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Emotiva Launches Two New Subs and Stealth Series PA-1 Monoblock Amp

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Every day that passes we start to collectively inch forward towards the big product launch season. First out of the gate mid-August appears to be Emotiva with a “Tripling” of their Airmotiv subwoofer selection (a.k.a. two more subs in addition to the S10 10″ already on the market). Filling out the natural progression for subwoofers of this nature, the new lineup will now consist of the S10 ($599), S12 12″ ($799) and S15 15″ ($1,199). On the lighter side of things, Emotiva still offers and 8″ BasX S8 ($199) and BasX S10 ($299).… Read the full article

How to: Buy A Pair Of High Fidelity Headphones

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It may be easier than you think. Purchasing a new pair of headphones with the intent of improving your listening experience takes a little legwork, a little research and even a little bit of skepticism if one is to land the proper pair of cans. Below we’ve laid out the groundwork for a process that should help you narrow down the selection to a few proper options. Your own experience may vary of course, but hopefully this guide will help save you a time and money before you lay down the bones for a new investment.… Read the full article

Review: Sonarworks True-Fi

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While signal EQ doesn’t run very deep into typical audiophile setups, some products like Schiit’s 4-band Loki are pulling together traction for a product category that seems like it should already be an established element. Purists may pull away, but so much of music production is already EQ’d before it reaches the transducer that a little more along the way couldn’t hurt, right?

One company that has been working with these very same production studios already is Sonarworks. Seeking to create a better, flatter monitoring experience across multiple setups, SW has created a product that adjusts the incoming signal so playback sound more identical, no matter where the owner listens to their tracks.… Read the full article

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Review: Woo Audio WA33 Balanced Headphone Amplifier

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When asked how to break up a budget for a headphone rig, the best advice is usually to spend the most on the device actually making the music (in this case a headphone) then source and amplifier. There is some debate as to the actual split between those last two categories, but the logic still makes good sense for most investments. But what happens when one achieves a high level of performance on a transducer level? Not to worry. The good folks over at Woo Audio have you covered. … Read the full article

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Amazon Prime Day 2018 – Audio Deals

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This year Amazon’s black friday-ish Prime Day will actually last a day and a half starting on July 16 at 3pm Eastern time. Now an annual tradition, this mid-summer attempt at jumpstarting some brand loyalty along with sluggish summer sales still requires a prime membership to activate. Previous years have garnered some interesting deals for those who love a good bargain, and even a few partnerships with audiophile brands like KEF, ELAC, Martin Logan and AKG. Audiophile DAP-maker Astell and Kern has contacted us saying they will have some special discounts going for the sale, but stay tuned for those links as the deals have not posted just yet.… Read the full article

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ZMF Headphones Unveils A New Headphone Amplifier

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ZMF headphones have been making some waves in the personal audio space with their bio-cellulose headphones, but their newest announcement moves the offering just a little closer to source. Today the company announced a new headphone amplifier called the Pendant ($2k) that sync’s up with the rest of their growing line of headphone wares.

The 3 Watts-into-8-ohm amplifier sports EL84 drivers tubes, 12au/t/x7 input stage, and 6CA4 rectifier tubes to bring the lovely sonics to your ears. For 300 ohm headphones there is a high-z 1/4″ jack where the total output still charges out a full 2.5 watts.… Read the full article

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Shinola Announces $1.5k Bluetooth Speaker In Partnership With Barefoot Sound

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Shinola unveiled its newest addition to the growing line of audio products today with the announcement of a new set of Bookshelf Speakers “completely reengineered…from the ground up”. The new duo appear to replace the old Runwell Bookshelf speakers models that paired with the audiophile-grade Runwell turntable ($2.5k) as the older models of speaker are no longer available on the company website. Interested parties might want to check the brink-and-mortor stores to find any remnant inventory.

Helping with design this time around is Barefoot Sound, which hails from the more pro side of things.… Read the full article

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McIntosh’s New MC462 Quad Balanced Power Amplifier

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While it hasn’t been that long since McIntosh warmed up the airwaves with a new product release, it might still feel like its been a little too long for diehard fans. Now, on the market is a replacement for the MC452 power stereo amplifier. The new MC462 ($9k) boasts increased filter capacity of 50%, 66% more dynamic headroom and new LEDs on the front panel for better color accuracy of those bopping blue meters.

You can check out all of the rest of the updates to the classic amp in the presser below.… Read the full article

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The Beyerdynamic DT 240 PRO Headphone Review

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Podcasting. It’s a thing now. Weather you caught a whiff of it when things started to get hot around the release of Serial or you’ve been a loyal downloader since the platform launched, the longevity of the straight-to-download format has perhaps surprised more than a few. Also, there is a thing called video game streaming now, “streamers” even. Not only has the term “Twitch” become a household name to more than few hardcore video game lovers, the idea has been successfully integrated directly into gaming platforms and nearly every corner of YouTube.… Read the full article

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RHA’s New Sub $100 Wireless IEM – The MA390

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Its not the first of its kind, but the new MA390 wireless IEM from RHA is one of the least expensive from an audiophile-oriented company to sport bluetooth tech for easy workouts and on-the-go listening. At $69.95 USD the MA390 falls yet another $30 from the next step up the chain (MA650, $100) which currently tops out with the wireless version of the Glasgow-based company’s MA750 ($170).

As with many other efforts in this arena, the MA390 utilizes an around-the-neck design which gives the earphone system a bit more space to pack in things like antennas, batteries and all sorts of real estate hungry tech.… Read the full article

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