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GoldenEar SuperSub X Subwoofer Review & Test

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Expert review and test of the GoldenEar SuperSub X Subwoofer by Australian Hi-Fi Magazine. Free pdf download included.

Have you ever had a subwoofer attack you? Well, by ‘attack’ I actually mean ‘move menacingly towards you.’ I have. It was a bit scary. What was happening was that the drivers in the subwoofer were generating so much force that the cabinet was vibrating more in one direction than the other, which caused the cabinet to move towards me… or at least it did until I turned the volume down, which stopped it in its tracks.… Read the full article

dCS Bartók network DAC features all-new Class A headphone amplifier

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High fidelity seems to be more and more focused on the inclusion of headphone amplification within not only the strict definitions of preamplifiers or integrated amplifiers, but also for the decidedly digital side of things, where more seems to get packed into the equation for the discerning consumer. Network streaming DACs, for example, with some models – like the dCS Bartók I’ll be discussing briefly here – entirely capable of driving power amps directly from their analog outputs for speaker-based two-channel systems.… Read the full article

Feliks Audio Echo Review

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8.5Score$452Feliks AudioDisclaimer: The Feliks Audio Echo sent to us for the purposes of this review is a sample and does not have to be returned. Thank you to Feliks Audio for giving us this opportunity. Another day, another Feliks Audio amplifier review. It seems like these guys crank out magnificent sounding gear almost every few […]

The post Feliks Audio Echo Review appeared first on Headfonics.… Read the full article

Picture Sunday: Fiio FB1

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Disclaimer: FiiO sent me FB1 to review at Headfonia. I paid nothing for it. This is a Picture Sunday post where we take a quick preview of various gear before their full review. You can take a look at our other Picture Sunday posts HERE.

Like space opera and science fiction cinema, Bluetooth audio has been around for a long time. There have been horrible flops. There have been amazing hits. There has And not long ago Bluetooth surmounted the last obstacle: saturating uncompressed 16-bit audio.… Read the full article

Dayton Audio MK402BT Bluetooth Speaker Review

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There is currently a preponderance of single poweredwalmart pyle discoo jam.jpeg Bluetooth and WiFi speakers on the market like the RBH Soundkick ($129), or the Oppo Sonica ($299), but a simple Google search shows a lack of decent budget powered Bluetooth speaker pairs out there. Sure, you can get a Disco Jam pair of active speakers from Walmart for $99, but like mopeds, they’re fun to ride, but do you really want to have your friends catch you on one.

It doesn’t mean they aren’t available, in fact we reviewed the Edifier S2000 Pro Bluetooth Powered Speakers recently and found them to have fantastically detailed sound with gorgeous cabinetry for $400/pr. … Read the full article

HiFiBerry announce DAC+ DSP for the Raspberry Pi

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The Raspberry Pi (Raspi) deployed as an audio device can often sound weak to audiophile ears. Its digital (USB) output is electrically noisy and the onboard D/A conversion puts the Raspi’s 3.5mm analogue output on par with the average smartphone. Not great.

Extending the Raspi with a HAT board, like those offered up by HiFiBerry, can turn that frown upside down. Their DAC+ HAT (and its variants) pulls a Raspi’s digital audio up through the connecting 40-pin riser to execute its own superior sounding D/A conversion.… Read the full article

In Memoriam: John Stancavage

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by Kerry Malone

“Never leave a friend behind. Friends are all we have to get through this life — and they are the only things from this world that we could hope to see in the next.” — Dean Koontz

First, John wanted you to be sad he’s gone, but, more than that, happy to have him as a friend. He surely was happy to be your friend.

He’s sad he’s gone, too. He had so much in life that he still wanted to do.… Read the full article

Chord Electronics’ Hugo 2 is an EISA Award Winner!

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Chord Electronics’ ground-breaking Hugo 2 DAC/headphone amplifier has won Europe’s most prestigious DAC award: EISA DAC 2018/19. The award from the European Imaging and Sound Association (EISA) reflects the pooled experience of EISA’s expert magazines in Europe, the USA, Canada, India, Hong Kong/China, Japan and Australia, and acknowledges Hugo 2’s long-established position as the world’s […]

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Audeze Arrivals

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It was a big box, it was sitting in my front hallway when I opened the door and had Audeze markings on the side.

This excited me. This made me happy. It had been a long week and boxes of new gear always puts a smile on my face.

I had spoken briefly a while back with Audeze CEO Sankar Thiagasamudram about getting some fresh headphones sent to me for review and he replied that he’d send me a mix of ‘phones to try out.… Read the full article

Bartók network DAC replaces dCS Debussy

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When a company as serious about music reproduction as the UK’s dCS (data Conversion Systems) sets out to replace one of their most popular and long-lasting DACs there is no room for error.