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McIntosh Group Presents New Products at NYC Event, Part Two

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McIntosh Group Presents New Products at NYC Event, Part Two

On the second day of the event, attendees were treated to quite a different demo: a chance to listen to the new version of the Sonus faber Aida loudspeaker driven by Audio Research electronics. This Aida model, which premiered at the Warsaw Audio Video Show in November 2017, represents a complete internal—that is, acoustic—overhaul of the original model, which was released in 2011, though it essentially retains its predecessor’s enclosure design. Although the flagship Sonus faber Aida comes in at the same $130k price as the new top-tier McIntosh XRT2.1K tower floorstander (described in Part One), these two statement transducers …… Read the full article

Monitor Audio Silver 300 loudspeaker

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It seems to me that my review of Monitor Audio’s Silver 8 loudspeaker was published only a few months ago. Actually, it’s been three years. The Silver 8 so impressed me that I bought three of them, along with two Silver 2 bookshelf speakers, for my multichannel system in Connecticut—and still greet them as the newcomers to my system. So installing and reviewing their successors, the 300, from the sixth generation of Monitor’s Silver line, seemed very familiar.

The Silver 8 and Silver 300 are quite similar three-way speakers.… Read the full article

Naim debuting ND 555 '500 Series' Network Player

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ND 555

After releasing its full all-in-one New Uniti range, Naim is back to developing its separates selection with the announcement that the ND 555, a new 500 Series Network Player, will be “on show” at this weekend’s show in Bristol, UK, although Naim’s ND Trevor Wilson says “at present we have no plans to demonstrate it.  The team are still working very hard to prepare the product for our intended plans, but events are as they are, so the very least we can do is confirm the existence of the product at this time for all interested parties”.… Read the full article

McIntosh MC611 Power Amplifier

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McIntosh has released its MC611 monobloc power amplifier, which is rated with a power output of 600-watts into 2Ω, 4Ω and 8Ω loads and replaces the older MC601.

The MC611 has received numerous updates and improvements compared to the previous MC601 model,’ said Philip Sawyer, of Synergy AV which distributes McIntosh in Australia. ‘Chief among them is that filter capacity has been doubled which has resulted in a dramatic 55 per cent increase in dynamic headroom from 1.8dB to 2.8dB.Read the full article

Spotify Eying Hardware Launch?

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Recent job postings by Spotify suggest that the company might be looking to make a move into the hardware space.
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Ayre Acoustics KX-5 Twenty line preamplifier

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The hoary question of tubes vs transistors, once certain and clear, is made ambiguous by recent products from a few solid-state specialists, not the least being Ayre Acoustics—the company that endures in the wake of the passing of its founder, the widely admired Charley Hansen. In their solid-state preamplifiers and amplifiers of the past decade in particular, Ayre has enshrined a number of technologies that are more than just variations on the audio-engineering status quo, and that appear to pay real sonic dividends.… Read the full article

A Stunning Improvement in Computer Audio Sound Quality – the Samsung 960 EVO SSD

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First, a little background on recent system developments…when we moved into the new house last January, my goal was to modernize our computer, audio, and video accessibility as much as possible. I had a new dedicated listening room with beefy, dedicated electrical wiring, and the new room had three times the internal volume of my previous setup. I wired the whole house with CAT 6 cable, and had all the cable modem/gigabit switch/audio connections made with CAT 6a cables. I set up a new QNAP NAS to stream audio and video to a variety of devices; ROON’s Core was installed on the NAS in a separate solid state drive, and I had open source software set up to stream music to the Sonore microRendu.Read the full article

Prism Sound Callia USB Digital DAC and Digital Audio Preamplifier

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Fidelity – a virtue peculiar to those who are about to be betrayed

Ambrose Pierce

“Fidelity to the source!” A ton of money has changed hands on the promise that some gizmo or recording can, “Put you right there next to the performers!” Unfortunately, those who actually make recordings are rarely content with raw footage. Making recordings is a messy business, and engineers have no qualms about adding a limiter to ease a shaky vocal performance or using gobs of Pro Tools to tame an overblown woodwind section.… Read the full article

Upcoming Live Music, Audio Events in NYC

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If you live in or near New York City or happen to be in town, there two home audio/live music events happening in the coming days.
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When I have to use a 12AX7 I use the Amperex Bugle Boy. I currently have 4 in my George Wright Phono Preamp. Good stuff.