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BK-12m Folded Horn Kit – Fostex FE126En

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There is a new high-sensitivity folded horn speaker kit being offered by Madisound.  The new BK-12m is a single-driver folded horn speaker kit that follows in the lineage of the BK-16 and BK-20 designs.  The BK-12m uses the Fostex FE126En full-range speaker driver in a custom folded horn enclosure while the driver is run full range with no filters whatsoever.  The Fostex FE126En driver is 4.7″ (120 mm) in diameter with a rated sensitivity of 93dB/W(m).  This high-sensitivity means that the BK-12m speakers will be suitable for use with low powered amplifiers.Read the full article

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DIY 2-Way Tower Speakers – Ion

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Adam has put together a fantastic looking pair of tower loudspeakers and he has shared his design with us.  The speaker design uses a Tang Band 25-1372SC 1″ inverted titanium dome tweeter combined with a pair of Audax HM170CO 6″ woven carbon fiber mid-woofers and used in a TMM configuration.

DIY 2-Way Tower Speakers Audax HM170CO Tang Band 25-1372SC

The loudspeaker enclosures are constructed using 1.5″ thick MDF with solid oak side panels. The overall dimensions of the tower speakers are 37.5″ x 8.5″ x 11.5″ with each weighing about 60 pounds.  The MDF is painted with a textured graphite spray and the side oak panels are stained.Read the full article

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