Amplifier Technologies (ATI) added yet another model (the ATI-500NC) to its already well-populated 5XX series, so there are now eleven models in this range.

All models in this range have  Class-D Hypex N-Core output modules (hence the NC after the model number) but rather than use switch-mode power supplies, ATI instead uses its own linear power supplies, which it builds in-house at its facility in Montebello, California. As with other models in the range, the ATI-500C, which is rated at 500-watts continuous per channel into 8Ω,  uses a micro-processor control for turn-on delay and features automatic a.c. power recognition and configuration. The ATI-500NC recognises whether they it’s hooked up to 117V or 230V mains power and automatically self-configures itself for the correct voltabe. The ATI-500NC also incorporates a  “sleep” circuit. When the amplifier receives no input signal for a period of 10 minutes, power is removed from the output modules and a front-panel LED begins to flash. As soon as an input signal is detected on any channel, normal playback operation resumes instantaneously. Morris Kessler, ATI’s president and chief engineer, said ‘We are excited to offer amplifiers with ATI’s legendary high performance and reliability in designs that reduce amplifier weight by up to 50%, and with rated distortion below 0.05% and signal-to-noise ratio of 123 dB (minimum, referenced to rated output), each amplifier in the series is capable of playing back the full dynamic range available on today’s lossless recordings.

Other models in the range include:
AT522NC Stereo Amplifier (200W per channel) $US1,895
AT523NC 3-channel Amplifier (200W per channel) $US2,295
AT524NC 4-channel Amplifier (200W per channel) $US2,595
AT525NC 5-channel Amplifier (200W per channel) $US2,995
AT526NC 6-channel Amplifier (200W per channel) $US3,295
AT527NC 7-channel Amplifier (200W per channel) $US3,695
AT528NC 8-channel Amplifier (200W per channel) $US3,995
AT542NC Stereo Amplifier (500W per channel) $US2,595
AT543NC 3-channel Amplifier (500W per channel) $US3,295
AT544NC 4-channel Amplifier (500W per channel) $US3,995.

In addition to manufacturering ATI amplifiers, Amplifier Technologies also manufactures and sells products under the Audioaccess, BGW and Theta Digital brand names.

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