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Bricasti Design M21 DAC

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Massachusetts-based Bricasti Design’s claim to fame is in the design and manufacturing of professional components for recording studios, its product line comprising the Model 7 Stereo Reverb Processor, the Model 7M Mainframe Stereo Reverb Processor, the Model 15 Stereo Power Amplifier and the Model 28 Monoblock Amplifier. In the consumer section, the company’s M1 dual-mono digital-to-analog converter showcases the company’s expertise.

Earlier this year, Bricasti Design released its next-generation DAC, the M21 Platinum. Retailing for $19,000, the M21 offers the following:

  • an advanced architecture that allows the selection and evaluation of digital music via three independent conversion paths: 24 bit delta sigma, 20 bit ladder dac and true 1 bit DSD for DSD.
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Nothing but a …

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Streamer, you know you are a Streamer
Well can you put your hands in your head, oh no!
I said Streamer, you’re nothing but a Streamer
Well can you put your hands in your head, oh no!
I said,  “far out, what a day, a year, a life it is!”
You know, well you know, you had it comin’ to you
Now, there’s not a lot I can do.


Having taken poetic license with the lyrics to Supertramp’s Dreamer, I find myself at a technological crossroads, the horns of a dilemma.

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Pro-Ject releases the Ortofon Century

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Austria (December 8, 2018): Pro-Ject has launched the Ortofon Century Anniversary-Turntable in celebration of the 100 years jubilee of one of the company’s closest partners, Ortofon.

Built on The Classic SB, the Ortofon Century incorporates ‘a few tweaks which result in even better performance. We took the already incredible Classic SB and exchanged the sub-platter for a more sophisticated aluminium one.’ The company promises ‘stunning aesthetics’ with the piano black chassis and the ‘silver aluminium sub-chassis.’

The supplied cartridge is a limited edition Ortofon Concorde Century in celebration of the jubilee.

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Esoteric Sound Rek-O-Kut Trovatore six speed belt-drive transcription turntable

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Introduction – A bridge between two worlds for the music enthusiast

Rek-O-Kut enjoys a long and storied history in the evolution of turntables for studio, broadcast, and home use. Esoteric Sound are the owners and curators of the Rek-O-Kut brand since 2004 and have continued the tradition of serving varied industries, archivists, and hobbyists. Eight years ago this month, it was on these Dagogo pages where Philip Holmes first explored the modern Rek-O-Kut Rondine 3 and how it served as a universal turntable for all types of vinyl software.

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T+A multi source players with Roon

By | November 30th, 2018|Categories: Audio news, Dagogo|

T+A CALA CDR Multi Source Roon Ready player

Germany (11/30/2018): T+A, a German audio system manufacturer has announced the addition of two more of its multi source players, the T+A Multi Source Players CALA CDR and CALA SR, joining the three other multi source player products that are already Roon Ready certified, the T+A MP 8,  the MP 2000 R MK II, the MP 1000 E and the Multi Source Receiver R 1000 E.

T+A was at the recent California Audio Show, demonstrating the T+A PA 3100 HV integrated amplifier ($13,900), the T+A MP2500 R multiple source SACD player ($13,000) and the T+A Pulsar ST20 loudspeakers ($4,400), along with the support of a full MIT Cable system.

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Dream of An Opera 1 – Rhymoi, Music of China

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Dream of An Opera 1


Side A:
1. Dream of the Red Mansion
2. Mulan
3. Peony Pavilion
4. Madame Butterfly
5. The Cowherd and the Weaver Girl
Side B:
1. The Bramble Hairpin
2. Flowers as the Keepsake
3. The Great Award
4. Buddhist Arhat Coin
5. Drunken Beauty / Miss Su San Goes to Trial

2018 Rhymoi Catalog

At the 2018 California Audio Show, the Los Angeles-based Enmusic, Inc. took up a booth and displayed vinyl albums and compact discs of ancient Chinese music from the label, Rhymoi.

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Of Railway Gauges and Speaker Cables/Posts: One Size Does NOT Fit All

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It is 2018 and the very idea of having to exit the train on the Trans-Siberian Railway between Mongolia’s Ulan Bator and China as neither country can find it in their diplomacy to coordinate their respective railway gauges is absurd. So, for just about 3 hours the bogies (wheels) have to come off and every member of the train’s staff has to pitch in to reconfigure the undercarriage so the train can proceed. C’mon, it should not have to be this way and yet this quaint practice shows little if any sign of abating.

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PS Audio DirectStream Memory Player and DirectStream DAC Review

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PS Audio DirectStream Memory Player/Transport

The CD transport would make an interesting business school case study. Its market performance over the years has seemingly had relatively little to do with the product’s own identity and functionality and has instead been at the mercy of the shifting winds of how high-end audio approached digital playback. Briefly: early consumer CD playback was via CD players, which served what we later came to view as the separate transport and DAC functions. Digital output via TOSlink and S/PDIF as interface protocols were offered subsequently.

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Room 323: Behind the Music

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Also read Capital Audio Fest 2018: Room 323 – In Through the Out Door

At this point, my Capital Audio Fest Room 323 piece has gained a certain degree of notoriety, making it simultaneously famous and infamous. For the purposes of this interview and the privacy of the interviewees: the 14-year-old daughter, SV, and the father they will heretofore be referred to by their initials and the first letter of their respective names.

There was more I wanted to know from the father and daughter duo, but the show was neither the place nor the time so to do.

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Small Green Computer: Building A Better Audio System

By | November 22nd, 2018|Categories: Audio news, Dagogo|

The Small Green Computers website contains a treasure trove of information on streaming audio. The company sent the following tutorial to Dagogo on the topic:

Basic Digital Audio system

Basic digital audio system

In a basic hard-drive based digital audio system, you have freed yourself from a physical format and put your entire music library at the touch of a button. However, the home computer was not designed for high-end audio. It shared processing with other OS programs amidst inconvenient, constant updates and must be positioned near the DAC.

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