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Shunyata Research Denali Series

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When Grant Samuelsen, Marketing and Sales Director at Shunyata Research, contacted me concerning the new Hydra Denali Series of Power Distributors, I assumed that that this would be a conversation discussing the repackaging of Shunyata’s previous efforts in a more affordably priced product. After an extended phone conversation with Grant, I realized that the Shunyata Denali Series represented a total rethinking by Caelin Gabriel, Designer and CEO of Shunyata Research, in the design of his power conditioners. A portion of the technology in the Denali Series resulted from Shunyata’s work in the new medical grade technology that has been successfully developed for electrophysiology labs and hospitals.
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GamuT Premiere in Santa Rosa Friday, Saturday

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GamuT Premiere in Santa Rosa Friday, Saturday

Friday, September 30, 4–8 pm and Saturday, October 1, 4–8 pm, Lavish HiFi (1044 4th Street, Santa Rosa CA 95404) are presenting special listening events featuring the premiere of GamuT’s new flagship speaker, the Zodiac. Featured guests will be GamuT’s chief designer, Benno Baun Meldgaard, and US president Michael Vamos.

Space will be limited, so call (707) 595-2020 to RSVP or via Facebook for Friday or for Saturday.

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Recap: Audio & Multimedia Technologies at IBC2016

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We always look forward to coming to Amsterdam for the IBC exhibition: It’s the perfect place to meet up with professionals of multimedia content creation and distribution, and to present our latest Audio & Multimedia technologies. At IBC2016 we had a lot to offer – be it for digital radio, streaming, TV broadcast or Virtual Reality. Tune in to learn more about our exhibits and see how they can form the future. Please note: Starting the video transfers usage data to youtube.… Read the full article

Multimedia HI-FI SHOW – Ljubljana 2016

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Multimedia HI-FI SHOW – Ljubljana 2016 will take place at M Hotel Ljubljana, from 14. to 16. October 2016.

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The Nakamichi CR-7A last of the Mohicans…

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The Seven’s Duo: CR-7 and ZX-7
This time, I decided to give my fellow collectors of the Tapeheads website a chance to help me write this review about the “last real Nakamichi” model: the fabled CR-7. Many things has been said about this gem and most of the time the common claim is that it tends to sound “clinical”, “sterile” and “cold” when compared to the old classics like the ZX & ZXL series. Some others prefer the auto azimuth alignment and sound of the popular Dragon and the most technical savy don’t loose time explaining that the CR-7 is the only one who has the IEC II conform standard,etc.… Read the full article

Review: Final Audio F7200 – Polite, Reverent, Reference

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Disclaimer: I purchased these earphones, used, from e-earphone in Akihabara. Typically, they go for about 450$. You can find out all about them here: Final Audio F7200 Balanced Armature Driver Unit.

Relevant links:

Nuforce HEM2
instant ohmage: Jays new q-Jays

Not sound

When they’re not flaunting fake fur, or intimidating a pair of otherwise good-sounding dynamic drivers with balanced armatures, Final Audio are up to good. Tiny, fit, and tough the 7200 are statement products for the entire market.… Read the full article

Die straße entlang / The road ahead

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For the past six years, DAR has been headquartered in Sydney. But it’s not an Australian publication.

It wasn’t always this way. Like many a self-starter, early direction came from seeing what stuck. After a year of operation, the site’s visitor stats summary pointed outward, not inward. The largest proportion of readers were coming from the USA and I steered DAR towards a more international outlook.

The upshot was that every DAR article would need to be geographically agnostic: global – and not local – product announcements, reviews and show reports were the order of the day. 

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Samsung UBD-K8500 Ultra HD Blu-ray player REVIEW

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Thank you Samsung! Perhaps, even, thank you Consumer Electronics Industry might be in order. When DVD appeared in Australia, players cost $1500 or more. When Blu-ray appeared in Australia, players cost $1800 or more. Now that Ultra HD Blu-ray has appeared in Australia, the first player costs just $599. By the time this review publishes, a second UHD Blu-ray player, from Panasonic, will be available (earlier than expected) at $1099. But for right now, the only player in town is Samsung’s UBD-K8500.… Read the full article

Sennheiser HD 800 S headphones REVIEW

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Sennheiser HD800 S

Excepting only the HE 1 Orpheus successor, the HD 800 is Sennheiser’s top-of-the-line headphone: “reference class” they call them, “crafted for perfection”. Earlier this year a new version arrived, the HD 800 S, the main external differentiator being a change from grey to black for the skeletal shell of aviation-grade plastic that surrounds the gleaming silver inner cover. This gives a new sense of purpose to a glamour which is almost entirely engineering-based — their form follows function so much that the aesthetic design team didn’t even get to veto the bold 30pt ‘L’ and ‘R’ indicators painted large at the rear.

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Alpine X801D-U incar multimedia head unit REVIEW

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Alpine X801D-U

When Alpine introduced its first 8-inch face receiver a few years back most remained somewhat reticent, preferring instead to stick with the tried and tested standard DIN sized units rather than dealing with this titanic new development and the issues intrinsic to such girth. Alpine is no john-come-lately and indeed it cunningly predicted the units would be received with some apprehension therefore developing in parallel a whole stable of mounting hardware and dash surround plates. Alpine aptly called this system F.I.T, an acronym for Factory Integration Technology.… Read the full article