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Audio-Head’s Holiday Buying Guide

By | December 12th, 2017|Categories: Audiohead|Tags: , , |

by Rafe Arnott

Loudspeakers Under $5,000

Harbeth P3ESR – $2,100

Having lived with the diminutive Harbeth P3s for some time, I can tell you they have few peers in any price range for their ability to represent spatial imaging of the sound stage from recording to recording. They don’t go deep (rated at 20 KHz – 75 Hz), but the bass that is there is tuneful, and true in tone. What they do do is excel incredibly well in the midrange and treble – those areas where the bulk of instruments and the human voice spend most of their time.… Read the full article

Parasound Gets In The Zone, Sennheiser Goes 3D

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Parasound fired up the PR machine this week to drop a new amplifier for the holiday season. The new Zonemaster Model 2350 goes class D into 350 watts per channel for 8 ohms but also includes the necessary feature set to push a passive subwoofer with internal low pass crossovers. The usual line level sub output is also available for a more traditional two-channel + powered sub arrangement, but stereo output from the two A/B speaker outputs can be summed to mono or switched to a sub setting with a 80Hz cutoff for even more low frequency options.… Read the full article

3 New Subwoofers From SVS – The 4000 Series

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This week SVS released information that they will now be producing a new line of subs which will come to rest just under the flagship 16″ Ultra series. The new 4000 series hits a slightly lower price point and takes a solid swing at the 13.5″ driver size with 3 new models including a brand new vertical cylindrical design to accompany the sealed and ported options. The PC-4000 ($1,800) features the largest driver to date for a SVS tall boy, allowing for a little more cabinet space without taking up as much floor space.… Read the full article

Oppo Does MQA, Klipsch Launches New-Vintage Headphone Amp

By | November 28th, 2017|Categories: Audiohead|Tags: , , , , , , , , |

Oppo has never been shy when it comes to new audio software. Extensive exposure to their products over the past 7 years brings a quick name drop of multiple codex, early chipset adoption and a myriad of tech that has always pleased and delighted any fan of the spec page. Now the DAC/AMP/Disc-spinner company is adding MQA to the list, being the first to drop the high resolution folding technology into a Blu-Ray player. The Oppo flagship UDP-205 brings the new capabilities (via a firmware update) for use through the player’s “Music” application.… Read the full article

The Audiophile Black Friday and Cyber Monday Guide 2017

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The season of spending is upon us. If you have been waiting on a specific piece of equipment, now might be the right time to pull the trigger.  Below you will find all of the best audio deals and discounts available for this, the time honored consumerist holiday that brings out some of the once-a-year sales for some of the niche gear. As part of the growing trend, many of the participants are extending their sales out in a larger arc, starting as early as a week out and extending through the 31st for some.… Read the full article

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Sonus Faber Announces A New Flagship Aida

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It may come as no surprise that we have heard some pretty impressive setups over the years fronted by Sonus Faber. Be it at a formal audio show (AXPONA’s 12th floor always delivered in a big way) or just hanging out listening to casual vinyl at the Chateau Marmont lobby, SF can easily be viewed along with the rest of top audiophile performers. The top guns don’t just sing sexy for their cost category, but well for the entirety of options available for this big, beautiful hobby.… Read the full article

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Noble Audio’s Budget EDC Series & Black Friday Event

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Luxury IEM maker Noble Audio is branching out in a way they haven’t really done before. The high-end, BA-centered custom earphone company has expanded into universal fit and speciality materials in the recent past, but never into the budget realm as close as the new EDC line will.

The new series of universal fit IEMs (which stands for Every Day Carry) will launch with the Velvet ($120). This original entry level piece will don an all new 5.8mm dynamic driver from Noble with an aluminum housing.… Read the full article

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Detroit-Based Shinola Audio Announces Four New Headphones

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Its been long rumored and finally confirmed, Shinola is moving into the headphone business. As part of an expansion to their “Audio Goods” offerings (which already include the Runwell Turntable and Bookshelf speakers) four pairs of properly separated and paced earphones and headphones will hit the market this holiday season, spanning nearly all the major categories of personal audio.

Even better, the Canfield Headphone Collection partnered with ALO/Campfire Audio for the IEMs, which have produced some really great pieces since breaking into the market just a few years ago.… Read the full article

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12 Brilliant Audio Products on B&H

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Anyone who has spent any time in the production space will tell you that B&H Photo is the place to go for all the latest gear at stellar prices. They have been around for years and years. What some people don’t know is that they also offer a boatload of audiophile grade products as well as pro side recording that span the gamut from SD cards to high end headphones. Here is a list of top 12 favs from this year’s catalog, just in time for the holidays.… Read the full article

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ZMF Auteur Pre Order Starts 11/10

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While quite a few audiophile headphones launch every year, the buildup for ZMF’s latest biocellulose creation has been vetted in an slightly growth-oriented way by its owner Zach for a few months now. On this day (11/9), we now stand on the threshold of a tightly planned launch day release which will include a limited edition blackwood Auteur (100 units) for $1,699, and also a Teak version for $1,399 – both $200 off for the event.

Unusual for the market, orders can be placed starting at exactly 10am central time on the 10th.… Read the full article

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