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Simaudio reveals new Moon 700i V2 integrated amplifier and 780D V2 streaming DAC

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The MOON 700i v2 integrated stereo amplifier and 780D v2 streaming DAC

MOON has added two outstanding new products to its class-leading range of audiophile electronics. Designed to offer performance way beyond their price, both the 700i v2 integrated stereo amplifier and 780D v2 streaming DAC will permanently alter listeners’ expectations of audio quality.

The 700i v2 is the most flexible, most extensively specified integrated stereo amp MOON has ever made. Building on its 40-year heritage of designing some of the world’s finest integrated amps, the MOON 700i v2 is created to provide a lifetime of thrilling audio performance.

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Pro-Ject X2 turntable launched

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Pro-Ject X2: The Heavyweight, Uncompromised High-End

In 1991 Pro-Ject Audio Systems started a revolution in the HiFi industry with the introduction of the Pro-Ject 1 turntable; a new high-end, low-budget turntable released at a time when CD was king. Against all odds, we were creating interest in analogue audio at a time when others were turning their backs, and the success was only down to three critical philosophies:

1. Simple yet technically correct design
2. High-quality valuable materials
3. Fully handcrafted by expert engineers, made in the EU.

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PS Audio Trade-In Program

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Colorado-based PS Audio has launched an unprecedented equipment trade-in program, in which a customer’s equipment of another make in good working and cosmetic condition may receive its original retail value towards a new PS Audio product, or two.

On the company website is a page where customers can enter equipment detail such as Make, Model, Original MSRP, Condition (Poor, Good, Great), Original Owner (Yes, No), Contact with tobacco smoke (Yes, No, Unsure), With original packaging (Yes, No), With accessories (Yes, No) and Comments.

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Visiting Margules Audio

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Margules Audio

While vacationing in Mexico City with my wife Martha, I had the opportunity to visit Margules Audio, one of the premier manufacturers of fine audio equipment. This is a family owned business run by a tight knit family.Julian Margules is the president and chief audio designer while his wife Laura is the business and financial manager. Their son Jacob is the operations manager and their daughter Deborah is the industrial designer. They also have a family dog named Olivia who seemed to serve as the goodwill ambassador.

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Mobile Fidelity Sound Lab releases Bill Evans Trio “Portrait In Jazz” numbered 45rpm UD1S Ultradisc

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Elusive Disc, an online high-end audio hardware and software retailer, has announced a limited re-release of one of the most seminal jazz recordings of all time: Bill Evans Trio “Portrait In Jazz.”

Lauded as the breakthrough studio recording for the artist Bill Evans himself, PIJ came to be after his last collaborations with Miles Davis and John Coltrane separately. The LP established a standard for many jazz trios to follow.

Each 180g 45RPM 2LP Box set is mastered from the original master tapes using Mobile Fidelity Sound Lab’s new state-of-the-art UltraDisc One-Step (UD1S) process, in which the conventional three-step process gives way to a new technological advancement that enables record stamps to be formed directly from the lacquers, which are cut from the master tape.

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James P. Johnson: Forgotten Musical Genius

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In this award-winning production, the life, music and career of early Jazz piano player James P. Johnsonare explored with musical examples and audio clips from the radio series, Jazz Rhythm. Actor Peter Coyote readsfrom Johnson’s recollections and Mark Borowsky expertly traces his career, sharing insights gleaned from a lifetime studying this overlooked American genius.

JAMES P JOHNSON_A Introduction with Peter Coyote, narrator & Drums.mp3

James P. Johnson in the 1920s.

Forgotten Genius

James Price Johnson (1894-1955) should be hailed as one of the greatest composers, jazz musicians and song writers of American music. 

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deHavilland announces the Super40 tube monoblocks

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deHavilland Electric Amplifier Company, proudly announces the launch of the Super40 Monophonic Power Amplifier.

Fans of amplifiers using the Loktal base Sylvania 7N7/7AF7 drive tube rejoice!

Washington-based deHavilland Electric Amplifier Company has launched its latest incursion, the Super40 monoblocks, onto the high-performance, mid-priced vacuum tube amplification scene. Outputting 32 watts per channel on 6L6GC tubes or 40 watts on KT88, the Super40 weighs 34 pounds and runs on the low-feedback, push-pull topology.

Niceties of the Super40 includes the use of V-plate 5AW4 rectifier tube, vintage Brimar, Mullard or Amperex (Holland) 12AU7 tubes, carbon composition resistors, paper-in-oil signal capacitors, silver mica capacitors, and the aforementioned Loktal base Sylvania 7N7/7AF7!

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EMM Labs PRE stereo preamplifier Review

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About this time last year, I received what EMM Labs referred to as the Reference PRE. The only identification that appears on the preamp are the letters PRE, which I find a bit confusing, given that the earlier design was called the PRE2. While I really did not expect drastic improvements from the PRE over the PRE2, I hooked it up in my system and almost immediately realized that the PRE was a stunning leap forward. The remainder of this review focuses on the differences and how those differences contribute to a more lifelike recreation of the recorded event.

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Cambridge Audio launches AX series of Hi-Fi separates

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Today Cambridge Audio introduces the AX series, a brand new range of hi-fi separates. Designed and engineered in the UK, AX has something to offer every music lover, hitting the perfect balance between performance and affordability.



Consisting of a CD player, an integrated amplifier and two stereo receivers, the AX range takes design and innovation cues from Cambridge Audio’s CX and Edge hi-fi ranges. Like those award-winning products, it uses the company’s 50-plus years of audio engineering expertise to deliver what Cambridge Audio has dubbed its “Great British Sound”, a pure, unfiltered audio experience reflecting the artist’s intentions – nothing added, nothing taken away.

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Duke Ellington Orchestra Live

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Location recordings, live broadcasts and transcriptions of Duke Ellington and his Famous Orchestra 1940-63 reveal performances distinctively different from their studio sound.  This column presents music from dances, live shows and the legendary 1940 Fargo, North Dakota concert.  Freshly restored broadcast tapes from Duke’s Birthday Sessions recorded in Portland 1953-54 are also heard.

Heat of the Moment

“Duke” Ellington (1899-1974) was an inventive, charming, gifted, hard-working jazz musician and composer of some 2000 musical works.  Yet, considered solely as a performing bandleader and pianist he would be ranked a premier jazz musician — his other vast accomplishments aside.

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