Although it was officially released late in 2016, Bryston’s BCD-3 CD Player only began shipping last month, so the recently-concluded CES 2017 was really the first chance any audiophiles — as well as industry competitors — had their first real chance to audition it. ‘The BCD-3 was designed to serves the very large community of consumers that are loyal to the CD format, yet seek superior sound and build quality, said Bryston VP James Tanner. 

The BCD-3 uses a premium transport/laser pickup assembly that feeds a pair of AKM 4490 384k/32-bit DACs. It uses only a single master clock to sync the transport to the DAC, in order to reduce  jitter. The DAC in the BCD-3 is based upon the the DAC used in Bryston’s BDA-3 digital-to-analogue converter and includes a fully discrete Class-A analog output stage. Two power supplies ensure that the analog and digital voltage rails are totally independent of each other. 

Both balanced XLR and unbalanced RCA line outputs are fitted, along with transformer-coupled SPDIF/AES digital outputs. The BCD-3 is network connectable, enabling software upgrades via Ethernet. ‘We are aware that the music industry has written off the CD format, however we have a significant number of customers who have substantial CD collections they’d like to enjoy,’ Tanner told Australian Hi-Fi Magazine. ‘We had the ability to leverage our BDA-3 DAC platform—one of the most popular digital products from Bryston—combined with a very good quality transport and deliver an audiophile CD player with astonishing levels of clarity and detail.’ Available now, the Bryston BCD-3 retails for $US3,495.

For more information, contact Bryston’s Australian distributor, BusiSoft AV