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Nativ Vita now supports TIDAL Masters and MQA

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Nativ Vita high-res music player now supports
TIDAL Masters and MQA.
Nativ Vita now supports TIDAL MASTERS, and the revolutionary Master Quality Authenticated (MQA) technology.

Here is what Lior Tibon, TIDAL’s Chief Operating Officer has to say.

“As a leader in high fidelity music streaming, TIDAL is the perfect match for Nativ,“says Lior Tibon, TIDAL COO. “Nativ’s beautiful touchscreen interface and audiophile-grade technology will allow customers to take full advantage of our extensive TIDAL Masters catalog.”

For more details please check out the official press release.
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Audioengine announces Audioengine 2+ Wireless Powered Desktop Speakers

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A2+ Wireless Computer Speakers

Audioengine Announces Audioengine 2+ Wireless Powered Desktop Speakers

Versatile and efficient
The A2+ Wireless Speakers were designed for your desktop but their superb soundstage and imaging also makes them the perfect choice to fill a room. Premium analog power amplifiers are built inside the left speaker, providing a very efficient system and an auto-standby idle mode is also included to conserve power when you’re not playing music.

Why Bluetooth?
Audioengine home speakers utilize cutting-edge Bluetooth, aptX, that allows a solid transmission of up to 100 feet (and sometimes more) with no drop-outs and no blips.

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What is NAR?

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I was at a Hi-Fi show in the Fall where, as I walked down one corridor, I heard the same band, playing the same track and not wholly in sync with each other from four successive rooms. It dawned on me at that moment that there had to be more than the apparent restrictive canon of show demo music. Rectifying this situation would involve not only tracking down and listening to new albums releases across a myriad of genres, but finding a most direct and non-labor intensive means of spreading the word.

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Anticables Reference Level Cables Review

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Let’s get my bias against higher gauge speaker cables out in the open from the start. I am not a fan of higher AWG (thinner conductor) speaker cables. Nor am I impressed with higher AWG power cords. Audiophiles have their preferences, and mine is toward lower AWG (heavier conductor) speaker cables and power cables.

Bill O’Connell of Morningstar Audio many years ago sent me some old Bell Wire 12 Ga. solid copper, cotton cloth dielectric wiring to try as speaker cable.

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Frank “Big Boy” Goudie: Jazz on Three Continents Part 3 of 3, San Francisco 1956-64

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“Behind his easy smile lies one the most colorful stories in jazz.” Richard Hadlock, San Francisco Examiner, July 1963. Goudie photograph by, and copyright of William Carter, 1962.

Frank “Big Boy” Goudie (b. 1899 Louisiana – d. 1964 California) has been almost completely overlooked by jazz history, a mere footnote until recently.  A skilled musician, his career paralleled the history of jazz itself: origins in Louisiana, migration to Europe, transition to Swing, integration with Latin music and the New Orleans revival.

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2019 Audio Research Trade-up Program

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Maple Grove, MN (2/14/2019): Audio Research is introducing the 2019 Audio Research Trade-up Program, in which owners of the company’s qualified products from 1970 to the present day can receive up to 75% of its original MSRP towards the purchase of a current product.

The program will run from 2/14/2019 through 5/31/2019 and is only offered to U.S. customers due to logistics. Customers must contact authorized U.S. dealerships for program details. This marks the most generous effort from a major manufacturer of the industry in rewarding its customers for being loyal.

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Allo USBridge Review

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Just say Allo to Digital Audio

Motivation is a wondrous thing, as is procrastination, and if you get the timing just right, one saves you from the other. It’s at this crossroads that I find myself having to write about Allo’s USBridge device and respond to a letter forwarded to my publisher.

Let’s start with the letter, where this reader of Dagogo (dagogo.com), in his words, is being driven crazy by the terminology and seeming endless details, caveats, and stipulations made by supposed audiophile experts on the topic/subject of digital audio.

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Judy Collins ‘In My Life’ SACD Review

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Can you buy an SACD for a single track?

The Best SACD Track ever?

With rising prices for everything from used LPs to new SACDs and downloads, can you really justify buying an album just for a single track? I guess all audiophiles have bought many discs to get their favorite track, just to find out the audio quality made the purchase a complete loss. I was thinking about my overall batting average for album purchases. Perhaps 1 of 4 is in rotation.

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iFi iPurifier 3.0 and Mercury 3.0 Review

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Earlier this year I wrote a piece contrasting a pair of USB devices that respectively market themselves as specialists in re-clocking, re-generating and recovering. As it happens iFi products have been making a bit of a splash and in writing up one of their portable DACs earlier this year I became more familiar with the product line learning of their entry in the above category, the iPurifier 3.0 and its accompanying Mercury 3.0 USB cable.

Necessity being the mother of invention, my intrigue and desire to explore this product came about as I grappled with the hard facts and numbers of available power sockets in my 12-port international/industrial surge protected power strip.

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Sonus Faber launches the Palladio Collection

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Sonus Faber Olympica and PL664 ISE

(2/5/2019) Italian loudspeaker manufacturer Sonus Faber is announcing the launch of the company’s first custom installation in-wall and in-ceiling loudspeaker series, the Palladio Collection.

The tenth concurrent series in the company’s speaker lineup, the Sonus Faber Palladio Collection pays tribute to Andrea Palladio, a 15th century influential Italian Renaissance architect whose designs are adopted by palaces and noble houses throughout Italy and the Great Britain. The Palladio Collection comprises two models, the Level 5 and Level 6.

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