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Review: AudioQuest DragonFly – Red or Black?

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Disclaimer: Both samples of the DragonFly Red and DragonFly Black were given to me free of charge for this review by AudioQuest during our meeting at High End in Munich last May. AudioQuest isn’t a site advertiser and there’s no financial gain with this review.


AudioQuest is a US based company and the EU headquarters is located in the Netherlands. AudioQuest since the 1980’s is mostly known for their cables but they became even more popular among “head-fiers” when they released a very popular mini USB DAC/AMP called the DragonFly.… Read the full article

Alpine announces new infotainment system engineered for Commodore VF

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By Ed Kramer | Thursday, 28 July 2016 13:22

Alpine Australia has announced a highly engineered bespoke infotainment solution for the Holden Commodore VF.

The Commodore VF is infamous for its nigh impossible to modify dash/console area due to a lack of real estate space in the location behind the factory LCD screen/head unit and because of the air conditioning control panel. What’s more, the various logic controls and components are in different locations so the upgrading to an aftermarket conventional 2-DIN multimedia head unit is a task that has not been adopted by installers.

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Meridian Now At Wavetrain

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Leading home cinema and theatre design company Wavetrain Acoustics is now the exclusive distributor for Meridian, and will offer the company’s full range of products and services to dealers across Australia.

We are excited at the opportunity to be involved with one of the premier brands in world audio and look forward to building a strong partnership,’ said David Moseley, Director at Wavetrain Acoustics. ‘We believe that the Wavetrain ethos of assisting dealers with engineering support makes us the perfect fit for Meridian.Read the full article

Marc Phillips on the Music: The Avalanches – 'Wildflower' on LP

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The Avalanches, Wildflower

Astralwerks 2547900289

$19.99 for the two LP set

“Is that serious music?”

I remember my first wife asking me that question back in 1989 when I brought home Pixies’ Doolittle and gave it an inaugural spin. I’d gotten all the way to the eighth song on the album, “Mr. Grieves,” to the part where Black Francis starts singing “Hope everything is all right” in an exaggerated and maniacal vibrato. That’s when she walked in. I tried to explain it all to this person, a 23-year-old Virginia girl whose favorite group was Chicago, not the cool Terry Katz-driven first-five-albums Chicago but the sappy sugary ballad-singing Peter Cetera Band that came after Katz passed away.… Read the full article

Definitive Technology BP9080x Speaker System Review

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Build Quality

PRICE $7,194 as reviewed



Spacious bipole sound
Seriously full-range with powered bass section
Astounding dynamics


Big and demanding of floor space
Reflective bipolar
reproduction may not suit every room, taste


A big speaker with a sound to match, Definitive Technology’s latest, Atmos-onboard, powered-tower flagship delivers the impressive imaging depth and breadth we expect from bipoles. Its response is as full-range, and its dynamic abilities as unfettered, as anything I’ve heard from a one-piece system.

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Mitchell and Johnson in Australia

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By Greg Borrowman | Thursday, 28 July 2016 06:31

Mitchell and Johnson products are now available in Australia, and one of the first to go on sale is the SAP-201V, an integrated amplifier with a MM phono stage and a built-in DAC.

Mitchell and Johnson started life in Britain as a distributor, founded in 2011 by Paul Mitchell and David Johnson to distribute Sansui products in that country. The company has since progressed to building custom versions of Sansui products for sale under its own name, of which the SAP-201V is one example.

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Pioneers of High-End Audio

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Pioneers of High-End Audio

We celebrate three of the industry’s greatest electronics designers and companies in short excerpts from The Absolute Sound’s Illustrated History of High-End Audio, Volume Two: Electronics. TAS’ Illustrated History of High-End Audio is a series of richly illustrated large-format books that reveal the inside stories of the pioneering individuals who created legendary companies and invented iconic products. The size of an LP cover, and printed on art-quality paper, each hardbound book is packed with candid interviews, historic photos, analysis of the industry’s most significant products, and technical milestones.… Read the full article

Wyred 4 Sound Recovery Reclocker Review

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Review of the Wyred for Sound Recovery Reclocker

It wasn’t very long ago that a femto clock occupied the feature set of only a very elite set of DACs on the outskirts of the high end of digital audio. But as with most things digital, the train of progress doesn’t stop for anyone. The market has the funny habit of following the trend of smaller and cheaper, even in the exclusive island that is audiophilia. Today, in the form of the Wyred 4 Sound Recovery USB reclocker you can have femto technology incorporated into the digital chain for less than $300.… Read the full article

Zvox Targets Clear Dialogue with “Smart Speaker”

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Years of rocking out to Zeppelin and any number of other now-classic rock groups has taken its toll on the hearing acuity of a generation. Of course, we’re talking about the Baby Boomer generation. Now soundbar pioneer Zvox has developed a “smart speaker” for people who have trouble discerning dialogue from movies and TV shows.
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Artnovion Acoustic Panels

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“Artnovion combines art and innovation to create the most beautiful and effective acoustic panels” says the company’s recent press release.Artnovion lifestyle 2

The range of panels include absorbers, bass traps and diffusers which are engineered to work sonically and be “striking” to look at.

Artnovion has also created an acoustics app called Impulso, which is designed to help users tune their rooms without requiring specialist training. With a user-friendly layout, room measurement is carried out in a few steps via the software’s interface.

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