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Pear Audio Blue – Little John/Cornet 1 Turntable/Tonearm, Part 1…

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Where does the line between a project and a hobby lie? When does a review transition from an assignment to an obsession?

Pear Audio Blue Little John/Cornet 1 turntable/tonearm

Pear Audio Blue Little John Turntable in Red (image courtesy of Pear Audio Blue)

Have you ever had a piece of audio equipment you just didn’t want to leave alone? The kind of item that evokes, as the kids say, all of the feels? Like, if you’re not looking at it you’re touching it, and if you’re not touching it you’re thinking about it, and if you’re not thinking about it, it’s because you’re looking at it?… Read the full article

Larsen Model 6.2 Loudspeakers

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I’ve been doing this for a long time, playing with audio gear since early 1970s. But it was heading to Rochester, NY for college in 1975 where I was finally in a city with several high quality audio shops and people I could hang out with who owned nice (dare I say high-end) audio systems. It was there that the obsession, my life long pursuit of better sound was formed. It was also, for some reason unknown to me, where my interest in designs that were a little different began.… Read the full article

Vermouth Audio Little Luccas MkII Limited Edition Loudspeakers

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Little in Name Only

After a number of reviews of products from Indonesian company Vermouth Audio it was time to sample where it all began. The company’s founder, Hendry Ramli, started the company on loudspeakers, so I was excited to finally listen to a pair. Enter the Little Luccas MkII Limited Edition (with what Hendry calls the Upgrade 2). Do not let the “Little” in its name fool you into thinking that Vermouth would not put the work in the product, as the speaker ticks all the boxes in terms of construction and components.… Read the full article

Sony VPL-VW285ES LCOS Projector Review

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PRICE $5,000



Native 4K
Superb resolution and color
Impressive HDR


No dynamic iris
No lens memories


The Sony VPL-VW285ES brings true native 4K resolution down to a price more viewers can aspire to. Add a generous helping of UHD’s wider, deeper color and high dynamic range, and it’s hard to resist.

Ultra HD with true native 4K resolution on its imaging chips has been, so far, difficult to do at a cost most consumers can accept.

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MQA Tested, Part 1

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I don’t think I’ve ever seen an audio debate as nasty as the one over Master Quality Authenticated (MQA), the audio-encoding/decoding technology from industry veterans Bob Stuart, formerly of Meridian and now CEO of MQA Ltd., and Peter Craven. Stuart is the company’s public face, and that face has been the target of many a mud pie thrown since the technology went public two years ago. Some of MQA’s critics are courteous—a few are even well-informed—but the nastiness on-line is unprecedented, in my experience.… Read the full article

Ready for a Little Time Travel?

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How cool it would be to visit a major city and travel 20 years into the future — or 100 years in the past?
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What Are the Benefits of Line-Source Speakers?

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Q I am building a dedicated 15 x 10 x 28-foot (WxHxD) home theater with two rows of seating and a bar for the third row. I plan to buy new speakers and am interested in the advantages, if any, of line-source over regular point-source designs. I’ve heard that line-source speakers create a larger stereo sweet spot. Is that the case? —Lorne Charles / via e-mail

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New Tech Aims to Link TV Ad Exposure to Actual Sales

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If TV ads still figure into your TV watching, do they influence you to get off the couch and go test drive a new car or actually buy the product advertised?
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2018 Buyer’s Guide: Turntables $1500 – $5000

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2018 Buyer’s Guide: Turntables $1500 - $5000

Rega Planar 6 $1595 w/o cart, $1995 w/ Exact mm, $2195 w/Ania mc Rega’s Planar 6 offers the same phenolic-resin “double brace” found in the Planar 3, the same RB303 ’arm, and a whole lot more. Replacing Rega’s traditional glass platter/felt mat is a two-piece, 16mm-thick flywheel/platter made of two joined pieces of float glass. An outer ring adds mass to the circumference, increasing the platter’s natural flywheel effect, thus improving speed stability, accuracy, and consistency. The new subplatter adds an aluminum “top hub adaptor” with six-raised plateaus to ensure the flattest possible surface for LPs to rest on.… Read the full article

Weird New Pop, Vol.8: Meaningful Similarities and Differences

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Photos: Stephen Mejias. Design: Todd Steponick, Nice Looking Designs

Track 41
If you listen for similarities between superficially disparate musical forms—hard bop and doom metal, for instance, or even noise and pop—you might be surprised by how suddenly you hear them. If you listen only for differences, you’ll find those, too, of course.