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The Pass H2 Harmonic Generator

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Pass H2 Harmonic Generator

Nelson Pass:  a portrait. Sea Ranch, CA, 2018. Photograph and image processing by David W. Robinson.

Introduction – Why do we care about 2nd harmonic?

Historically, audio amplification has been about the elimination of all forms of distortion. Early on, the premise has been that low distortion is one of the keys to audio quality and this was certainly true back when amplifiers had a lot of distortion. But in the past forty years or so distortion has been reduced to very small amounts, and as a practical matter the problem is solved.… Read the full article

Sarah Reich, New Change

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Sarah Reich New Change

Sarah Reich, New Change. Tap Music Productions B07FTXR22W, CD $9.49 from

“I want to be the first tap dancer to win a Grammy Award!”

Okay yeah, it’s nice to have dreams, kid—wait a minute, did you say tap dancing? A Grammy Award?

When you think of tap dancing as an art form, do you think about the sound first? Or, like me, do you envision the tap dancer first, skittering across the stage, someone like Fred Astaire or Gregory Hines or Bill Robinson or Ann Miller?… Read the full article

Celebration Giveaway 2: iFi Audio xDSD DAC/AMP

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We continue our $50k anniversary celebration giveaway with a DAC/AMP unit, the iFi Audio xDSD!! It could be all yours, just keep reading and enter the giveaway!


We had far over 1000 entries for the Cayin N5iis DAP but there can be only one winner, and that is: Krzysztof Maj from Poland. Congratulations. You’ll be contacted very soon, please get in touch.

Number 2

As promised and explained earlier, we’ll be doing a year long of weekly giveaways and this week it’s the start of our 52-week celebration.… Read the full article

Ortofon MC Windfeld Ti Phono Cartridge

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Ortofon MC Windfeld Ti Phono Cartridge

The Ortofon MC Windfeld Ti is the newest version of the original MC Windfeld cartridge. Ten years ago, Ortofon’s chief engineer, Leif Johannsen, created the original MC Windfeld as a tribute to Ortofon’s former longtime chief engineer Per Windfeld. This was Johannsen’s first high-end cartridge using the Replicant 100 stylus and a completely new (for Ortofon) motor design to improve dynamic capability. At that time, the 80th anniversary MC Jubilee was the second highest model in the Ortofon lineup. The following year, 2009, the Cadenza series was introduced.… Read the full article

Halo to Debut at Show

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Australian audiophiles visiting the upcoming Australian Hi-Fi and AV show at Melbourne’s Como hotel will be amongst the first in the world to hear the new Parasound Halo Hint 6 integrated amplifier and Halo 6 preamplifier, both designed by the legendary John Curl, along with the long-awaited Halo JC 5.

The Halo JC 5 is an ultra-high performance, Class A/AB, stereo power amplifier rated at 400-watts per channel. It follows in the footsteps of the Halo JC1 that was awarded ‘Amplifier of the Year’ in 2003 by Stereophile magazine, and has been on that magazine’s ‘Class A Recommended Component’ list ever since.… Read the full article

Listening #190: Experience Music

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Those concerned that audio engineers on the whole are a meek lot, drawn to our hobby for its lack of physical mayhem, have clearly never met Jeffrey Jackson. The last time I saw him, he was wielding a rock the size of a small gravestone, applying it to the lock on a recalcitrant door in a series of blows that made me fear for the very fabric of reality. That this happened in glinty daylight in an industrial park with a steady stream of cars going by merely added to the sense of danger.… Read the full article

Constellation Performance Centaur II 500 power amplifier

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I am finding hard to grasp that it is almost 50 years since I first went to a hi-fi show. That show, held at London’s Olympia exhibition center, was notable both for Yamaha’s launch of a loudspeaker with a speaker diaphragm shaped like a human ear, and for being the first time I saw the drop-dead gorgeous Transcriptors Hydraulic Reference turntable, which was later featured in the film A Clockwork Orange. The most recent show I attended was AXPONA, held last April in the Chicago suburb of Schaumburg.… Read the full article

L Mount Alliance Kicks Off Photokina 2018

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The alliance continues Leica’s close relationship with Panasonic (existing since 2001), but now involves Sigma in a joint program which will build a full-frame mirrorless camera system based on Leica’s L mount which was introduced with the SL (actually the second FF mirrorless camera on the market after Sony’s A7 series).

Image: Leica, Sigma, Panasonic

All three companies appear to benefit from the alliance which will give photographers the choice of Leica and Panasonic Lumix camera bodies mated with Leica, Panasonic and Sigma lenses.… Read the full article

Sony’s Aspirational Audio Player

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Rolex, Tiffany, Ferrari. And now, Sony.

Depending on your point of view, Sony is doing something wonderful, or deplorable. Either way, I’m sure the Internet will be outraged.

Read the full article


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“We have a busy week ahead”, said the middle manager opening another weekly team meeting. He continued: “A week full of exciting challenges and opportunities”. We heard his words as neither remarkable or mundane until some weeks later when we realised all managers at the firm uttered the same words at every team meeting. Over time, repetition undermined their words’ motivational impetus and blunted their import. Managerial speak had quickly curdled to cliché.

For the lazy or pressed for time, clichés can serve as a crutch.… Read the full article