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Celebration Giveaway 18: Linum SuperBaX

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We continue our $50k gear giveaway with two new SuperBaX cables from Linum. Just keep reading and enter the giveaway!

Last week’s Winner

The Shozy CP and BG IEM giveaway is now over. There are two winners and this week these are: ALDY HAEKAL PINASTI from Jakarta – CP IEM, Indonesia and Burk Ozturk from Istanbul, Turkey – BG IEM!! Congratulations. You’ll be contacted very soon, please get in touch.

Number 18

As promised and explained earlier, we’ll be doing a year long of weekly giveaways and last September was the start of our 52-week celebration.… Read the full article

Australian Open 2019 live stream: how to watch the tennis online from anywhere

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What better way to bring in the new year than to get that fit and healthy feeling with tennis? Yup, Grand Slam tennis is back for 2019 with the Australian Open from Melbourne. That means big prizes and fierce competition – and you can get an Australian Open live stream from absolutely anywhere that you are with this handy guide.

The favorites to take away the silverware this year on the men's side of the draw are (as ever) Novak Djokovic and Roger Federer, while Serena Williams is the woman to watch once again – the seven-time champion will want to let her tennis do the talking after that melt down in last season's US Open final.… Read the full article

The Curtain Closes on CES

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By Day Three of four-day CES 2019, reality had set in for most of the few high-end audio exhibitors who set up shop in the Venetian: the curtain has closed on CES as “the place” for high-end audio product introductions and business transactions. Several of the smaller companies I spoke with were already done with waxing nostalgic on the glory days of CES—an era when there were so many distributors, dealers, and journalists clogging the hallways and rooms that some exhibitors had to either close up shop at the factory or recruit extra help to cater to everyone.… Read the full article

MQA Advances and More Encountered at CES

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Besides the appearance there of many new components capable of MQA decoding and rendering, CES provided an opportunity to unveil two important MQA developments. The first is that Tidal Masters (MQA playback) is now available on Android phones and tablets. While Tidal’s potential rival, the French company Qobuz, is currently beta-testing its own hi-rez streaming platform for Android, iOS, Apple, and Windows devices, prior to its official launch in the US, Qobuz is limited to 24/192 resolution. MQA’s folding and unfolding technology, as seen on the Android phone held by MQA’s Ken Forsythe, enables Tidal to stream Masters titles of up to 24/352.8 or 384 unfolded resolution.… Read the full article

Audio Ramblings – The Small Green Computer sonicTransporter i5 Music Server and the ultraRendu and digitalRendu Units

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All components in BOLD are loaned; all components in standard face are owned by me.


Vandersteen Quatro Wood Carbon. Reimer Speaker Systems Tetons (with the Hi-Vi Isodynamic Planar tweeters and series crossovers) heavily treated with Marigo VTS Dots. 


PS Audio BHK 250 amplifier, PS Audio BHK Signature preamplifier. Channel D Lino phono stage, and the Heed Thesis phono stage. DEQX PreMate + (preamp) Marantz 2230 receiver, and the Kora integrated.


Digital: PS Audio DirectStream DAC and DirectStream Memory Player, DEQX PreMate +, Mytek Brooklyn DAC+, and an Oppo BD-105.… Read the full article

OnePlus 7 release date, price, news and rumors

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Update: The OnePlus 7 could use the Snapdragon 855 chipset, be one of the first phones with 5G and have 10GB of RAM.

The OnePlus 6T released last fall held up the company's tradition of flagship specs and features at a midrange price, but we're already starting to hear about the company's next phone, the OnePlus 7. 

Mind you, it's not much yet – OnePlus is keeping mum on how its next phone will improve on the OnePlus 6T, which included the first in-screen fingerprint sensor on a phone sold in Europe and the US.… Read the full article

Drimble Wedge and the Vegetation – 1967

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That’s Entertainment!

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Darko.Audio’s biggest success of 2018 wasn’t website related. It took place over on YouTube where a collision of circumstances – a new contributor whose day job turned out to be a professional cameraman and the laying off of Stereophile’s video editor – saw yours truly kick video production into a higher gear.

I’d been shooting show reports and factory visits on a smartphone since 2016 but if videos were to stand in for the words and pictures found in feature articles, they would have to be shot and edited to a professional standard.… Read the full article

CES: Closer to Closure

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A few surprises and delights still awaited on Wednesday afternoon, January 9. That was when I began to realize: save for Harman International’s off-site exhibit at Hard Rock Café and two products I encountered on January 10, I would have plenty of time to write blogs and pack on my final day in Vegas.

One of the most eagerly greeted high-end unveilings at CES was Elac’s new Carina Series BS243.4 Jet bookshelf loudspeaker ($1199/pair), part of a line including the CC241.4 Jet Center Channel ($849) and FS249.4 Jet floorstander ($1199/each).… Read the full article

CES 2019: Technics SL-1500 and SL-1200MK7 | First Listen

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Technics continues its re-entry into the turntable arena bringing something for both both the DJ and Audiophile audience with the annoucement of SL-1200MK7 and SL-1500 turntables.

The SL-1200 originally released in 1972 became the standard turntable for DJs for decades. Built on a direct drive system and large platter it provided reliability, speed and stability for clubs. Black dots surrounding its platter and large pitch control button are part of the SL-1200 signature.

Although SL-1200 has seen some updates over the years, its last major update was in 2002 with the release of the 30th Anniversary SL-1200MK5G.… Read the full article