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Fortnite’s next event will be Avengers: End Game-themed

By | April 22nd, 2019|Categories: TechRadar|

In case you needed another reason to get excited about Avengers: End Game’s rapidly-approaching release date on April 25, you can now add a Fortnite crossover event to that list.

Today on Twitter, Fortnite teased a second crossover event with Marvel for Avengers: End Game that will start one day before the film hits theaters. 

While the tweet doesn’t give us much to go off of other than the date, it’s fair to expect either new character skins or another appearance of Thanos in-game.… Read the full article

Amazon Music playlists are now playable on Echo speakers for free

By | April 19th, 2019|Categories: TechRadar|

Amazon has announced that Echo owners will be able to use part of Amazon Music for free. The new, free service doesn’t require an Amazon Prime subscription and can be used to access playlists or start new stations by saying "Hey, Alexa," and then a music genre or artist name. 

The caveat here is that this new tier of Amazon Music is only available in the US at launch, and the service is fairly minimal. For instance, you don't get on-demand access to Amazon's entire library, and you’re going to hear ads in between songs.… Read the full article

YouTube will return to Fire TV after Amazon and Google make amends

By | April 18th, 2019|Categories: TechRadar|

After a year of feuding, Amazon and Google have finally broken the virtual trade embargo between the two companies, Amazon has announced. Starting later this year, Amazon Fire TV and Amazon Fire TV Cube will have access to YouTube via the native YouTube app, and you’ll be able to watch Amazon Prime Video on Google Chromecast.

In broad terms, that means you’ll be able to watch everything available on Amazon’s video service on Android TV, Chromecast and Google Home Hub devices (as well as any other device that supports Chromecast Built-in), plus watch YouTube on Amazon Fire TV and Amazon Fire TV Edition Smart TVs, with support for the YouTube TV and YouTube Kids apps coming later this year.… Read the full article

The cheaper, disc-less Xbox One S All-Digital Edition launches in May

By | April 16th, 2019|Categories: TechRadar|

If the rumors didn’t give it away months ago, Microsoft has officially announced the All-Digital Xbox One S – a new 4K HDR streaming-capable console that doesn’t use discs or physical media of any kind. 

The All-Digital Xbox One S will be available globally starting on May 7, 2019 for $249 (around £190, AU$349) and joins Microsoft’s Xbox One family of consoles, allowing it to play the same games as the slightly more expensive Xbox One S

In fact, based on the specs shared by Microsoft, you won’t be able to tell the difference between the two when they’re side-by-side.… Read the full article

Star Wars Episode IX now has a proper name

By | April 12th, 2019|Categories: TechRadar|

At the Star Wars Celebration event today in Chicago, the cast and crew of Star Wars Episode IX unveiled the full title of the last film in the Star Wars saga, and it is…The Rise of Skywalker.

Now, admittedly, The Rise of Skywalker is a strange name for the film as – spoilers! – Episode VIII (The Last Jedi) ends with Luke joining the great Jedi ghost village in the sky. Crucially, he passes without revealing any long-suspected familial connection to the new trilogy's Force-sensitive protagonist, Rey.… Read the full article

Astro A40 Headset got tuned up with tips from pro gamers

By | April 11th, 2019|Categories: TechRadar|

Gaming peripheral maker Astro has announced a new version of its famous A40 TR Gaming Headset and MixAmp Pro, promising better sound and a few other perks to please competitive and casual gamers alike. 

Astro claims it upped the audio quality after collaborating with pro gamers to get their input. The new headset packs Astro’s Audio V2 enhancement that will offer “a more balanced signature sound” and improved voice quality, especially for gamers and streamers. 

Besides some tweaks to the audio quality, there doesn’t seem to be a huge change to the design of the headset: it’s still open-back with a removable mic and swappable earplates.… Read the full article

Best 4K TV 2019: Your definitive Ultra-HD TV buying guide

By | April 10th, 2019|Categories: TechRadar|

TV lovers are a precarious bunch. One minute they'll tell you that you don't need a 4K TV because "well, there's really no difference between HD and 4K" and the next they won't be quiet about the technology.

Take it from us, 4K is everything you want it to be. Both native 4K  and HD content looks amazing on these TVs and, thanks to HDR and Wide Color Gamut, you'll see a huge boost in the TV's contrast and color saturation, too.… Read the full article

T-Mobile relaunches its laughably expensive IPTV service

By | April 10th, 2019|Categories: TechRadar|

T-Mobile has announced that it's relaunching its Layer3 IPTV service later this week in eight US cities including Chicago, Dallas-Fort Worth, Los Angeles, New York City, Philadelphia, San Francisco, and Washington DC metro areas, as well as Longmont, Colorado. 

The service, which will go by the new name TVision, isn’t quite the same as a full-on streaming service – you’ll still need a box from T-Mobile to use it – but it could be a more manageable step for folks looking to cut the cord.… Read the full article

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Android TV now includes sponsored content on the home screen

By | April 5th, 2019|Categories: TechRadar|

As part of a pilot program, Google has added a new sponsored content section to some Android TV devices, the company confirmed in a statement to XDA Developers.

That reaffirms an earlier report of some users noticing advertisements appearing on their Android TV-based Sony X900F TVs, though a statement from an Nvidia representative denies that the ads are appearing on Shield TVs – which implies that the problem might just be contained to Sony smart TVs. 

If the update has been deployed to your device, you’ll notice a new 'Sponsored Content' row on the home screen in between your recommended content. 

Unlike other channels on Android TV, those who have the update claim the sponsored row cannot be customized in any way, nor can it be removed in the typical way – requiring those users to disable the Android TV Core Services app and manually restart the system. 

That said, while no one likes seeing advertisements spring up in a place where there were none before, what’s particularly frustrating is the way in which Google stealthily deployed the update and in the lengths some users have needed to go through to remove them.… Read the full article

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Universal Pictures’ movie library will soon get upgraded to HDR10+

By | April 4th, 2019|Categories: TechRadar|

If you’re a fan of films like The Fast and The Furious, Kung Fu Panda and Jurassic World, we’ve got some good news: Universal Pictures Home Entertainment (UPHE) has penned a deal with Samsung to create HDR10+ content for compatible Samsung and Panasonic TVs. 

Said content will include both new titles from the film studio as well as potential remasterings of shows and films from Universal Pictures’ library, which includes the How to Train Your Dragon, Back to the Future and Halloween franchises.… Read the full article

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