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“I hate horns”

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Photo ©Cynthia van Elk

People tell me, “I hate horn speakers”. Only audiophiles tell me this, of course, but more often than you might think. Ordinary people don’t even know what a horn loaded loudspeaker is, and many of our customers talk about the “cone things” on top of their speakers. Horn hating is an audiophile thing.

Audiophiles have a good half century of training behind this prejudice. When Edgar Villachur and his company Acoustic Research invented the first small direct radiator speaker in the late 1950’s, the AR1, it changed audio forever.… Read the full article

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Xindak A600E 09 Version – Integrated Speaker Amplifier Review

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After a good friend of mine highly recommended this amplifier and I hunted it for a while now, I finally managed to put my hands on this beast.

There is one thing I have to punctuate  before I start this review. While I’m going to write another post dedicated to the following problem, I want to warn you here  as well not to buy anything from the Chinese web store named cattylink, as it seems that they like to scam people.… Read the full article

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Mixing a Song

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Every song or composition must go through four main stages: composition, recording, mixing, and mastering. After a song has been recorded in a studio the raw files need to be […]Read the full article

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