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Gillian Welch’s “The Harrow & The Harvest” Finally on AAA Vinyl And Well Worth the Wait!

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Originally released on CD in 2011 this recorded-to-tape Gillian Welch gem finally has an AAA vinyl release. Welch explains the motivation for the vinyl version in a Washington Post profile .
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Gillian Welch
The Harrow & The Harvest
Cred Label: 
Acony ACNY 1109LP AAA LP
Cred Prod: 
David Rawlings
Cred Eng: 
Matt Andrews at Woodland Sound Studios, Nashville, TN
Cred Mix: 
N/A (probably Matt Andrews)
Cred Mast: 
Stephen Marcussen at Marcussen Mastering, Los Angeles, CA
Originally released on CD in 2011 this recorded-to-tape Gillian Welch gem finally has an AAA vinyl release.
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Live vs. Hi-Fi: Do You Hear the Difference?

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Live vs. Hi-Fi: Do You Hear the Difference?

The following is a press release issued by TRPTK and Dutch & Dutch. September 21, 2017 – TRPTK and Dutch & Dutch will do a unique demonstration at XFI Premium Audio Show 2017. The audiophile music label and the manufacturer of a new generation of high-end audio systems joined forces to give the XFI audience an experience they’ve never had before. Music that is recorded in an anechoic chamber in advance will be compared directly with that same music played live in the demo room.… Read the full article

Marc Rushton reviews Sort Kones for StereoNET

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Review Banner- Sort Kone_blogThe best part of performing a product demonstration is the opportunity to turn a skeptic into a believer, or better yet… an evangelist! That is precisely what happened at the Sydney HiFi Show to StereoNET reviewer, Marc Rushton. Although he had his reservations, Nordost Sort Kones made a strong enough impression on Marc that he was motivated to hear them at home, in his own system. The results were clear:

“Track after track delivered more emotional renditions of familiar music, clearer harmonics in acoustic pieces, and an overall feeling of a system that had just found perfect phase.

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The Yorkshire Building Society Gets It!

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What else needs to be said?

2017 Golden Ear Awards: Vade Forrester

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2017 Golden Ear Awards: Vade Forrester

Rotel A14 integrated amplifier/DAC $1299 The astronomical prices of some current gear can overshadow the increasing number of moderately priced components that produce really enjoyable sound. Today’s sources include a number of digital and wireless devices, and many integrated amps now include DACs and Bluetooth capability that permit you to connect with almost any source you want. Such is Rotel’s $1299 A14 integrated, which produces a useful 80Wpc in a compact, easy-to-use package. Analog fans are not forgotten; the A14 also includes a moving-magnet phono input that’s surprisingly good-sounding.… Read the full article

Modern life isn’t rubbish: Gold Note’s IS-1000 super integrated

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After twenty five years working the more traditional end of the high-end audio business – turntables, pre- and power amplifiers, loudspeakers – Florence’s Gold Note is set to introduce its first super integrated amplifier. The IS-1000 will house pre- and power amplifier stages, MM/MC phono stage, DAC and network streamer, all in a single box. Just add loudspeakers and an internet connection.

From the press release: “The new Class A/B amplifier with 125W @ 8Ω per channel (and 250W @ 4Ω) per channel has been developed exclusively for the IS-1000 to guarantee vivid dynamics, the purest sound and finest detail”.Read the full article

Flashback 1997: Microsoft Shows Off WebTV

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Twenty years ago this week, Microsoft introduced a new and improved WebTV, the interactive TV service it had purchased from internet TV pioneer Steve Perlman a few months earlier.
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The Audeze LCDi4: Start to Finish

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In June, I visited headphone manufacturer Audeze’s factory in Southern California (they’ve since moved) and capture an abridged version of the making of a pair of Audeze LCDi4 in-ear planar magnetic headphones ($2495). In the first part of this video, which is narrated by first Sankar Thiagasamudram, Audeze’s founder and CEO, we begin with the making of the LCDi4, followed by the testing, burn-in, and packaging. This is followed by the unboxing and very first listening session, with John Atkinson, Stereophile‘s editor in chief.… Read the full article

BACCH4Mac 3D Audio Playback System Follow-Up

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Short & Sweet

As promised, I am here to talk about 2 other variations on the BACCH4Mac theme; using the included RME Babyface as DAC, and going USB out of the BACCh4Mac-housing Mac into my DAC. Please consider the review proper recommended since I will not be re-hashing the BACCH story.

What Do I Need to Watch Movies in Dolby Vision?

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Got a tech question for Sound & Vision? Email us at

Q I am buying an LG OLED TV that supports the Dolby Vision high dynamic range (HDR) format. Will my Denon receiver support Dolby Vision as well? What other things will I need to make Dolby Vision work? —Dave Poulson

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