Gonna do this CanJam a bit different this year—I want to have dinner with folks and enjoy the evenings rather than sit in the hotel room pounding out a summary of the days product samplings.

The people in this business are endlessly interesting. Hang around with them for 30 years, and you end up loving a trade show mostly because you get to share a few moments with an astonishingly pleasing cast of characters.

So, this RMAF Friday I dropped my backpack under the MrSpeakers table, and strolled, video camera in hand, in search of people I love to hang with. Steve is the first of those folks.

Steve Guttenberg – Ubiquitous Audio Journalist
Steve gives me a call maybe once a month. When he does, I smile and start pacing the living room floor. The guy can tell a story or two. We often differ on our take on a headphones, and we sure as hell differ on the place for measurements in enthusiast audio, but who gives a shit when playful minds entangling is so much fun.

No kiddin’, I walk in the door at CanJam with my new plan in mind and there’s Steve asking me, “Hey Tyll, can we do a video together?”

“Oh hell yeah, Steve.”

Here’s the moment….

View on YouTube.