October 2018
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Ryan Speakers and Pass Labs – RMAF 2018

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While Ryan Speakers certainly has a flushed out line of floor standers to standmounts, its the new S610 that has really caught our eye as of late. Their room at RMAF this year was a relatively simple one, lined up next to elaborate vinyl incarnations and room-filling giant horn speakers. But it was simplicity with a cold shot of hifi accuracy, dynamics and well… value, all things considered.

The entire system wasn’t what most consider fully budget value, as each component easily sailed victoriously north of $2k per, but rather an interesting mix of slightly more attainable high end.… Read the full article

Rogue Audio Stereo 100 power amplifier

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When I began writing for Stereophile, I dreaded doing comparisons. They were stressful and tedious—and what if I got them wrong? But I quickly learned: Not only do readers enjoy comparisons, they need them. How else might they imagine the relative merits of the component under consideration? Once I realized this, I began acquiring a range of reference amplifiers, such as the low-power Pass Laboratories XA25 and PrimaLuna ProLogue Premium, the high-power Bel Canto Design e.One REF600M monoblocks, and the single-ended Line Magnetic LM-518 IA.… Read the full article

Conspicuous Consumption?

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“At what price does a high-end product cease to exist for the ‘normal’ audiophile?” This question, which I asked in the February 2017 issue, was a follow-up to one I’d asked in our April 2011 issue: “If all someone is offered is a $150,000 pair of speakers . . . that person will walk away from this hobby, or build his or her system by buying only used equipment. Either consumer choice turns the price spiral into a death spiral for manufacturers.”

Yet this issue sees me reviewing a loudspeaker that costs $215,000/pair.… Read the full article

Recording of August 1964: Vaughan Williams: Symphony No.2

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Vaughan Williams: Symphony No.2 (A London Symphony)
Hallé Orchestra, Sir John Barbirolli, conductor.
Vanguard Everyman, SRV-134-SD (1963 LP). Reissued in 1982 as PRT Collector GSGC 2035 (LP). Recorded by Pye (UK) in 1957.

This is undoubtedly the best London Symphony that’s been committed to stereo to date, and I wouldn’t be surprised if it held top place for years to come. I can find nothing to criticize about the performance, and the recording is awe-inspiring—rich, warm and natural, with some phenomenally low bass and very wide dynamic range, yet without the slightest audible trace of breakup during crescendos.… Read the full article

When Is a Subwoofer a Subwoofer?

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A recent product announcement from Amazon touted the launch of a “subwoofer” to supplement the response of Amazon’s popular Echo vocal assistant. Presumably it will work with the even smaller Echo Dot as well. But for me it raised a couple of eyebrows.

Given that the low frequency response of an Echo alone probably doesn’t reproduce any useful output much lower than 100 Hz (admittedly an educated guess), the Echo Sub certainly can’t hurt. But given its size and its 6-inch driver, there’s no way that such a product it can be considered a subwoofer…

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First Audio Amplifier on Display at New York AES Show

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The Audio History Library & Museum is paying tribute to the early days of audio in a special display it has put together for the 145th International AES Convention, which opens tomorrow (October 17) and runs through Saturday at the Jacob Javits Convention Center in New York City.
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NYC's Gryphon Audio Loft to Host Zena Preamp Debut

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On Thursday, October 18, beginning at 7:00pm, Gryphon Audio Designs distributor On A Higher Note and New York retailer Joseph Cali Systems Design will launch Gryphon’s new Zena preamplifier at the Gryphon Audio Loft at 857 Broadway, 3rd floor, New York, NY 10003. Alongside Joseph Cali, On A Higher Note’s Philip O’Hanlon will be on hand to greet guests and play hand-curated selections through the dual-mono, DC-coupled Zena, which boasts a 43-step touch-sensitive volume control and a 1mHz frequency bandwidth.

As space is limited, those who wish to attend are encouraged to call ahead at (212)505-1111 or contact Joseph Cali at [email protected]Read the full article

The Pohlmann Interview

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As this magazine celebrates its 60th anniversary, we are trying to reconcile the fact that Ken Pohlmann is the longest-serving contributor to these pages. Frankly, we’re not sure why we ever hired him 30 years ago. In an effort to find out, we asked Mr. Pohlmann to share his stories of his early days at the magazine. —The Editors
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Analog Corner #97

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Before I write about Music Hall’s MMF-9 turntable (above), in my March 2003 review, I wrote that the SME 30/2 turntable’s combination of attributes “might just make it the finest turntable in the world.” Earlier in the review, I’d said, “The SME 30/2 is perhaps the most tonally neutral turntable I’ve ever heard. Only the Rockport System III Sirius, which includes an integral tonearm, is in the same league, and it doesn’t stand up to the SME’s low-frequency extension and solidity.” I wrapped up the review with: “Overall, the SME Model 30/2 is the best turntable I’ve heard.”

SI Ships Motorized Version of Short-Throw ALR Screen

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Screen Innovations (SI) has announced that the motorized version of the ambient-light-rejecting Short Throw (ST) screen it previewed at CEDIA Expo will ship in October.
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