DIY Stepped Attenuator Volume Control

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The latest project to be added to the site is a DIY passive volume control which is made using a switched attenuator.  A stepped attenuator operates by switching to different resistors at each of switch settings.  The benefit of a stepped attenuator is that it can use low noise metal film resistors making them quieter than typical hot formed carbon and conductive plastic potentiometers.  The volume control uses a stereo 100k 24-position stepped attenuator which comes fully assembled for $18US from 8 Audio-Mall.  The attenuator uses 1% precision metal film resistors on a “make before break” multi-position switch.  A photo of the stepped attenuator is shown below. 
stereo 100k  24-position stepped attenuator
stereo 100k  24-position stepped attenuator
The stepped attenuator is housed in a small wooden enclosure with aluminum top and bottom plates.  A knob, RCA jacks and a 4 Pole Double Throw (4PDT) switch round out the DIY volume control.Read the full article