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HiFi Thoughts, November, 2019

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The Musings of one David Michael Blumenstein, audiophile, bon-vivant, world-traveler

Some of my perspectives on the industry, any one or all of which I can expound upon in person:

  • December 7th, 1941, a day that shall live in infamy, but not the only day that the Japanese hit our shores. July 1st, 1979, Sony introduced the Walkman in America and so much changed. In just about 4 months we will ‘celebrate” its 40th anniversary, a biblical one of sorts, as it marks 40 years that the Hi-Fi industry has been lost in the desert.
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Review: Westone B30 & B50

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The new Westone B30 & B50 IEM series are the subject for today. They sell for $449 and $699. Let’s have a close look!

Disclaimer: The Westone B30 and B50 samples were sent to me free of charge for this review.


Westone was one of the first companies I was introduced to when I started my journey in IEMs. I used the famous UM1 model for a long time before switching to the Westone 3; the world’s first 3-driver IEM.… Read the full article

The Thorens TD402 DD Direct Drive Semi-Automatic Turntable

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Hermann Thorens founded his company in 1883 to manufacture music boxes in Switzerland. Cylinder-based phonograph manufacturing began around the turn of the century. In 1956 the company introduced the TD-124—the company’s first high performance turntable and one that among collectors is still in demand. The company moved to Germany in 1966 and merged with EMT. The classic TD-125 followed in 1968.

Hegel Music Systems H390 Integrated Amplifier Review

By | November 20th, 2019|Categories: Sound + Vision|


PRICE $6,000



Clean, dynamic sound
Tank-like build quality
Ample power


Streaming requires wired network connection
Unintuitive setup menu


With its extremely solid build quality, future-proof feature set, and excellent sound, Hegel’s H390 could be the last integrated amp you’ll ever need.

Hegel Music Systems is a Norwegian audio electronics manufacturer that has been slowly and steadily making a mark on the high-end audio world since it started out in the early 1990s.

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PrimaLuna Evo 100 DAC

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PrimaLuna Evo 100 DAC

PrimaLuna loves tubes. The Dutch-based company uses them in its whole range of products, from preamps, to power amps, to integrated amps. Even a tube-equipped CD player has graced its lineup. Kevin Deal of Upscale Audio distributes PrimaLuna in the U.S., and also stocks and sells a wide variety of vacuum tubes (he’s my favorite supplier). PrimaLuna recently replaced its Prologue and Dialogue series equipment with a new series, called the EvoLution line. Although EvoLution includes Evo 400, Evo 300, Evo 200, and Evo 100 integrated amps, power amps, and preamps, there is only one DAC, the Evo 100 Tube …… Read the full article

Listening #204: the New Garrard 301

By | November 20th, 2019|Categories: Stereophile|

Some loss of innocence is expected with both age and experience. Because I tick both boxes, and in spite of my best efforts to the contrary, I’m often a bit blasé in the face of new review samples. I wasn’t with this one.

A brief recap: At the 2018 High End show in Munich, UK-based SME announced that they had taken steps to reintroduce the classic Garrard 301, a transcription turntable that’s been out of production for more than half a century (footnote 1).… Read the full article

Hands On: Disney+ Streaming Service

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Disney+ launched last week with great fanfare (and a few hiccups) so I was anxious to see if it lives up to the hype.
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The Vinyl Revivers, The Audio Hunters, Sonner Audio, Roger’s High Fidelity, Dr. Feickert, and Straightwire – CAF 2019

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The Vinyl Revivers, The Audio Hunters, Sonner Audio, Roger’s High Fidelity, Dr. Feickert, and Straightwire from CAF 2019.

Sonner Audio and Roger’s High Fidelity are not strangers to my show reporting. During my time at Part-Time Audiophile and Audio-Head I’ve covered both extensively and with general excitement. So much so with Sonner Audio, that I found myself unpacking two large boxes at the end of the summer, with Sonner’s entry level Legato Unum bookshelf speakers and accompanying speaker stands

On active display at Capital Audiofest 2019, Sonner Audio’s Allegro Unum ($9,990 pr USD) bookshelf speakers, which from what I can say, are pretty much the same enclosures as the Legato Unum ($5,300 pr USD) bookshelf speakers, but with upgraded drivers and a more refined crossover.… Read the full article

Capital AudioFest 2019: Wrap-up

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Capital AudioFest this year, as I’ve mentioned, was a show that was heavily skewed towards vinyl, but I think in a certain sense this emphasized the role digital plays in the life of many modern audiophiles.

Review Explosion Summer/Fall 2019: Earl Sweatshirt, Tool, Rex Orange County, & Liam Gallagher

By | November 20th, 2019|Categories: Analog planet|

(Review Explosion is a new AnalogPlanet feature covering recent releases for which we either don’t have sufficient time to fully explore, or that are not worthy of it. Curated by AnalogPlanet contributing editor Malachi Lui, Review Explosion will focus on the previous few weeks’ new releases as well as archival titles and reissues.)