It’s been a busy week in the background and I wanted to let readers know what’s been happening behind the scenes.

The Wall of Fame has shipped… and I’m expecting a number of select picks from it to be landing on my doorstep within the next week or two at the latest.

Keith Howard will be penning another piece on the new measurement rig shortly, and we’re narrowing down the timeline for when we’ll be able to start publishing the first sets of measurements to go with upcoming reviews.

I’d also like to announce that young gun Tyler Schrank will be joining us as a regular contributor and that the affable and talented John Grandberg will continue to keep us entertained with his thoughtful, insightful and intelligent reviews.

A huge thank you and an even bigger welcome to audio engineering heavyweight – and one of the nicest gentleman in this industry – Vinnie Rossi who will be working with me on technical-process and engineering-concept white papers, Q&As and industry-related editorials and think pieces moving forward.

I’m still making arrangements with other people of interest for their input here on InnerFidelity, so please stay tuned to see who else will be joining us.

That said, I’d like to wish Bob Katz the best of luck in his new ventures. Katz decided to leave InnerFidelity before I was hired, which was unfortunate because he had a special place here with readers. We wish hime nothing but the best in his new ventures.

I’ve snagged a couple more headphones for the immediate time being as well, the HifiMan HE400s (not the latest, I know, but a good pair to listen to while I wait for the WoF gear) and the AudioQuest Nighthawk Carbon. Both of which I’ll be posting my thoughts on shortly, along with the Audeze LCD-XC.

Thank for checking in, things are coming together – not as fast as I’d like – but nonetheless, we’re making fantastic headway and I’m very excited for what’s coming up.