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Blog: High End Munich & Canjam Europe 2018 – Picture Report Part 2

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This is Part 2 of the High End Munich and Canjam Europe 2018 show report, you can find Part 1 right HERE.


They weren’t at the show but I saw many people walking around with the DX200 to try out gear. The mist unique was this “golden” limited edition of the DX200


Great company, great people and they had a lot to show with them.

The USB Noise filter is not directly my thing, but he iEMatch really is handy in certain situations

The AC iPurifier didn’t do anything audible in my system at home as I have balanced power lines but my colleague loves them

Of course everyone knows the Black iFi gear like the Nano and the iDSD

But everyone really wanted to see and try out the xDSD and the xCAN.… Read the full article

Blog: High End Munich & Canjam Europe 2018 – Picture Report Part 1

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High End Munich. My favorite show of the year! Why is that you say? Well, it has all the brands that really matter, all the product launches, it’s not too crowded and you get to see all your audio friends again. Oh and to get there we have 700 kilometers of unlimited German Autobahn. On top of it, it this year was hosted together with an edition of Canjam Europe, yup that’s double the fun! The pics in this report are from both venues but mostly High End.… Read the full article

Picture Sunday – Chord Electronics Qutest

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Disclaimer: The star of this weeks’ picture Sunday is the Chord Qutest. This post is a part of our Picture Sunday series.

I want to come clean with one thing right at the start: I love the design language of Chord’s products. Looking at Hugo2 makes me smile, the curves, the window and the illuminating balls. Their products are very special to me and to many people around the world. Some find them not as appealing as me, but hey, that’s life.… Read the full article

Review: PEARS SH-3 – Swiss Precision

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Disclaimer: PEARS sent us the PEARS SH-3 from Switzerland for this in depth review. The base price for SH-3 is 1100$. PEARS is not affiliated with Headfonia, and this review consists my unbiased, sincere opinions.


Since the HFN staff encouraged me to go for CIEMs and review them, I’ve been looking around for lesser known manufacturers in the industry. Giving them a well-deserved exposure and objective evaluation could be quite beneficial to them, and also to me in terms of gaining experience regarding custom in ear monitors.… Read the full article

Review: Simphonio Dragon 2+ – Darlington County

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Disclaimer: Simphonio sent me this earphone and another for the purposes of review. I paid nothing for either one. Dragon 2+ houses a single 15,8mm driver, per side. It can be found at Penon Audio for 319$ USD. Simphonio’s website is under construction. Check it out if you want, but there’s not much there that’s worthwhile.


Brand: Simphonio
Model: Dragon 2+
Driver: 15.8mm Dynamic Neodymium magnet
Frequency Response:20-25000 Hz
Impedance: 16Ω
Output Sound Pressure Level:110±3dB/mW
Maximum Input Power:3mW
Cable Length: 1.2M 6N OFC
Weight: 14g

Simphonio Dragon 2+ Earphone
4 pairs of foam eartips
2.5mm female to 3.5mm male adapter
Leather carry pouch

Not sound

How silly does a reviewer like myself have to be to, coming into his second decade publicly reviewing earphones, amps, DACs, and sundry, forget that a rising star like Simphonio is Sunrise Audio’s new face.… Read the full article

Picture Sunday: Flare Audio Flares Gold

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Disclaimer: This post is a part of our Picture Sunday Series. You can check out recent Picture Sunday posts HERE. Flares Gold was sent us by Flare Audio of the UK for an in depth review. It costs around 1350$ USD. You can find out all about it here: FLARES GOLD | Flare Audio Ltd

Flare Audio’s latest, greatest, earphone vindicates the most ardent of praise I heaped upon Flares Pro. While shiner and gaudier, Flares Gold is pure gold.… Read the full article

Review: LEAR LCM-Turbo | Double Act

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Disclaimer: LEAR LCM-Turbo was sent me from LEAR in exchange for a review. The base price for the Turbo is 220$ for custom, excluding other expenses with design options. It also goes around 160$ for universal. LEAR Audio is not an advertiser.


As I’m getting more into Custom IEMs at recent times, here I am with my 2nd Custom IEM review on Headfonia. I’ve finally stopped being lazy for making ear impressions and send them out to different brands now.… Read the full article


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Yes, it’s that time again. This week High-End Munich is back and the beauty is that Canjam Europe is back too, AT THE SAME TIME!

Canjam Europe 2018 is the 6th edition already if I’m not mistaken and I wouldn’t miss it  for the world. Each year Canjam europe has gotten bigger and this year an unseen number of “Brands” will be represented at a new place and a new location. For the first time ever Canjam Europ will be held at the same time as the worlds biggest High End show, in Munich!… Read the full article

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Picture Sunday: PEARS SH-3

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Disclaimer: This post is a part of our Picture Sunday Series. You can check out recent Picture Sunday posts HERE. The PEARS SH-3 is sent us by PEARS from Switzerland for an in depth review. It costs around 1100$.


Personal Ear Systems, shortened as “PEARS”, is a custom in ear manufacturer from Echallens, Switzerland. They’re the “First Swiss Made Custom Monitors Brand”, as stated in their website. The team consists of two people; Samuel Harsch and Stephane Rochat.… Read the full article

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Review: oBravo Ra C Cu – Top of the line

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Disclaimer: The oBravo Ra C CU was sent to us and Headfonics directly by oBravo for the purpose of a double review. Special thanks go out to Phil from Audio Sanctuary for setting it all up. The non watermark pictures are full credit of Headfonics.


Over the last few years the Taiwanese oBravo quickly got even more popular with a series of really good in ear monitors. Next to that oBravo also has a range of full sized headphones but for some reason we haven’t gotten to review these yet.… Read the full article

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