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Scintillating Sonatas by a Man Named Bach

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Two of America’s finest baroque musicians, flutist Stephen Schultz and harpsichordist Jory Vinikour, have teamed up to record J.S. Bach: Sonatas for Flute and Harpsichord (Music & Arts). Available in both CD and hi-rez 24/96 formats, this sparkling collection of four sonatas was recorded in Skywalker Sound’s “The Scoring Stage,” whose variable acoustics were adjusted for maximum reverberation by Jack Vad (recording engineer and producer of San Francisco Symphony’s recordings) and Dann Thompson (one of the in-house engineers at Skywalker). Executive Producer Kit Higginson did the editing, and Vad the producing.… Read the full article

Playback Pioneers 2018: Bob Stuart / MQA

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Best in show awards as they relate to sound quality – this publication gave them up several years ago. Experience tells us that they’re a silly side effect of a play act undertaken by commentator and (unwitting) exhibitor. Show-based awards flatter both parties whilst remaining meaningless for the rest of us.

This audio reviewer’s self-imposed brief for Munich High-End 2018 was not only to take a snapshot of what’s new and to go long on video in the process but also to un/cover and profile companies whose work stands out as markedly different.Read the full article

Pro-Ject’s Heinz Lichtenegger Buys Musical Fidelity

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There’s never been an official press release about Pro-Ject’s purchase of Musical Fidelity from owner Antony Michaelson so this site has held off reporting it until it could be confirmed. Last week, while at the EISA Global Press Convention in Antwerp, Belgium, AnalogPlanet editor Michael Fremer had an opportunity to speak with Pro-Ject CEO Heinz Lichtenegger about the Musical Fidelity purchase.

1More Triple Driver Over-Ear Headphones Review

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Build Quality8.5
Comfort & Fit8.7
Our Score

Disclaimer: The 1MORE Triple Driver Over-Ear Headphones sent to us for the purposes of this review is a sample and does not have to be returned. Thank you to 1MORE for giving us this opportunity.

We have been covering 1MORE gear for almost 18 months now with both Klaus and Mike reviewing pretty much their entire earphone range with some largely positive feedback.

This, however, is both my first 1MORE product review and the first headphone we have reviewed from the 1MORE lineup.… Read the full article

AXPONA 2018: Spatial Audio open baffles will open your mind

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“Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much.” — Helen Keller

Spatial Audio, Linear Tube Audio, and Fern & Roby each arrive at a new reference this weekend at Axpona, and I’m glad I was able to hear it.

Cone drivers bolted into wooden boxes are a dime a dozen. On the tip of my tongue I’m lucky if questioned to name more than a handful of open-baffle speaker companies that are more than a garage business.Read the full article

Bank holiday sales 2018: these are the best deals today

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The bank holiday sales are back again today and many retailers are absolutely nailing it so far. This bank holiday's deals are much better than the holiday we had at the start of the month with top-notch discounts on a huge range of items including TVs, laptops, gaming, smart speakers, cheap broadband, mobile phone deals and lots more. And considering the weather has taken a turn for the thundery today, we think it's time to get the kettle on and take advantage of the new cheapness while you wait for the sun to make a comeback.… Read the full article

Picture Sunday – Cayin N8

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Disclaimer: The star of this weeks’ picture Sunday is the  Cayin N8 portable player. This post is a part of our Picture Sunday series.

Only a week or two ago, Cayin launched a brand new top of the line portable player – called the N8 – at the high-End show in Munich. Find the report here.

Taking into account that Cayin’s latest players, the little N3 and the sublime N5ii, were so good, everyone’s hopes for the new N8 are very high.… Read the full article

Audio by Van Alstine – Axpona 2018

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I was impressed by the musicality of the Alta Audio monitor loudspeakers driven by this system.

Alta Audio monitor speaker

Alta Audio monitor speaker

TNT turntable

TNT turneable

Van Alstine electronics, Sanus equipment rack

Alta Audio monitor speaker

Alta Audio monitor speaker rear

Alta Audio speaker catalogs

Read the full article


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Fog On The Hudson
Surf Season
Thanks for the reminder Byron.

Quickies:  The ESS 422H Heil AMT Headphones, the Linear Tube Audio Micro ZOTL 2.0, and Greensleeves on LP

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ESS 422H Headphones

ESS 422H Heil AMT/Moving Coil Hybrid Headphones: New Current Production

Back in February when I reviewed these brand new headphones with their amazing drive system, they did not look like the current cans on the shelf today. They were pre-production and were supposed to be exactly like they are now in every musical parameter. Actually, some were, and some were not. I had the ones that were pretty close to current, but rolled a bit on top. 

The current issue ESS 422H feature real wood sides and are made of a brushed metal less heavy than the cans from early issue.… Read the full article