn’t surprise me one bit to find the new Sundara quite appealing.

I found their HE-400S ($299) terrific. With the new styling and ergos of the Sundara—they did feel quite comfortable—if this new headphone lives up to the price jump our ears are in for a treat.… Read the full article

CanJam at RMAF2017 People I Love – Todd Green and Pete Millett

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Here’s a couple of guys I’ve known for a long, long time.

Todd used to work for me at HeadRoom before striking out on his own to form Todd the Vinyl Junkie, an on-line e-tailer of all things headphone and vinyl. If you’re in need of something along those lines I encourage you to give him a call…a chat with Todd is a treat. But I knew him long before that when we worked for a laser diode instrumentation company.… Read the full article

Day 2 at TAVES

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If you do a Google search for “loudspeaker” combined with “full-range,” “line source,” “one-way,” and “modular,” you’ll get results that match some, but not all, of the characteristics of the Ruel Audio R7. The Audience ClearAudient 16+16 comes the closest, with 16 drivers firing forward and 16 to the back, but its small full-range drivers are supplemented with eight 6×9″ passive radiators, and it does not have modular construction. Plus, it appears not to be in production. For that matter, Google misses Ruel, but it has been granted a provisional patent.… Read the full article

RMAF 2017: Well Pleased Audio’s global brands speak same sonic language

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Lightning strikes…

Mark Sossa of distributor Well Pleased Audio Vida always is one of the most enthusiastic exhibitors I visit at shows. I’m not sure what his daily caffeine intake is, but even at the end of a long day midway through the Rocky Mountain Audio Fest, Sossa was still brimming with energy and eager to show his wares.

Much of that ebullience likely is due to his desire to get the word out about some of the uncommon brands he brings with him.… Read the full article

RMAF 2017: Wilson’s new Alexia 2 sparkles with Constellation Audio

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From the day it was introduced in 2012, there was something special about Wilson Audio’s Alexia. It had a significantly different high-frequency presentation than the company had favored for decades. It was small enough to be nimble and have its drivers speak with one voice, but still big enough to convey heft and solidity. And, it had an intangible factor: It made you forget you were listening to speakers, and focus on listening to music.

For me, it became the sweet spot in a product lineup that that already was strong from top to bottom.… Read the full article

VPI Voyager Sets Sail

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For Immediate Press Release:

Since we hired Electrical Engineer Mike Bettinger we have been asked about VPI’s future in electronics. Mike is known for his award-winning “Arion” phono, which is how we met him. Harry Weisfeld liked his phono so much he bought one for his personal use. Mike has taken what he learned combined it with the R&D resources and feedback of the VPI team and together has created a more affordable and robust flavor.

The goal of the Voyager is to create an easy phono option for music lovers getting involved in the VPI line.

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Is the Netflix Empire Built on a House of Cards?

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It’s difficult to believe that Netflix started life as a subscription DVD rental service. The company that is now known for producing many of the hottest titles on TV, didn’t even begin streaming video until 2007, one year after Amazon launched its on-demand video service. It wasn’t until 2013 that Netflix produced its first original series, aptly entitled House of Cards. Netflix would go on to forever change how we watch TV while spawning a new lexicon consisting of “binge watching” and of course “Netflix and chill”.

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The Hana SL MC ($750) Versus The Ortofon Quintet Black S MC ($999)

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Here are two great, “reasonably” priced, superbly built cartridges that I’ve chosen to review together while giving you the opportunity to “hear” both!

Pioneer’s New Wireless Earbuds Have Integral Clip

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Pioneer introduced a wireless earbud that offloads its rechargeable battery into a small in-line box with a spring-loaded clip that holds the cable running between the buds in place when your jogging, working out, or otherwise on the go.
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