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Onkyo Announces New AVRs and Dolby Vision Update for 2016 Models

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Onkyo is adding two more receivers to its 2017 AV receiver lineup in addition to the $349 entry-level model announced on Monday.
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Q Acoustics joins Indi Imports

By | March 29th, 2017|Categories: AV Hub|

Q Acoustics history

Indi Imports has added yet another significant brand, with the UK-based Q Acoustics now joining its portfolio.

Sound+Image readers will need little introduction to the Q Acoustics brand, which is part of the UK’s Armour Home Electronics group. Founded in 2006 by professional engineers and businessmen with the aim of developing a best-in-class loudspeaker brand based on outstanding audio performance, Q Acoustics today delivers speakers for hi-fi and home cinema, media speakers for screen-sound enhancement, and installation speakers too.

Our Sound+Image Awards have regularly recognised the brand’s ability to deliver high-quality loudspeakers at affordable prices, both for stereo use and in home cinema packages.… Read the full article

Sonos Playbase Coming

By | March 29th, 2017|Categories: AV Hub|

Sonos has announced that its new Playbase, a device that enhances the sound of your TV, will be available in Australia next month.

As the name suggests, the Playbase is designed as a base… for your TV screen. Sonos says that although soundbars are an ideal solution for people with wall-mounted screens, they’re not ideal for users who put their TV on a horizontal structure, such as a table or shelf, and that its research shows that this is where the overwhelming majority of users put their TV.… Read the full article

Come see Nordost at AXPONA 2017!

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axpona logo

Nordost is pleased to be a part of Axpona this year, held at the Westin O’hare in Chigago Friday, April 21– Sunday, April 23. Visit us in room 446, and take advantage of this great opportunity to experience live demonstrations and cable comparisons, featuring Nordost’s extensive range of products. While at the show, make sure to see us at our sales booth in the Market Place to check out our special show offers on select Nordost products.

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Lou Reed: The RCA & Arista Album Collection

By | March 29th, 2017|Categories: Sound + Vision|


“Isn’t that amazing? I mean, there it actually is. I can’t believe it. I lived long enough to hear it right.” That’s Lou Reed, lifelong audiophile, commenting to his longtime friend and producer Hal Willner while listening to the in-studio playback of the remastered version of “I Wanna Be Black,” from his landmark 1978 album, Street Hassle.

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68 Years Later, McIntosh Launches Its First Stand-Alone Phono Preamplifier

By | March 29th, 2017|Categories: Analog planet|

Some may find it difficult to believe, but the new $2000 solid-state McIntosh MP100 phono preamplifier is the sixty eight year old company’s first stand-alone phono preamplifier.

DIY Guitar Setups: Ready To Go (Part 6 of 6)

By | March 29th, 2017|Categories: AV Hub|


There’s a reason the great techs earn a living from setting up and repairing guitars: it’s tricky, exacting work that can really benefit your instrument. But many techs will tell you there’s a lot you can do yourself. We asked pro tech Joseph Price for some pointers on how to set up your guitar and get it singing sweetly. 

If you haven’t already, check out step one here, two here, three here, four here and five here.

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First images and info about the new Wadax upcoming Atlantis reference universal transport. Second image shows the THOR mechanism – core of the Atlantis transport. 

Technical research highlights:

It was developed using FEA (Finite Element Analysis). This kind of approach is only done on multimillion dollar projects. It allows to forecast the behaviour of the mechanical block in terms of vibrations, electromagnetic emissions, mechanical stability, etc. For instance, FEA is applied in airplane wings, Formula 1 racing cars, etc.  
Some of the advantages are: 1.
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A closer look at the production of cassette tapes. Watching cassette tapes being made is oddly hypnotic and nostalgic…

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The CL750 By RHA

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The CL750 By RHA
Build & Fit8.3
Value For Money9

8.1Our Score

If the CL1 we reviewed a few weeks ago could be considered a foray into the unknown, the new $140 CL750 could also be classified as a return to what RHA do best; quality sound at a very competitive price. If the numbering sequence is a hint then yes, you are right, the 750 is the successor in some ways to the original and very respected MA750.… Read the full article