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Download of the Week: DJ Kicks: Kruder & Dorfmeister

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This duo has been a go-to staple of mine for chill-out listening sessions and critical review use alike because all their LPs are filthy with dense vocal, synth, drum machine and instrument layering.

Metronome Upgrades DSC1

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Metronome’s ‘Digital Sharing Converter’ the first device released in the French company’s DS (Design Series) range, has been upgraded.

New versions of the DSC1 are Roon Ready and can read MQA, plus they now come with support for Deezer and Spotify. Metronome says it’s also offering the upgrade to existing Metronome DSC1 owners. It appears the upgrade is software only, because the new models still use the same dual-mono AK4497 DACs.

You can read our story on the release of the Metronome DSC1 HERE.Read the full article

KEF Announces New Completely Revamped R Series Loudspeakers

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KEF Announces New Completely Revamped R Series Loudspeakers

The following is a press release issued by KEF. Maidstone, Kent, UK | September 18, 2018 – Globally-renowned audio pioneer, KEF, has announced the launch of its brand-new R Series, a complete, top-to-bottom transformation of what was already one of the world’s most acclaimed loudspeaker ranges. Boasting a hefty raft of technological innovations and design improvements, the new R Series draws on acoustic developments originally achieved in KEF’s flagship Reference Series, bringing authentically high-end design features and resulting high performance levels into this category for the first time.… Read the full article

Technics 2018 Turntable Preview Event at the PNW Audio Society

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Technics 2018 Turntable Preview Event at the PNW Audio Society

The following is a press release issued by Technics. September 18, 2018 – J-Corder is sponsoring a gathering to showcase the new Reference Series 2018 products from Technics. Please join us at the Pacific Northwest Audio Society event to see and hear the new SP-10R & SL-1000R Reference Class Turntables. Technics US Business Development Manager, Bill Voss, will be presenting the entire Reference Series system by Technics including the new turntables. We are honored to have Alan Taffel, Senior Writer at The Absolute Sound, joining the discussion.… Read the full article

RIP: Home Video Pioneer Andre Blay

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When Sony launched the first videocassette recorder in 1975, it was just a matter of time before movies would become available on tape for viewing at home — a foreign concept at the time — but Andre Blay got the ball rolling and started a business that would forever change the way Americans enjoy entertainment at home. Blay passed away August 24 in Bonita Springs, FL at age 81.
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Schiit Audio Mani Phonostage

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Schiit Audio Mani Phonostage

Young people are into vinyl. I know that’s a weird sentence, or at least it used to be. I think everyone’s aware by now that vinyl’s a viable format again. We’re all sick of hearing about it, but bear with me. Streaming is the big player in the audio space, but young people are realizing that streaming means they miss the album art, the liner notes, the physical thing in your hands. There’s something innately important about objects, especially a nice tip-on album jacket, and you can’t get that with Spotify.… Read the full article

Vizio’s Announces Upscale, Atmos-Enabled Soundbars

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Vizio today announced the availability and pricing of three Dolby Atmos-enabled soundbar systems, ranging in price from $500 to $1,000 and featuring upward firing drivers to support 3.1.2-, 5.1.2-, and 5.1.4-channel Dolby Atmos configurations.
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KIH #61 – Let’s get physical

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RIP. Rest in peace. That’s what many have said or thought about CD already years ago. My recent encounter with the Jay’s Audio CDT2 MkII looked at this reality in perspective; another RIP. Yes, sales of physical CD are down; way down. But the Redbook standard behind them which etched those well-known 16-bit/44.1kHz values in stone remains in place for 99.9999% of all available music. Not only is CD resolution very much alive, it is the de facto status quo.… Read the full article

easyDCP software suite – Ten years of enabling easy access to Digital Cinema

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The postproduction software easyDCP has secured its place on the market for creation, playback, and quality control of digital cinema packages DCPs and Interoperable Master Packages (IMPs) for ten years now. Its rich functionality is not only available through the easyDCP standalone software, but is also integrated into a number of cutting-edge postproduction tools via the easyDCP software Application Programming Interface (API). Features like Dolby Atmos support, advanced subtitling options, GPU-accelerated real-time playback, GPU-accelerated JPEG 2000 encoding (Windows), advanced scaling features, extended export features, and for some years now authoring of Interoperable Master Packages (IMP) make it a reliable tool for generating DCPs and IMPs.… Read the full article

A short film about the Meze 99 Classics

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Sunday, Sunday here again, tidy attire. You read the colour supplement, the TV guide.

Music on, hi-fi world off. With six and a half days of the week devoted to hi-fi reviewing – couriers, packing/unpacking, setups/configurations, listening, note-taking, write-ups, photo/video shoots and associated editing – Sunday morning calls timeout on the day job: a chance to lazily read a few chapters of a book, to sip on a (very long) black coffee – until it goes cold – and to sink into music behind headphones.… Read the full article