August 2016
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Real high end audio advancement?

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Advancement in high-end audio? Indeed. Just gathering few thoughts I’ve written down late last night… 
We’re often criticize by outer parties regarding utterly pushing the limits of exotic, esoteric and high-end audio in general.
Like with any extreme related things or industries as small as they might be, high-end audio niche market and industry is trying to push the high-end audio performance to the maximum by all means. This should be the real agenda behind all the efforts. Not packing jewelry boxes with chew over high-tech concepts, but to provide something meaningful and of difference. 
Yes, things can go nasty in pricing.… Read the full article

R.I.P Toots Thielemans

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And another sad news. Belgian/ American jazz musician Jean-Baptiste Frédéric Isidor, aka Baron Thielemans, aka Toots Thielemans known for his unforgettable harmonica playing and whistling passed away few days ago. R.I.P.

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Lustful high-end compositions

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Yeah gear galore visual nirvana :). Properly taken photos and lustful high-end audio gear are really working at their best in this visual composition of system based around Nagra, Tannoy, DartZeel…

Taken by ???

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Vinylogue – seaweed-based "vinyl" new formula for our beloved discs

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Vinylgue: the first green vinyl from algae manufactured in Britain – thanking Nicanor Haon.
Vinylgue vinyl seaweed m com music production ecolo
This is a world first, it’s made in France and no, it does not eat … Audiophile gourmets, it will take a manufacturer recovers edible vinyl! Artisanal plant vinyls M Com’Musique based Ogères (Ille et Vilaine) completed its prototype of a Breton vinyl made from algae. An alternative to the use of plastics.
After much research initiated before the opening of its factory, M Com’Musique pressed and listened to his first vinylgue, a black furrow produced from a raw material in the Algopack society.
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Rudy Van Gelder passed away… a lesser world it’s, today

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Rudy Van Gelder, an audio engineer whose work with Miles Davis, John Coltrane and numerous other musicians helped define the sound of jazz on record, died on Thursday at his home, which doubled as his studio, in Englewood Cliffs, N.J. He was 91.
His death was confirmed by his assistant, Maureen Sickler.
Mr. Van Gelder, as he took pains to explain to interviewers, was an engineer and not a producer. He was not in charge of the sessions he recorded; he did not hire the musicians or play any role in choosing the repertoire.… Read the full article

Franco Serblin speakers in production

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Peek into the production of Franco Serblin Ktema and Lignea speakers. Ligneas are getting ready to ship out soon around the globe to the new, happy owners…

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Clarion FDS system

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Clarion FDS

If I had a dime…

If given a dime for every time I’m told there’s something new and awesome in the audio world, I’d probably have quite a few by now! Seems that many companies out there like to rush new technology to market, often with less than optimal preparation or testing. So, when I heard that Clarion had something new, an eye roll was the first response that came to mind.

But hang on… this is Clarion. One of the oldest and most respected car audio companies in the world, and one with plenty of runs on the board.… Read the full article

Kenwood DNX8160DABS Multimedia Head Unit REVIEW

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Kenwood DNX8160DABS

A wolf in sheep’s clothing.

With respect to flagship receivers, much can be gleaned from aura alone, especially when coupled together with a boisterous marketing campaign. Japanese-born Kenwood however prefers to do things a little differently. The fanfare remains a little more discreet, as it prefers to let its receivers do the talking rather than a trumped up marketing campaign.

See, Kenwood has been developing high quality consumer products since 1946 and has in its possession more technological acumen than many other companies will ever have.… Read the full article

New Mille 10-inch subwoofer from Hertz

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By Ed Kramer | Friday, 26 August 2016 11:25

Italian car audio specialist Hertz Audio Video has announced the release of a new top-end 10-inch subwoofer from the company’s flagship Mille range. The company claims a long development period with the engineering team aiming at producing a subwoofer that can provide the emotions of a ‘live’ performance.  

The new ML 2500.3 Legend subwoofer features the hallmarks of the Mille range in the over-engineered motor system and specially-profiled diaphragm profile.

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Rudy Van Gelder Dead at 91

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Legendary recording engineer Rudy Van Gelder passed away today at age 91. The great jazz engineer and friend to many musical greats began his recording career as an amateur enthusiast in 1952, using the living room of his parents’ Hackensack home at 25 Prospect Avenue, Hackensack, New Jersey.