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CAS Exhibitor Profile: Audio Note UK

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Respondent: Martin, Grennall, Audio Note, Room 5226.

What’s the “elevator speech” description of your company? 
“Audio Note (UK) is Europe’s largest and most established manufacturer of ultra performance high fidelity equipment”.
What makes your company and products special – how do they stand out from the pack? 
No other audio company invests as much time, effort and resources into designing, refining and manufacturing every element in the audio path. From the smallest capacitors, resistors and the critical output transformers to the drive units in our loudspeakers, every element is custom designed and manufactured either by us or specifically for us, to our exacting specifications.
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Divas, Jazz and Harlem-on-the-Seine, Paris 1924-39, Part 2 of 2

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Part 2: Eugene Bullard, Florence Embry Jones, Willie Lewis Valaida Snow and Bill Coleman

This is the continuing story of how the Montmartre section of Paris was transformed into a booming Harlem-style Jazz district between the World Wars. Jazz arrived in Paris with the wild success of Josephine Baker in the mid-1920s. She triggered “Le Tumulte Noir,” an insatiable demand for black American music, culture and personalities, drawing in her wake African-American musicians, singers, entertainers and black expatriates to Harlem-on-the-Seine.

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Analog Survey, Part 1: TriangleArt Master Reference turntable system Review

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The digital revolution of the 1980s that spawned the digital audio compact disc was catalyzed partly by new advancements in transistor miniaturization. Integrated circuits had finally emerged and empowered innovators to fit a laser generating and reading system along with the necessary codec circuits into a small box. The promise of this revolutionary digital audio compact disc medium devoid of surface noise and the wear and tear of vinyl records fascinated the general public. This digital wave eventually ushered in the digital video and everything that made home video what it is today.

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2018 CES

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Text: Marc Silver
Photography: Jeff Dunston

January 9, 2018: Today started out gloomy cold and rainy as I drove to the Sacramento International Airport for a 7:30 am flight to attend the 2018 CES in Las Vegas. This normally short flight turned into a half day of boredom and sitting. Though I have to say the first leg to Salt Lake City, Utah was nice because I was able to stretch out my 6’6″ frame in an exit row with no seat in front of me.

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Audio Blast: Three new cables from two cable makers

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Over the past two years my go-to cables have been from Clarity Cable and TEO Audio, makers of the Liquid Cables. I have put together literally dozens of systems using these brands, from full looms of one brand to mixtures of both. Most of the time I use them in combination to improve the performance synergy of a particular combination of electronics and speakers.

I came to each of these cable manufacturers through independent paths, yet I have learned that Chris and Melissa Owen of Clarity Cable and Taras Kowalszyszyn of TEO have great respect for each other’s cables.

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CAS Exhibitor Profile: Destination Audio

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Respondent: Arthur Smuck, Destination Audio, Boardroom 3.

What’s the “elevator speech” description of your company?

Destination Audio makes the world’s finest horn loudspeakers and single-ended triode high fidelity equipment. We are the destination for lovers of music who admire beautiful design and require the highest quality craftsmanship.

What makes your company and products special – how do they stand out from the pack?

We exclusively focus our work on high-efficiency horn loudspeakers and single-ended amplification. We choose to work with unique tubes that capture the magic, emotions and textures of music.

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Gryphon Audio Designs Sonett Phonostage

By | January 30th, 2018|Categories: Audio news, Dagogo|

Ry, Denmark, May, 2017,

While an ever-increasing number of audio manufacturers are struggling to go “back to black” with the introduction of components for LP playback, Gryphon Audio Designs of Denmark have never adandoned the LP format, maintaining a consistent commitment to vinyl reproduction from the creation of the company in 1985, right up to the launch of the Gryphon Sonett Phonostage.

In the words of founder Flemming E. Rasmussen, “The LP holds a very special place in our hearts here at Gryphon, having been the inspiration for our very first product, the now legendary Gryphon Head Amp.

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Nativ adds SONOS support to Vita High-Resolution Music Player

By | January 25th, 2018|Categories: Audio news, Dagogo|

Multi-room streaming is now available for local music library and popular streaming services, including Spotify, TIDAL and Pandora.

Hong Kong—January 24th, 2018—Nativ™ today announced support of multi-room streaming to SONOS speakers from its Nativ Vita™ High-Resolution Music Player. In addition to streaming music in breathtaking quality from the Vita’s built-in hard disk drives, customers can now play music directly to their SONOS system from the integrated Spotify, TIDAL and Pandora Radio music services.

“Our products are designed as an open platform to give music enthusiasts maximum choice and flexibility.” says Michael Li, CEO and Co-Founder of Nativ.

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Audio Research LS28 line stage preamplifier

By | January 25th, 2018|Categories: Audio news, Dagogo|

Plymouth, MN – Originally launched in the fall of 2016, the Audio Research LS28 line stage preamplifier is inspired by the lauded Reference 6. Flexible and intuitive, the LS28 offers a remarkable level of performance in its price range, and can musically transform the finest audio system.

Dynamics, clarity and a transparent three-dimensional presentation is a given, yet the larger power supply and redesigned circuitry in the LS28 offers much more than its predecessor. Our sensational sound is only one part of the Audio Research legacy which our customers and the world’s most demanding critics agree upon.

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Bricasti Design M1 Special Edition

By | January 23rd, 2018|Categories: Audio news, Dagogo|

After the launch of the original M1 dual-mono DAC, now dubbed the “Classic M1,” Bricasti Design released the M1 Special Edition in July, 2015. The M1 SE incorporates a host of new improvements currently offered in the flagship Limited Edition Gold M1.

Stillpoints feet have been incorporated that are engineered and optimized exclusively for the chassis design. The added stability greatly improves isolation from vibration which translates to a more transparent sonic presentation. Point-to-point wiring improves signal flow by eliminating various connectors which can degrade a signal’s performance and the next generation power improvements have been implemented in this edition to further improve filtering of unwanted noise and power ripple.

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