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Review: ZMF Pendant

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ZMF Pendant Review

ZMF Pendant Headphone Amplifier Review

Over the years Zach from ZMF headphones has partnered with a varying companies to bring complimentary products to his consumer base. With the introduction of his own range of dynamic headphones in 2016, ZMF recently took up residence with tube amplifier maker ampsandsound for a partnership that we currently find ourselves staring directly into the warm glowing tubes of. 

The collaboration is an interesting one, bringing together more than one theme for personal audio enthusiasts. There are hints of classic technologies and tried-and-true design elements aligned with more cutting edge design and material work that run through the system like veins of sonic lifeblood. … Read the full article

KEF, Parasound, Straight Wire, The Vinyl Revivers, The Audio Hunters – CAF 2018

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I’m a fan of the KEF Uni-Q driver. I own pair of KEF Q100’s that I keep on hand for road warrior duties. I take them to vinyl parties (the records, not the sex), the occasional record store day event, and sometimes I have even brought them along on a third date. Trust me, the KEF Uni-Q sound is seductive, and thoroughly cooperative with my varied social agendas.

Arriving to the KEF room on Sunday, much later than I expected, I ran into Johan Coorg (KEF’s global brand manager).… Read the full article

McIntosh Announces A 70th Anniversary LE Commemorative System

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McIntosh 70th Anniversary

Just in time for the holidays, McIntosh is releasing a 70th anniversary collectors edition of the MC2152 amplifier and C70 Pre. 70 years is a long time to keep on truckin’ in this business, and fans of the brand will no doubt be excited. All units offer special badging and unique external design. Matching pairs can be purchased as a system with collaborative serial numbers and include a commemorative book of Mcintosh history.

70 pairs of the commemorative system will be produced, and McIntosh is donating $1k to a charity for each system sold.… Read the full article

Review: Schiit Vidar

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Schiit Vidar

Schiit Audio Vidar Power Amplifier Review

Schiit Audio pretty much always pushed the idea of separates fairly hard into their product lines. While smaller, budget aspirations like the $99 Fulla headphone amp/dac have always been around, much more online buzz (and most likely sales) have revolved around the buzz-worthy Schiit-stack of $99 separates, standalone ladder dacs and tube-based gear the Southern California company manufactures.

So it only made sense that designer Jason Stoddard would eventually end up back within the thralls of the loudspeaker world after a stint with amplifier company Sumo some years ago.… Read the full article

MrSpeakers – Factory Tour

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MrSpeakers Factory Tour

Dan Clark of MrSpeakers is one of the hardest working guys in all of personal audio. When we first started this website, Dan was at nearly every single meet, show and audio get-together in the US. Back then he was only working with his modded Fostex T50RP headphone, which quickly evolved into a 3D-printed cup and then into drivers of his own design.

Now Dan has a full blown operation running out of San Diego and is in his second iteration of the popular Either Flow planar magnetic headphone, as well as moving into original designs within the electrostatic realm.… Read the full article

The Audio Company, VAC, Von Schweikert; Sounds Like A Million – CAF 2018

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All parties involved are known for bringing their A-game to every exhibit. Showing the ultra-high-end system that debuted here at CAF exactly one year ago, things now sound better than ever, as the year-long tour has benefited from experience. Along with the new VAC Statement 450i iQ Integrated Amplifier (on static display) living up to its every foreshadowed promises recently at RMAF. The main system here at CAF represents what I feel is a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

This was probably the only room at Capital Audiofest that could have charged a “special exhibit” admission price during the show.Read the full article

Command Performance AV; Focal, Naim, EAT – CAF 2018

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This was by far my favourite budget system of Capital Audiofest 2018. If you consider it’s a complete system which includes Focal and Naim and clocks in at just a hair under $18K, if you don’t count in the component rack and audio cables.

When so much of the audio show can be a rattling cage full of systems with most individual components costing $20K alone, to see a more down to earth budgeted system at a show, is more than a breath of fresh air.Read the full article

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Tenacious Sound, A Tale of Two Cities and Two Systems – CAF 2018

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Shane Tenace isn’t just the ringmaster of this multi-room circus of audio, he’s also the founder and proprietor of Tenacious Sound. Shane divides his time and expertise for system building between his two locations; the first located in Augusta GA, and the second in Syracuse NY.

To witness Shane’s enthusiasm for sound, growth, and market dominance, you’d almost think he’s got the entire east coast hi-fi market on lock-down between his two locations. Representing well over 30+ brands, it’s all the reason for Shane to show large at CAF 2018.Read the full article

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The Audiophile Black Friday and Cyber Monday Guide 2018

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Audiophile Black Friday

Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales for audio are here again. We’ve compiled a list of everything you will need to know about audiophile Black Friday oriented discounts leading up to (and including) the big holiday shenanigans. Headphones, speakers, amplifiers and more are all included and will be updated as the offers roll in so check back whenever the buying spirit (or discount devil) moves you.

Loudspeaker Black Friday and Cyber Monday Sales

Who doesn’t love a little speaker love around the holidays?… Read the full article

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IMC Audio, Pass Labs and Audience – CAF 2018

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IMC Audio

I often harass showgoers for their opinions. It was Saturday afternoon, nearing the close of the show and I petitioned two elderly gentlemen to offer up some of their favourite rooms from the show. Outwardly one of the two men proclaimed he had only one, the IMC Audio room. I offered a few of my own, hoping he hadn’t been to them yet. He told me, “I’ve been to those rooms, and they just don’t hold up to the IMC room.” Intrigued and a little ego-hurt, I listened further as he told me why the rooms I liked were garbage, and why the IMC room was better at holding the torch for all of the audiophile virtues we seek.Read the full article

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