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Pinna Zigmahornet Speakers – Review

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Not so long ago, while checking my headmania facebook account, I noticed a new message from a guy Razvan. I was surprised to see he was a Romanian entrepreneur that wanted  to enter the speaker manufacturing business.

He told me that he already has a model which he thinks is ready to enter the market and he asked me if I would listen to them and if they were worthy for a review. The name of the fresh Romanian company is Pinna and I hope you’ll be hearing a lot about it.… Read the full article

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SOtM sMS-100 Network Streamer – Review

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From the moment I had the noise problem from my  USB inputs, I’ve been thinking of solving the known “computer problem”. Considering it was mainly because of the 5V USB power, I’ve started looking into this matter and realized that the 5V output from the motherboard’s usb inputs isn’t usually linear.

If your DAC uses in any way the USB power, the sound will be affected. The USB input from MSB Analog DAC, is optically isolated, but it still uses the power from USB.… Read the full article

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The Cobbler

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One of my favorite expressions is “The cobbler’s children have no shoes”. It’s so true, I always run into chefs who have no real kitchen at home, and of course the audio industry is full of people with no proper stereo at home. My favorite record store owner does not even listen to music at home (I can kind of understand that, though). We don’t have that problem, fortunately, with many systems using vintage speakers and amplifiers from my collection in use all over Oswald’s Mill.… Read the full article

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The Disney Multi-Plane Camera (1957)

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