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Review: Cayin N5ii – The Killer

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Disclaimer: Cayin has been covered many times on Headfonia already. The Cayin N5ii was sent to us free of charge in exchange for this review.


Cayin is a premium Chinese high end audio brand (since 1993) and their focus has mostly been on dedicated HiFi equipment, covering every chain in the music reproduction path, from CD player to speaker, but the essence is no doubt their tube amplifiers. Their equipment ranges from around US$100 to just below US$10,000 per item, covering the needs of different requirements and budgets.… Read the full article

Picture Sunday: Malvalve’s Creation

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Disclaimer: The stars of this weeks’ picture Sunday is the prototype Malvalve headphone. This post is a part of our Picture Sunday series.

It probably isn’t the first time you’ve seen this headphone appear on Headfonia as this Malvalve creation has been in our Canjam Europe reports before. It obviously still is a work in progress as we can see in the picture below that it’s form has changed over the years. This picture was taken when the show was still held in Essen.… Read the full article

Q ‘n A Saturday: Rob Watts

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Welcome to Linus’ new interview series on Headfonia.comEvery two weeks we will publish an interview with an insider of the audio industry. They will give us a little insight on how they started and what they are up to. We are thrilled to be able to share a little something with all of you.

This time we talk to Rob Watts, designer of numerous electronics for Chord Electronics and others!

HFN: Please give us a short introduction about yourself
RW: I have been designing audio electronics since the early 1980’s; my first DAC design was in 1989, which was PDM or a DSD 256 DAC.… Read the full article

Review: FiiO Q1 Mark II – Additional Value

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Disclaimer: We received the FiiO Q1 Mark II free of charge as Fiio is one of our advertisers. The Fiio Q1 Mark II goes for 99$.


Another day, another FiiO product. This time it’s all about the Fiio Q1 Mark II. This entry level portable DAC/Amp has received a significant overhaul compared to the original model. It looks nice, sounds nice and it doesn’t break the bank with just a 99$ price level.

I think there’s no need to give information about FiiO and their products anymore.… Read the full article

Review: 64 Audio A18 t – 18 BA Orchestra!

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Disclaimer: The 64 Audio A18 t was provided free of charge for this review. I paid for my impressions, shipping them to the US and for importing the finished product. The model will not go back. Many thanks! 64 Audio is not a site advertiser.

About 64 Audio

64 Audio is a US based company that specializes in making custom and universal in ear monitors, but has recently dipped their toes into making studio/live belt packs. As you can find out in the interview we did with them a few months back, 64 Audio started out as 1964 Ears and has renamed themselves a little over two years ago.… Read the full article

Watch it Wednesday: Earsonics ES5

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Disclaimer: The Earsonics ES5 is the latest monitor from Earsonics. It was sent to us free of charge in exchange for this video and review. 

This week you get a first look at the brand new Earsonics ES5 IEM. The ES5 is the big brother of the already existing ES2 and ES3 which we reviewed here. Normally it’s Nathan that does the Earsonics review but this time it will be me (Lieven) reviewing the ES5.

The ES2 and ES3 aren’t the first Earsonics IEMs we’ve reviewed and we’ve got quite a history with Earsonics from France already.… Read the full article

Review: RHA MA650 – loop-d-doo!

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Disclaimer: RHA graciously supplied the MA650 for the purposes of this review. I paid nothing for it. It does Bluetooth, sports a single driver, and its yoke bends and loops like a Nakamura free kick. It goes for about 99$. You can find out all about it here: MA650 Wireless

Bluetooth® in-ear headphone.

Horshoe or no, the MA650 is about the comfiest yoked wireless earphone out there. And I’m a firm an anti-yokzi. If I see a yokzi in the street, I punch them.… Read the full article

Picture Sunday: Fall 2017 magazine B-Frames

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Disclaimer: The stars of this weeks’ picture Sunday are a few B-Frame shots from a recent magazine shoot I did, like the Michelle in the main picture. This post is a part of our Picture Sunday series.

It was a grueling two weeks that should have been over in a few days. Last Friday, having uploaded around a hundred hasty studio snaps of newly de-dusted headphones and amps, I finished. The ra-ra excitement for me was less than it should be, and considering that I had hands on a great range of stuff for hours on end, pitifully so.… Read the full article

Review: Hifiman RE2000 – Reference

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Disclaimer: The Hifiman RE2000 universal IEM was sent to us free of charge by Hifiman. Hifiman is a site advertiser and the unit doesn’t need to be returned.


If you’ve been reading Headfonia then you know we quite like the Hifiman sound, if there is such a thing. Hifiman over the years has delivered a series of incredible ear- and headphones in all price ranges, some of my favorite being the HE-500, HE-400i, HE-560, Edition X and the HE-1000.

Recently Hifiman has most been focusing on the high end part of the market and they have developed the Shangri-La (the only HE-1 competitor) and the Susvara which we here at HFN like as well.… Read the full article

YouTube: Headfonia Video Channel

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Yes, we’ve been holding YouTube / video off for a several months, maybe even years, but the time to “do” video on has finally come. Those of you who regularly visit Headfonia of course know this already as we’ve been sneaking in several “Watch-It! Wednesday” posts over the last few months.

So far we’ve covered Fiio, Cayin, Unique Melody, Effect audio, Astell&Kern and many more and we’ll keep adding videos to our own channel. That’s right, seeing we already have over 10K views, YouTube allowed us to create our own personalized channel and now all our videos can be watched right here:

Don’t forget to subscribe if you want to see the newest videos as soon as they get uploaded!… Read the full article