Avantgarde’s newest loudspeaker, the Advantage 0TA, released yesterday at CES in Las Vegas, has been stripped down to basics. 
Unlike the company’s previous active designs, only its 12-inch bass driver is powered: all other drivers are passive. The amplifier is a Class-D design rated at 500-watts with a DSP front end whose performance can be adjusted via software to exactly complement the acoustics of your listening room, providing boost where the room is damping the sound and attenuation at frequencies your room is providing gain via resonances. You can measure your room and adjust the performance of the speakers yourself, or Avantgarde will do it for you. ‘Whereas our Zero 1 is crammed with DACs, multiple power amplifiers, 66-Bit FPGA digital processing, and wireless 2.4 GHz ISM/SRD streaming capability,  
this new 0TA is a back to the roots model for us
‘, said Avantgarde’s Jody Hickson (pictured above). ‘We found that many audiophiles don’t want integrated solutions: they want to use their old amplifiers and cables, and this new model will be perfect for them.’ 
The source for the music Avantgarde was playing in room 29-318 at the Las Vegas Venetian was Bergmann’s Magne turntable, complete with Magne air-bearing arm ($US18,000 fitted with an Ortofon Cadenza Black ($US2,720)) (pictured below), which was not a new release, but had been favourably received at both Axpona2016 and RMAF last year. 

For more information about Avantgarde, contact the company’s Australian distributor, Maxmedia. For more information about Bergmann, click HERE