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Jaben holds warehouse sale, up to 70% discounts

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Headphone specialist Jaben is holding a warehouse sale from Oct 26 till Oct 28 at all its outlets with up to 70 percent discounts on selected products.


The discounted headphones and accessories are available from its website and its stores in Jaben SS15, Subang Jaya; Jaben NU Sentral, Kuala Lumpur; Jaben Queensbay Mall, Penang; and Jaben One Jaya Mall, Kuching.


Brands on offer include Sony, JVC, Ultimate Ears, Jabra, Unknown Custom, Shure, Sennheiser, Audio Technica, Nuforce and others.… Read the full article

VPI Debuts New $15,000 HW-40 Direct Drive Turntable

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October 21st, 2018, Matawan, N.J.—VPI Industries today debuted a brand new $15,000 HW-40 Direct Drive Turntable at an event held at its Matawan, N.J. “VPI House” headquarters to help celebrate the company’s 40th anniversary.

Celebration Giveaway 6: Etymotic ER4-XR

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We continue our $50k anniversary celebration giveaway with an excellent and classic set of universal IEMS, the Etymotic ER4-XR!! It could be all yours, just keep reading and enter the giveaway!


We had a lot of entries for the Meze Audio 99Classics headphone but there can be only one winner, and that is: Jap Ferdy from Jakarta Idonesia! Congratulations. You’ll be contacted very soon, please get in touch.

Number 6

As promised and explained earlier, we’ll be doing a year long of weekly giveaways and last September was the start of our 52-week celebration.… Read the full article

Hisense 100-inch 4K Smart Laser TV to be launched next Saturday

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The Hisense 100-inch Smart Laser TV can be hung on the wall wirelessly.
The Hisense 100-inch Smart Laser TV can be hung on the wall wirelessly.


By Lam Seng Fatt


Next Saturday, be prepared for a unique visual experience.


This visual treat will come in the form of the 100-inch 4K Smart Laser TV from Hisense. This huge high-resolution TV will be launched at the KEF showroom on the 1st floor of Encorp Strand Mall, Kota Damansara, Petaling Jaya, on  Oct 27 at 2pm.


The launch is presented by Hoe Huat Electric and the demo will last for two hours.… Read the full article

Picture Sunday – Hifiman HE1000 V1-V2-SE

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The HE1000SE is a new version of the HE1000 from the Chinese Hifiman Electronics.

Disclaimer: The star of this weeks’ picture Sunday is the HE1000SE. This post is a part of our Picture Sunday series and the HE1000SE was sent to us for a full review including comparison to the previous models.

Hifiman Electronics

If you don’t know Hifiman Electronics by now then you’ve been hiding in a cave on a deserted island. For me it’s one of my personal favourite brands and then I’m mostly looking at the Edition X V2, the good old HE-500, the HE-560, the RE-800 and of course the HE1000 series.… Read the full article

Intervention’s New Gene Clark “White Light” Reissue Is Like “No Other”

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If you do a “Gene Clark” search on this website you’ll find plenty to read and to listen to—including an AnalogPlanet Radio show dedicated to the late musician and former member of The Byrds. Please also read here the many record, book and documentary reviews covering Gene Clark’s life and recorded output. The cult of Clark will live on.
Primary Category: 
Gene Clark
White Light
Cred Label: 
Intervention/A&M IR 028 180g LP
Cred Prod: 
Jesse Davis
Cred Eng: 
Joe Zagarino
Cred Mix: 
Jesse Davis, Sunset Sound, Studio #1
Cred Mast: 
Kevin Gray at Cohearent Audio
If you do a “Gene Clark” search on this website you’ll find plenty to read and to listen to—including an AnalogPlanet Radio show dedicated to the late musician and former member of The Byrds.
Read the full article

Small Green Computer sonicTransporter i5

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New Hempshire, NJ-based computer audio specialty company Small Green Computer has been offering Music Servers, CD Rippers and related accessories to the music-loving public since 2008.

7 Music Servers

5 Music Players


sonicTransporter i5

The sonicTransporter i5 replaces your desktop, laptop, Mac mini, etc… to provide the premier solution for those wanting more from their home computer audio experience.

With a simple to use web-based interface (no separate keyboard, mouse, or monitor required), the sonicTransporter i5 will have you playing music across your network quickly and easily.

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Tekton Design Mini-Lore Monitors Review

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From all outward appearances, given what the public knows from images of Tekton Design’s speaker range, one would be hard pressed to immediately identify the Mini-Lore Monitors as part of the family. But, they would be wrong. Absent the inverted tweeter-woofer drivers positioning, these speakers are about as standard in design as one would get from the mind of Eric Alexander, Tekton Design’s Founder and CEO.

I was on a mission after seeing/hearing/experiencing a revival in tube/valve gear and there being a concerted effort to make such equipment somewhat more relatively affordable.

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Toronto Audiofest Day 1

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Perhaps the most unusual speaker at Toronto Audiofest 2018 was Bryston’s whimsically-named T-Rex Model T. It’s a stacked pair of Model Ts, the top speaker upside down. I was reminded of the Double Advent system popular in the 1970s, but the T-Rex goes well beyond the Double Advent, with substantial bracing joining the speakers, a layer of rubber between them, and Bryston’s DAX-1 digital crossover included. The total price is $18,000/pair (unless otherwise noted, all prices in this report are CN$), which represents something of a bargain for all this hardware.… Read the full article

This is a Test: Music For Appreciating and Evaluating Headphones or Hi-fi

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A quick intro: Scott Eastlick has been writing for AudioStream on many things music-related, creating original sonic mixes for our readers there to enjoy and to explore, and moving forward may even scribble the odd hardware review. Please welcome him here to InnerFidelity, as I thought some of the mixes he’s been doing for AudioStream would be a great fit here too. His bio is at the bottom of this article. – Rafe Arnott


While my love for music is as preternatural as my love for sugar, oxygen, and affection, I’ve never considered myself to be a bonafide audiophile.… Read the full article