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CAS Exhibitor Profile: Selah Audio

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Respondent: Rick Craig, Selah Audio, Room 5108, 2019 California Audio Show.

What’s the “elevator speech” description of your company?
We design and manufacture speaker kits and assembled systems for home audio and theater.

What makes your company and products special – how do they stand out from the pack?
Selah Audio speakers are custom built to order and sold only internet-direct to provide maximum value for the dollar. We offer a wide variety of wood veneers and can customize the speaker to match the visual and listening preferences of our customers.

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The Real Billie Holiday, Part Three – 1950s

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Also read The Real Billie Holiday, Part One – 1930s

Also read The Real Billie Holiday, Part Two – 1940s

Monterey Jazz Festival, 1957.

This profile of Billie Holiday is presented in three chapters covering the 1930s, ‘40s and ‘50s respectively.  She’s quoted from interviews and her famed autobiography, Lady Sings the Blues.  Representative recordings, podcast clips and readings add detail and perspective to each decade of her compelling story.  It’s notable that photographs of Billie’s mercurial visage are constantly shifting, never the same twice.

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2019 Axpona: Doug Schroeder Reports, Part 2

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Also see Part 1

Room 1418: One sweet…





Room 1418: ...setup together!

Room 1418: …setup together!

Room 1429: Predictably Puntiliar Panels

Room 1229: Awesomely cute! Gift idea!

Room 606: Best effort OB from Spatial to date, nice pairing electronics

Room 678: Raven’s doing speakers. Difficult room, music too loud, but speaker nice option at price point

Room 674: Take your pick; “not my cup of tea” or “no comment”

Room 654: Freakishly, outlandishly capable! (From what I’ve heard) Top 3 of show.

Room 496: (sorry, poor image; no Pro camera) good pairing for Smooth sound; I would work with the cables

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2019 Axpona: Doug Schroeder Reports, Part 1

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Nirvana B: Classic Line Source sound, but with power

Utopia A: Legacy Val… er, V! Valor sold just before show! Qobuz on demo.

Utopia B: BIG!

Utopia B: BOLD! Sitting silent

Atrium: Winner, most complicated power and system setup

Room 384: Affordable excellence

Room 366: Van Alstine upping his game

Room 358: Impressive DIY-oriented system. A favorite.

Alexander: I’ll take two of these, please!

Room 1640: Rowland and Vivid; most erudite small rig demo

Room 1644: Dominant; challenges VAC and Von Schweikert

Room 1604: Pure Audio Project with eye appeal!

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Pro-Ject launches X1 turntable

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From Pro-Ject

X1 – Our next generation of the legendary X-Line.

X1 black high gloss

PRODUCT INFORMATION: Pro-Ject X1-EN (pdf file, 4.53MB)

Real High-End Features – True Audiophile Sound – Affordable Price n/c MSRP 699 € (incl. VAT) Pick it S2MM MSRP 799 € (incl. VAT)

  • Speed control with electronic speed switch for ultimate speed stability
  • Carefully isolated motor for less vibration and noise
  • Sub-platter with extremely low 0.001mm bearing tolerances
  • Stainless steel platter-bearing with soft brass bushing and teflon mirrors for lowest rumble and noise, and a stable, accurate speed transmission
  • Resonance free, 1.5 kg heavy acryl platter
  • 8,6” carbon/alu sandwich tonearm with best internal damping and TPE damped counterweight
  • Kardan ultra-low friction 4 pin point precision tonearm bearing
  • Ortofon Pick it S2 MM cartridge newly developed with Ortofon for highly dynamic and full sound
  • Massive and heavy, precision CNC‘d MDF chassis
  • Luxury 8 layers of painting and hand-polished finish or real-wood, satin-waxed veneer
  • Super shielded, semi-symmetrical, low-capacitance phono cables – purpose designed by Pro-Ject
  • Height adjustable, aluminium feet for massively reduced risk of acoustical feedback
  • Handmade in Europe

Real High-End Features – True Audiophile Sound – Affordable Price

We all together – especially also with your help – were able to, step by step, manage the return of the vinyl record in the last 25 years.

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SVS SB16-Ultra subwoofer Review

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It was bound to happen. Eventually I would be my own man and stop being a slave to my preconceptions and long held beliefs. Stubbornness can only go so far until it’s simply no longer viable, no longer enviable, and no longer attractive. What was I thinking? For too long I held that the inclusion of a subwoofer in an audio system was a negative, a sign of failure, that I had to admit that my favorite speakers had failed me somehow.

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Legacy Audio Valor speaker system and Wavelet DAC/preamp/crossover Review

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Legacy Valor at Capitol Studio


‘I am not a Starfleet commander, or T.J. Hooker. I don’t live on Starship NCC-1701, or own a phaser. And I don’t know anybody named Bones, Sulu, or Spock.’ – William Shatner

After a certain number of encounters with rabid fans blurring the line between reality and fantasy, it becomes necessary to set the record straight. The man who played James Tiberius Kirk is right; he is not a hero, but an actor. Every culture has its real heroes, persons of Valor.

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Audio Research announces SE update to the CD6 and Reference CD9 Transport/DAC

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MAPLE GROVE, MN – April 5th, 2019 Audio Research is pleased to announce an SE update to the CD6 and Reference CD9 Transport/DAC.

The new CD6SE and Reference CD9SE feature beautiful faceplate updates that closely match ARC’s Foundation and Reference-series components. The redesigned faceplates, with matching buttons, illumination, and black plexiglass display allow an integrated and uniform look across the latest model platforms.

Both SE units boast the latest V3.0 USB audio card, providing compatibility with macOS, Windows 10, and any Linux-based system that supports ALSA devices.

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T+A unveils SOLITAIRE CWT 1000-40 Anniversary Edition speakers

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Unique: The SOLITAIRE CWT 1000-40 Anniversary Edition

The SOLITAIRE® series stands for a technological philosophy and ultimate sound quality. They provide impressive proof of the potential performance of T+A loudspeaker systems. To mark its fortieth anniversary the german hi-fi specialist carried out additional intensive development work to produce the Solitaire CWT 1000-40 as a symbol of its innovation.

The organic baffle of the CWT 1000-40 Anniversary Edition is machined from solid aluminium, and provides accurate dispersion and imaging characteristics combined with astonishing spaciousness.

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Benjamin Zwickel on Mojo Audio Mystique v3 DAC Balanced

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At the eighth annual (2018) California Audio Show, Benjamin Zwickel, founder of Mojo Audio, enjoyed discussing the technologies he incorporated into his products at his ‘quiet room’ booth in the HeadMasters Auditioning Room. The level of energy he imparted was palpable and infectious. For attendees who crave details and industry insider insights, Ben was the one to talk to.

The following is a Q&A on the Mojo Audio Mystique v3 DAC Balanced ($7,555).

What are the benefits of having 5 power supplies in a DAC?

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