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Music has the power to loosen…

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Music has power to loosen the grip of obscure emotions…

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Get your Schiit together with the Jotunheim DAC/amplifier (that isn’t)

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What’s wrong with amplifiers that host a DAC inside the same chassis? If you’re Jason Stoddard of California’s Schiit Audio, it’s the low cloud of impending obsolescence. No sooner have you bought the device than DAC technology has moved on. We only have to look at Schiit’s own recent (and deep) foray into multibit D/A converters to see how swiftly the digital audio world can move.

Then there’s the issue of two devices, DAC and amplifier, sharing the same power feed. 

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CEDIA Hires Lauren Tuckwell

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CEDIA has announced that Lauren Tuckwell has been appointed as the Regional Development Consultant for Australia and New Zealand.

 ‘In this role Lauren will lead CEDIA’s activities in the region, helping define and implement the strategy for the Australian and New Zealand markets,’ said Vin Bruno of CEDIA. ‘Lauren brings excellent experience to the table having worked for CEDIA in Australia from 2006 to 2013. We look forward to continuing to foster the growth of CEDIA membership and programs in this market.Read the full article

The New Jotunheim Headphone Amplifier – Schiit Show 2016

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Jotunheim Headphone Amp

The boxes are unveiled and the bows are off the new products for this year’s Schiit show. A certain amount of mystery and buildup surrounded the pre show promotion and teasers for what has become an annual event located in SoCal’s Hotel MDR. This year’s prize is a new headphone amplifier called the Jotunheim and it features a new twist for Schiit audio – a combo package.

Aside from the company’s budget Fulla ($79) separates have generally ruled the roost in the product lineup for a company typically known for a high bang to buck ratios.… Read the full article

Six Steps to Increasing Dynamic Range of Your Home Theater System

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Dynamic range is the ratio of maximum system output to the noise floor.  The dynamic range of human hearing from loudest to softest sound we can perceive is about 120dB.  In reality our home theater systems typically don’t approach anywhere near this level due to extreme output requirements from the loudspeakers and the noise floor of the room being too high.  In addition, our ears wouldn’t be able to sustain such swings in output without causing irreparable hearing loss. 

But does this mean we shouldn’t do everything in our power to maximize the dynamic range of our home theater system? 

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Hi-Res Listening Stations Expand. . .

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The news is not simply that Best Buy/Magnolia stores’ 82 Hi-Resolution Listening Stations which they developed in the US in conjunction with Sony, have proven so successful, and generated so much interest in hi-res, that the company has added 250 more listening locations around the country. It’s also that we now have data that shows a major reason for the expansion: Far more people care about sound quality than many would have you believe. In fact, we audiophiles represent far more than a thin slice of the listening public pie chart.… Read the full article

Binge Watch This: Stranger Things

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Do you like sci-fi? How about 80s horror films, a-la Stephen King? Are you a huge fan of the Goonies and Stand by Me? Did you play Dungeons and Dragons as a kid? If you answered yes to any of these questions and haven’t watched the Netflix original series Stranger Things, then stop everything right now and go watch this show. I’m serious. It’s that good. Binge-watching to avoid spoilers is worth clearing your schedule this weekend. Still not convinced?
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I’m Radioactive!

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How many people can say they’ve swallowed a radioactive pill? It’s a very strange feeling to be comfortably sitting just outside the “hot” room at the nuclear medicine basement area of the UCLA Medical Center about to ingest a small radioactive capsule that’s been pulled from a lead cylindrical container. But that’s what I experienced on Wednesday afternoon as I attempt to rid my body of any remaining cancerous thyroid tissue. The doctor’s have explained to me that this treatment is a very “targeted” therapy.… Read the full article

Amazon May Add Music Streaming to Echo

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Amazon is working on a couple ad-free music streaming service, one of which would be exclusive to its wildly popular Echo Bluetooth speaker/personal assistant.
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Rudy Van Gelder (1925-2016)

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Rudy Van Gelder, pioneer recording engineer, creator of “the Blue Note sound” (and the many sounds that imitated it through the years), died at the age of 91 this week. Every true jazz fan and true audiophile has grown to venerate Van Gelder—at least the work he did in the 1950s and ’60s for the innovative labels of the day: not just Blue Note but also Prestige, Impulse!, Riverside, New Jazz, and scattered others.

Van Gelder frequented the jazz clubs of New Jersey in his youth, and his goal, once he started recording musicians, was to capture the dynamics, warmth, and spaciousness of live music.… Read the full article