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Miyajima Saboten L Phono Cartridge

By | June 16th, 2019|Categories: AV Hub|

The Saboten L moving-coil design from Japanese specialist cartridge designer Noriyuki Miyajima has a cantilever made from the spine of a cactus… (Click image above to enlarge.)

The Miyajima Saboten L (the ‘L’ indicates that it has a nude line-contact diamond stylus) is a low-output moving-coil (MC) design where the line-contact diamond stylus is fixed to a short, tubular end-piece of aluminium, which is cemented to the end of the cactus spine in such a way that the stylus tip very close to the central axis of the cantilever and coil assembly.

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Ortofon OM 5S – Bargain!

By | June 16th, 2019|Categories: AV Hub|

Danish manufacturer Ortofon has added a new super-budget phono cartridge to its famous OM 5 Series—the OM 5S.

The new OM 5 Series offers a truly spectacular range of entry-level cartridges to suit all tastes and budgets,’ said Sam Encel, of Interdyn, which distributes Ortofon in Australia. ‘The impressive sound and high-quality design across the board, coupled with an incredibly convenient upgrade path, makes the OM 5S a brilliant choice, not least because it delivers impressive performance for an entry-level cartridge, and its stylus is interchangeable with other OM styli.Read the full article

Real Maggies For Only $1,490

By | June 14th, 2019|Categories: AV Hub|

Magnepan has introduced its LRS planar magnetic loudspeakers, which it says represent ‘a radical change in our marketing strategy.’ They sell for just $1,490 per pair. (Pictured right, click image to enlarge.)

This radical change was in part dictated by the reduction in the number of hi-fi retailers. ‘In the 70s and 80s nearly every small city had a stereo store, whereas today, most customers have to drive a considerable distance to visit their nearest Magnepan dealer,’ said Wendell Diller, Magnepan’s Marketing Manager.… Read the full article

AG x Melbourne Guitar Show 2019: Paul Carey and Julian Scheffer

By | June 13th, 2019|Categories: AV Hub|

Making its way back to the Caulfield Racecourse for its fifth consecutive year, the Melbourne Guitar Show is eyeing August 2019 off like a dog eyes off its dinner. Poised to be its biggest and best jaunt yet, this year’s show – kicking off across the weekend of August 3rd and 4th – promises a (quite literally) jam-packed lineup of performers and exhibitors, with an emphasis on getting punters hands-on with the enormous array of axes on show.

In the lead-up to this year’s Melbourne Guitar Show, Australian Guitar is going full steam ahead on the hype train. … Read the full article

Acoustic Energy AE308 Subwoofer

By | June 13th, 2019|Categories: AV Hub|

Acoustic Energy has added an active DSP subwoofer to its 300 Series. It’s designed to integrate perfectly with not only the AE300 stand-mounts but also the AE309s and AE307.

The new Acoustic Energy AE308 DSP subwoofer has a Class-D amplifier rated at 500-watts driving a newly-designed 300mm diameter long-excursion doped and stiffened pulp-fibre driver. ‘The AE308 also features a brand new DSP module which gives greater control over the performance whilst substantially reducing distortion and improving low-frequency control,’ said Dianne Dugandzic, of M&G Hoskins, which distributes Acoustic Energy in Australia.… Read the full article

Better Looking

By | June 13th, 2019|Categories: AV Hub|

While BenQ’s entry-level 24-inch PhotoVue monitor has been making the headlines (and winning awards) for its combination of exceptional affordability and performance, it’s likely that many pro-level users will want something more… at least as their primary working display.

As far as 27-inch professional photo monitors are concerned, the BenQ SW271 still has excellent affordability on its side, but more significantly it has a 4K resolution display, a more flexible set of inputs and some additional operating conveniences to assist with workflow efficiencies.… Read the full article

OAD UP1 MM-MC Phono Preamplifier

By | June 12th, 2019|Categories: AV Hub|

Australian manufacturer OAD Ultrafidelity has released a new two-chassis phono stage, the OAD UP1 MM-MC. (Click on any image on this page to enlarge)

The OAD Ultrafidelity UP1 is a direct-coupled low-noise phono preamplifier that has separate circuit boards for the left and right audio channels, plus an ultra-low noise linear regulated power supply that is fitted with a 30,000µF capacitor bank. DIP switches allow users to select a wide range of input resistance values (from 22Ω to 47kΩ), add additional capacitance, and adjust overall gain (40dB to 80dB).… Read the full article

Sony Launches New FE Mount Supertelephotos

By | June 12th, 2019|Categories: AV Hub|

Sony continues to work hard at expanding its FE mount lens system and is now starting to concentrate on more specialist optics. The latest additions to the line-up are two supertelephotos – a 600mm f4.0 prime and a 200-600mm f5.6-6.3 zoom. The 600mm is a G Master standard lens (the tenth GM lens), while the 200-600mm is a G series model. The pair bring the number of full-frame E mount lenses up to 33.

Sony FE 600mm f4.0 GM OSS. Photo: Sony.

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New Edition Of Australian Professional Photography History Now Available

By | June 12th, 2019|Categories: AV Hub|

A new edition of the book A History Of Professional Photography In Australia has been released and is updated to include the changes in the industry since it was first published in 2013.

The book traces the history of professional photography in Australia – with an emphasis on the role of the Australian Institute Of Photography (AIPP) since its origins in the late 1930s – and has been updated to include changes such as the merging of the ACMP, the recent dramatic changes in the structure of the AIPP, and other key events in Australian professional photography over the last six years.… Read the full article

Clearaudio Smart Power 12V

By | June 11th, 2019|Categories: AV Hub|

Clearaudio has released the Smart Power 12V, a battery-based d.c. power supply designed to improve the performance of Clearaudio Concept Series and Performance DC turntables. (Click image to enlarge.)

When it’s being used to power a compatible Clearaudio turntable, the Smart Power 12V completely isolates the turntable’s electronics from the mains power supply, whilst it delivers a clean, exact 12 volts of direct current to the turntable. ‘The Clearaudio Smart Power 12 provides clean power that is independent of the voltage variability and inherent noise of the mains supply,’ said Nigel Ng, of Advance Audio, which distributes Clearaudio in Australia.… Read the full article