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Whoops: Samsung Galaxy Note 10 gets revealed in full thanks to FCC slip-up

By | July 12th, 2019|Categories: TechRadar|

Samsung's Galaxy Note 10 has seen numerous high-profile leaks of late, including photos of the device spotted in the wild, and some incredibly convincing (and rather official-looking) renders which seemingly show the phone and its stylus in all their glory.

Now, just weeks away from its official unveiling, Samsung's next productivity-focused flagship has been revealed in full thanks to a leak by the US Federal Communications Commission (FCC) that was spotted by XDA Developers before being taken down.

Image: XDA Developers / FCC

Rumors confirmed – mostly

As you can see, the image above provides a clear look at the handset, offering a front-facing shot that includes device dimensions and a view of the phone's centered pinhole selfie camera, which has been teased by the company in the lead-up to the Note 10's launch.… Read the full article

Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 leak reveals dual camera and wirelessly-charging S Pen

By | July 10th, 2019|Categories: TechRadar|

Samsung released its most recent flagship tablet, the Galaxy Tab S4, last August, and now it appears the South Korean technology giant is getting ready to release its follow-up, according to an exclusive leak from SamMobile

Having already released the mid-range Galaxy Tab S5e earlier in the year, it seems the manufacturer is going to skip the premium Tab S5 entirely, opting instead to name its next flagship slate the Samsung Galaxy Tab S6, if SamMobile's very convincing leaked images (including one of the device's boot screen) are anything to go by.… Read the full article

Aussies who buy LG’s G8S ThingQ can snag a free 43-inch UHD TV

By | July 9th, 2019|Categories: TechRadar|

Having officially lifted the veil on its new LG G8S ThinQ smartphone last week, LG Electronics Australia has now announced local availability for the upcoming Android handset, along with a special bonus for customers who get in early. 

Available nationally from today, LG is offering a bonus 43-inch UHD smart television (43UK6540PTD) to the first 1,000 customers who grab the G8S ThinQ on an eligible Telstra plan (more information here) before August 6, 2019. 

Customers must claim their free LG UHD TV via online redemption within 10 days of purchasing the phone, and must provide a receipt and photo of the IMEI number located on the phone's package as proof. 

According to Telstra, deliveries of the free 43-inch 4K telly will begin on August 22, 2019, and may take as long as six weeks to arrive. 

The LG G8S ThinQ is notable in that it offers world-first Hand ID technology, which is able to identify the veins in your palm as an especially secure level of authentication.… Read the full article

Apple could make iCloud sign-ins easier with Face ID and Touch ID

By | July 8th, 2019|Categories: TechRadar|

Signing into the iCloud website may soon get a lot simpler from an iPhone, iPad or Mac browser, with Apple working on bringing biometric login support to the service in iOS 13, iPadOS and macOS Catalina.

According to 9to5Mac, testers who are already using beta versions of Apple's upcoming operating systems now have the ability to sign into iCloud.com via Touch ID and Face ID, adding an additional level of convenience to the login process. 

A pop-up window on the Cupertino company's new beta.icloud.com reportedly offers beta users on compatible devices the ability to sign-in via Touch ID or Face ID without the need for two-factor authentication – makes sense, given that Apple's biometric security is far stronger than a manually typed-out password.… Read the full article

Upcoming Doom TV series will focus on the iconic game’s creation at id Software

By | June 28th, 2019|Categories: TechRadar|

If there's one thing we've learned from shows and movies like Halt and Catch Fire, Silicon Valley and The Social Network, it's that the inner-workings of tech and game companies make for incredibly compelling viewing. 

Now, we could have a new TV show to look forward to, with news that USA Network has ordered a pilot for a series based on Masters of Doom, the 2003 non-fiction book by David Kushner that recounts the founding of id Software and the creation of its beloved Doom franchise, as reported by Deadline.… Read the full article

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YouTube is giving users more homepage customization options

By | June 27th, 2019|Categories: TechRadar|

YouTube has copped a lot of flak lately over the inappropriate content its algorithms have been recommending to users, leading the platform to update its policies regarding videos that promote superiority and discrimination, ban 'harmful or dangerous' prank videos and disable comments on videos featuring children.

Now, the Google-owned video sharing website is implementing changes in its Android and iOS apps that will give users more control over the content that's featured on their homepages and in their 'Up Next' video roll.… Read the full article

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Apple’s rumored 16-inch MacBook Pro may arrive this year – without an OLED display

By | June 24th, 2019|Categories: TechRadar|

Back in February, we first reported that Apple is considering a 16-inch MacBook Pro with a totally new design, and while a more recent rumor suggested that it might not arrive until 2020 (or 2021), yet another piece of speculation has cropped up which believes it actually will ship this year, as reported by Forbes

According to the London-based market analysts at IHS Markit, Apple is readying its 16-inch MacBook Pro for reveal at an event in September, which is traditionally the time of year when the Cupertino company unveils its latest iPhone range. 

"We foresee that Apple will release a new product [at the] Sep’19 Apple event if there’s no unexpected development issue," said Jeff Lin, Associate Director of Consumer Electronics at IHS Markit.… Read the full article

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YouTube’s Android app could soon hide user comments by default

By | June 21st, 2019|Categories: TechRadar|

As great as YouTube is as a content platform, its comments section is, to put it mildly, far less highly regarded – for every positive or insightful comment found under any given video, you often find dozens of nasty, inappropriate or idiotic ones. 

Google has long been aware of the problem, and has started investigating ways of combating the ugly comments and relentless 'hold my beer' memes that have come to plague the service's comment section.

As reported by XDA Developers, YouTube's latest test, which has reportedly only rolled out in India, takes the 'sweep it under the rug' approach to problem solving, and involves hiding the comments section by default on the platform's Android app. 

Instead of showing user comments directly under several 'up next' videos, the test version opts for a new 'comments' button that can be found alongside the usual 'thumbs up', 'thumbs down', 'share' and 'download' icons.… Read the full article

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Intel and Qualcomm lobby against Huawei ban

By | June 17th, 2019|Categories: TechRadar|

While coverage surrounding the US government's Huawei ban has focused primarily on how the Chinese tech giant will be affected, it's worth remembering that the company's US suppliers also stand to lose a great deal of money in the fallout of President Trump's executive order. 

Now, it appears that US chipmakers, including Intel, Qualcomm and Xilinx Inc, have been quietly lobbying the US government in an effort to ease the Huawei ban, as reported by Reuters.

Citing sources close to the situation, executives from Intel and Xilinx Inc reportedly met with the US Commerce Department in late May to discuss a response to the Trump Administration's decision to place Huawei on the 'entity list', effectively barring US companies from trading with the Chinese brand. 

According to four other sources, Qualcomm has also reportedly met with the Commerce Department to discuss the issue.… Read the full article

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Spotify’s library section gets streamlined with updated mobile interface

By | June 14th, 2019|Categories: TechRadar|

From today, Spotify Premium users with the latest version of the streaming music app may notice a refreshed and reimagined 'Your Library' section that's been designed to get you to your music and podcasts faster.

Instead of having your saved content housed on separate screens, which you had to do previously, Spotify's new streamlined library keeps everything on a single screen with Music and Podcasts split over two tabs – each with their own subsections. 

From there, users can either swipe back and forth through the tabs and subsections, or tap on them to access them directly. 

The Music tab holds Playlists, Artists and Albums, while the Podcasts tabs are split into Episodes, Downloads and Shows.… Read the full article

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