November 2017
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SVS Black Friday Deals

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SVS has a sweet deal coming for Black Friday. You ready to save up to $300? The deals are on the PB12-NSD (ported) subwoofer and the SB12-NSD subwoofer. And yes, this means that you can now buy a brand-new SVS subwoofer for the the lowest price ever.

SVS Back Friday Deal Includes

  • Fast & Free Shipping.
  • 5-Year Unconditional Warranty.
  • One-Year Trade-up Policy.
  • Lowest Price Ever for SVS Ported and Sealed Subwoofers.
  • Premium Black Ash Finish.

Special deal links are below — sale goes “live” on Monday morning.… Read the full article

Exposure XM9 Monobloc

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Exposure has added a monobloc power amplifier, the XM9, to its compact XM series.

Rated with an output of 80-watts into 8Ω, the Exposure XM9—despite its small size—does not use a switch-mode power supply, but instead features a linear power supply with a large 200VA custom-made toroidal power transformer… and not surprisingly, because Exposure’s chief designer, Tony Brady, is no fan of switch-mode power supplies. ‘While most smaller hi-fi components—and indeed a good many larger ones—fall back on switch-mode power supplies… they’re far from audiophile grade and pollute the mains supply with noise,’ he told Australian Hi-Fi Magazine.… Read the full article

Sonus Faber Announces A New Flagship Aida

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It may come as no surprise that we have heard some pretty impressive setups over the years fronted by Sonus Faber. Be it at a formal audio show (AXPONA’s 12th floor always delivered in a big way) or just hanging out listening to casual vinyl at the Chateau Marmont lobby, SF can easily be viewed along with the rest of top audiophile performers. The top guns don’t just sing sexy for their cost category, but well for the entirety of options available for this big, beautiful hobby.… Read the full article

Direct from the Masters: Analogy Records

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Carlitos Guzmán comes to us by way of Puerto Rico. An unabashed fan of analog tape, we hope he will be joining us more regularly once the US Government remembers that PR is actually a US Territory and restores power to the island.

In the meantime, please check out his recent audioimpressions blog post on Analogy Records, an analog tape outfit coming out of Italy (note: they have really nifty take-up reels for sale, too).

Yes, analog tape is expensive and hard to find.

Read the full article

RMAF 2017: Lee’s Best of Show

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This year’s Rocky Mountain Audio Fest was a blast.

With the Marriott Tech Center all put back together and a lot of manufacturers and people in attendance, it felt like the show was back up to the normal high-energy level.  As usual, there was more to cover than I had time for.  And I covered rooms solid from early in the morning until late at night all three days.  There are so many great people involved in high end audio that I get energized by the excitement in the rooms and in the halls.  … Read the full article

René Jacobs' take on Mozart's Requiem

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Every conductor who undertakes Mozart’s Requiem must ask one fundamental question: Whose Requiem shall I conduct? After René Jacobs asked the question, he can up with a novel solution for his new period-aware, decidedly contemporary Harmonia Mundi recording of the Requiem with the Freiburger Barockorchester and RIAS Kammerchor.

When Mozart died on December 5, 1791, he had completed only the opening Introit of his Requiem. For most of the other movements, he had written only the vocal lines and a few fragments of orchestration, including a partially figured bass.… Read the full article

Lime Ears Model X Review

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Build & Fit9
Value For Money9
Our Score

Lime Ears is a new name to Headfonics though a lot of us here are well aware of their products and the recent success of their excellent Aether.

Owned and managed by Emil Stołecki, they hail out of Poland and have been in business for 5 years. They have 4 product lines currently and all are very competitively priced for custom monitors.

I actually totally missed Emil at his stand in CanJam Singapore earlier in the year.… Read the full article

Full house: the sights & sounds of Warsaw AV Show 2017

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A game of two halves. Not a cringeworthy 1970s slice of British football commentary but the 2017 Warsaw AV Show. The three-day event runs across two distinct areas of town with shuttle buses and taxis moving visitors between the two zones.

Near the central railway station, the Radisson Blu Sobieski and Golden Tulip hotels house 70+ exhibitors. A few kilometres down the road and, the PGE National Stadium accommodates a further 140 rooms plus a headphone area to rival CanJam Europe.… Read the full article

Picture Sunday – Custom In Ear Monitors

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Disclaimer: The star of this weeks’ picture Sunday are 64 Audio’s A18, the Advanced Acoustic Werkes W900 and Jerry Harvey Audio’s Lola. This post is a part of our Picture Sunday series.

Facebook reminded me that just a little over a year ago I got my first custom IEM, the fabulous Noble Kaiser 10. During this past year my collection of CIEMs has been steadily getting bigger and bigger. In the past twelve months I have gotten to a total of seven models, with yet another one from Empire Ears coming in in the not too distant future.… Read the full article

Spending time with Fern & Roby for a factory tour, film, and interviews

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Virginia is for Lovers.

That’s what the bumper sticker said on the car in front of me.

The air was muggy, and charged with electricity as the windshield wipers tried to clear the rain from a summer thunderstorm. I was sitting with Christopher Hildebrand, and Sara Moriarty in their station wagon idling at a traffic light; that’s when I noticed the slogan. As I took in the scene of strip malls, and gas stations my mind wandered past the lowland forests in the distance, and the surrounding countryside gave way in the unseeable distance to the rolling Appalachian hills of the Blue Ridge mountains made famous by John Denver so many years before.… Read the full article