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Neli and Mike Davis. Married. Audiophiles. Out-of-control. One of the world’s few experts on ultra ULTRA high-end audio. Enthusiasts. Importers. Dealers. Exhibitors. Reporters. Researchers. Focus: Extreme High-Fidelity. Extreme Expertise. Extreme Service. Extreme Satisfaction. Only the World’s Finest Stereo and HiFi Equipment.

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CES 2018: JBL L100 Classic Reprised

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JBL used CES 2018 to release an updated version of the company’s most popular and most famous loudspeaker design during the 70s, the JBL L100 (pictured above with grille at far left and below without grilles). Originally released in 1970, the L100 was a three-way bookshelf loudspeaker that was basically a consumer version of JBL’s 4310 Pro Studio Monitor.

The original L100 speakers were not only JBL’s all-time, best-selling loudspeakers, but, from all indications, they were the best-selling loudspeaker system of the decade,’ said Jim Garrett, of Harman International, which owns JBL.… Read the full article

Desmond Dekker – 007 Shanty Town

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One of the best voices from the Islands. I wish there were more live footage of Desmond but there is little.

The King of Space-Age Pop

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Back in 1994 the release of the compilation CD Space Age Bachelor Pad Music on the Weehawken, NJ-based Bar None label put the name of Esquivel on everyone’s lips again. The Mexican composer’s lush exotica, which featured wordless vocals, dramatic brass arrangements, Latin flavors, full exploitation of the potential of stereo recording and mixing, and his own piano solos, will always be a very singular music. It sounds like nothing else. One little-known fact is that he actually began recording his first two records in mono prior to becoming one of the leading proponents of the possibilities of making records in stereo.… Read the full article

Phiaton BT100 NC Review

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Our Score

Noise Canceling IEM’s are all too common these days, but every now and then something nice comes along and surprises me with its usefulness.

Phiaton had recently sent me a care package containing two Bluetooth headphones: an IEM (the BT100NC and the BT300NC on-ear).

Today, I’ll be reviewing the BT-100NC IEM and placing it inside the arena for proper testing.


The BT100 NC – Features

Water Resistant

I’m not big on around the neck styles, but I’ve found this model particularly fun to use in the shower or while outside walking.… Read the full article

Picture Sunday: Audiodirect Whistle

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The star of this week’s Picture Sunday is Audiodirect’s Whistle, a 32bit/384kHz or ibit 2,8 / 5,6 mHz DSD dongle for your smartphone. It’s 99$ and you can find out all about it here: Whistle DSD DAC.

Relevant links:

RMAA: nextDrive Spectra 24-bit
RMAA: Cozoy TAKT 24-bit
RMAA: Cozoy REI 24-bit
RMAA: Apple’s Lightning to 3,5 mm Headphone Jack Adapter 24-bit

We’ve reached the point of excellence. Cozoy’s Rei and TAKT, and dongles from non-audio companies such as nextDrive, perform like champs.… Read the full article

Audiobooks are coming very soon to Google Play

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If you like having your literature read out to you, keep your eyes on the Google Play Store, as it looks like a dedicated audiobook section is on the way – and if you're quick you might be able to get a hefty discount on your first purchase when the changes go live.

You can already get a limited number of audiobooks through the Google Play Music app, but it's not really a fully fledged service. As spotted by 9to5Google, an audiobook banner has been added to the Play Store, though for now the new section doesn't seem to have been activated.… Read the full article

Western Electric announce 300B to re-enter production, launch of new 91A amplifier

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Feel the 300B love.

Raise your hand if you’ve heard actual, original-run or NOS Western Electric 300B tubes…

I’m not seeing a lot of hands, and probably with good reason. There’s not a lot going around, and those that are around (and in good working nick) are so prohibitively priced to make even hardened, cash-rich audiophiles pause before clicking “but it now.


The original WE 300B ships with every Shindo WE 300B amp… Ken Shindo bought hundreds in the ’80s.

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GoldenEar DigitalAktiv 3 Wi-Fi Bluetooth Speaker Preview

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If you’re a frequent visitor to the Audioholics website you’ve probably seen some of our GoldenEar reviews. With founders Sandy Gross and Don Givogue at the helm, GoldenEar consistently offers some of the best speakers for your dollar from their Triton 7 tower speaker to their award-winning top of the line Triton Reference.  Recently at CES in Las Vegas, Nevada, GoldenEar wowed us once again with a sneak peak of their foray into the wireless whole home audio arena dubbed the DigitalAktiv 3 (DA3) Wi-Fi Bluetooth Speaker. 

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CES 2018: Sound Dimension Soundot(s)

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How do you built a $US20,000 loudspeaker? According to Swedish manufacturer Sound Dimension, you just stack 66 of its Soundot XCEL A-1 powered Bluetooth speakers together, as in the photograph above.

Each Soundot XCEL A-1 speaker contains two 48mm long-throw aluminium cone drivers powered by a Class-D amplifier, along with a Bluetooth apt-X transceiver. The exterior of the cabinet is grey, but there’s mood lighting around the periphery of the speaker grille that can be adjusted to almost any colour you like using the Soundot app.… Read the full article