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The Voice That Is announces special vinyl event in Philadelphia in June, 2019

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Saturday, June 1, 2019:  Doug White, of The Voice That Is, in cooperation with the Philadelphia Area Audio Group and the New Jersey Audio Society, will host a vinyl event featuring Vertere Acoustics and Touraj Moghaddam, Designer.

The topics of discussion will be analog reproduction, turntable and tonearm design.  A short listening session will follow.

Touraj Moghaddam made his name in hi-fi circles as one of the two founders of the UK’s Roksan Audio, which began making turntables just when LPs were facing decline following the arrival of the CD in the mid-1980s.… Read the full article

Purson brand name changed to Merason

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The digital-to-analog converters named Purson are now called Merason, Daniel Frauchiger, CEO of dafraud GmbH, the manufacturer based in Switzerland, announced today. Apart from the new brand, there are no other changes.

With the new name, the manufacturer underlines the claim of its products to be committed to sound. “Mera” stands for “unique,” “son” for “sound.”

dafraud was founded in 2013 with the aim of developing and manufacturing digital and analogue products with the best possible sound. All devices are handcrafted in Worb, Switzerland, with the greatest possible care and are extensively tested before delivery.… Read the full article

MOON 110 LP v2 preamplifier

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The new MOON 110LP v2 phono preamplifier brings dramatically improved performance from vinyl. Hand-crafted in Canada, this little black box of outstanding technology tricks will ensure records sound better than ever before.

The 110LP v2 sits between turntable and amplifier, designed either for systems without a phono stage or to deliver significant audio improvements by bypassing an existing phono stage. Cartridge-matching is available via three pairs of DIP switches on the unit’s underside – and this concealed positioning ensures the sleek lines of the aluminium casing are not disrupted.… Read the full article

Bryston and the Montreal Audio Fest

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Bryston will be unveiling the Middle T-REX active loudspeaker system powered by the brand new 21B3 amplifiers during the Montreal Audio Fest, March 22-24 at the Hotel Bonaventure Montreal.

The demo system will feature the BDP- 3 Digital Player, the BDA-3 DAC, the BP-26/MPS-2 Preamplifier and two of the venerable 21B3 amplifiers. Also in the system will be the BAX-1 Digital Active Crossover for the brand new Middle T-REX speakers, and Bryston Balanced Interconnects and speaker cables. AC power treated by the Bryston BIT 20 Isolation Transformer and Target equipment stands will be utilized.… Read the full article

Jazz vocalist Lyn Stanley keeps it real with her brand-new direct-to-disc vinyl release: London with a Twist—Live at Bernie’s

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Revisiting London: Internationally acclaimed song stylist Lyn Stanley delivers a double-disc audiophile recording, part 2 of her Julie London tribute project

With her new release, sultry jazz singer Lyn Stanley follows up on her well-received 2018 album London Calling—A Toast to Julie London

How does a musical artist define perfection? And what lengths will one go to in order to achieve it?

The answer to the first question may be in the ear of the beholder. The response to the second part could include recording take after take, into double digits; extensive editing, overdubbing, looping, and an electronic helping hand from a spectrum of software and apps.… Read the full article

Pangea Audio’s New X-Brace Audio Rack: X-Tremely Strong, Super Stable

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New Audio Rack Incorporates Rugged X-Brace Design Throughout for Maximum Stability and Weight Capacity

GRAND RAPIDS, MI, March 15, 2019 – Pangea Audio, developer and manufacturer of high performance, high value audio accessories, today announced a new rugged and highly stable audio rack, X-Brace Four-Shelf Audio Rack, that incorporates steel X-Braces that provide maximum strength and rigidity.

Scheduled to ship in late March, the X-Brace Audio Rack (SRP: $199.95) updates Pangea Audio’s popular Vulcan Four Shelf Audio Rack with an X-Brace that was previously found on the Vulcan Turntable Stand’s bottom shelf.… Read the full article


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New York/London, 11 March 2019: TIDAL, in partnership with MQA, has announced that Master quality tracks are now available via iPhone devices, continuing to optimise the smartphone listening experience and deliver guaranteed master quality recordings direct from the source.  The eagerly awaited update to TIDAL’s iOS app follows the recent Android news announced at CES in January.

With TIDAL Masters playback now accessible on iPhones and Android smartphones, as well as desktop and connected devices, you can experience studio quality sound wherever you choose to listen. … Read the full article

Qobuz Announces Sonos Integration

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With Qobuz on Sonos, stream 16-bit CD quality on your sound system

Qobuz, the world’s first and only certified Hi-Res streaming service, is now available on Sonos, the leading multi-room wireless smart home sound system, in the U.S. With a subscription to the Hi-Fi level of Qobuz, Sonos users will be able to tap into the 16-bit CD quality potential of their sound systems.

Many Sonos users listen to their music through MP3 streaming – with Qobuz, listeners can access their music at nearly 5x that resolution (1411 kbps vs.… Read the full article

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Command Performance Hosts Luxman Event This Weekend

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Command Performance AV will host two Luxman events this Friday and Saturday, March 8 and March 9, with special guest Jeff Sigmund, president of Luxman America. Together with Rick Tydings, owner of AB&T Sales Corp., the regional sales representative for Luxman, the pair will provide background on Luxman’s incredible 94-year history, demonstrate key products in the line, and be available for questions.

The demonstrations will showcase many products from Luxman, including the award-winning L-509X integrated amplifier, the D-08u SACD/CD player, the PD-171A turntable, the C-900u control amplifier and the M-900u power amplifier.… Read the full article

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The MBL Roon Module – available now!

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The legendary D/A-converter 1611 F from MBL has always connected the digital world with the analogue. With Roon Ready integration, we’ve taken the next big step. Ease of use and seamless streaming of various sources combined with the fantastic sound of an MBL audio system makes listening to music even more enjoyable.

The MBL ROON MODULE is a hardware device developed by MBL’s engineering team that you can add as an option to your D/A converter 1611 F and works together with any Roon server within your LAN.… Read the full article

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