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The Halcyon Days of the 50s were NOT!

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My wife, Charlie (the family border collie), and I left the mountains of Colorado a week ago and have returned to the warmth and comfort of Southern California. It was great to spend some time with family and friends. And I love to ski. But it was time for the vacation to end — time to come back home.

The new semester at the university has begun, the < emMusic and Audio books are expected to arrive next week, and preparations are being made to get them packed and shipped to purchasers as quickly as possible.… Read the full article

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Happy New Year! Looking Forward — and Back!

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I’m back — and ready to restart these posts in 2018. Most of you know that I’ve been buried by the completion of the Music and Audio: A User Guide to Better Sound book and demonstration Blu-ray disc, consulting with the YARRA 3DX team in San Diego on their very successful funding campaign, and dealing with a variety of other things. I apologize for the long absence but it was unavoidable.

The Book Is Done!

The original plan for the Music and Audio book was to survey music basics and reflect on high-end audio — write a book about the same length as other similar books at 400-500 pages.… Read the full article

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Hearing Is Believing! YARRA 3DX Demo Tour!

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I’ve been offline over these past few weeks again. There have been pressures associated with my university position, some family medical challenges (not my own thankfully), management of the book, and the demands of the YARRA 3DX campaign. I have intentionally avoided pushing the YARRA 3DX product on my own blog following the launch but after last week’s Kickstarter LIVE event, I’m inspired to share an exciting update. First, the campaign has already been a tremendous success. We reached our goal in a matter of hours (admittedly the goal was set too low) but we’ve eclipsed $600K!… Read the full article

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MQA: Avoiding Confrontation

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MQA continues to spin their thread of sonic improvements through “origami” and removing “time smear” with high-end equipment manufacturers, audiophile reviewers, and streaming services. Among professional audio engineers and equipment designers, the jury is still out on the merits of MQA. I’ve made my position pretty clear over the past couple of years — they have developed solution to a non problem. There is no need to enhance fidelity beyond high-resolution PCM, FLAC encodes are DRM free and open to everyone and deliver better compression, and virtually all tracks consumed on disc or via streams aren’t high-resolution to start with and therefore can’t possibly benefit from MQA.… Read the full article

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The YARRA 3DX Kickstarter Launch is a Success!

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The first 36 hours of the YARRA 3DX Kickstarter campaign are behind us and the support has been beyond our wildest dreams. We topped our initial funding goal of $50,000 in less than 4 hours and pledges continued to pour in throughout the day. Right now there are almost 500 backers and the funding total is nearing $200,000. It seems there is great interest in a small, affordable, 3D sound bar. If you haven’t had a chance to check out the campaign, there are still units available at 50% off the suggested retail price or $599.… Read the full article

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YARRA 3DX Campaign Launches Tomorrow

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What can I say? I have no excuses for the past few months of blog silence. During the intervening months, I have completed the Music and Audio: A Guide to Better Sound, which is welcome news. It’s over 700 pages long and has over 200 illustrations. The replicated Blu-ray demo discs have arrived back from the replicator and have been inserted into the protective sleeves that will attached to the inside back cover of the book. I’m expected to receive the finished books from the printer in about two weeks.… Read the full article

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Flat Sound Believers

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I used to write a blog post everyday. These days it’s harder to find the time and I apologize for being out of touch for these past few weeks. My days have been filled with producing the website and pitch video for the YARRA 3DX campaign and pushing ahead on the book and Blu-ray disc (more on that in a moment) and meeting the obligations of my professorship. Now that summer has arrived and I’m no longer heading to the studio everyday, life is a little more sane.… Read the full article

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Living in the Past?

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A few friends have turned me on to the American Epic series currently being broadcast on PBS. The programs, which are hosted by Robert Redford and produced by Jack White and T Bone Burnett, trace the earliest days of electrical recording in America. I find the investigation into growth of the music industry, the search for new talent and forms of music, and the incredible technology applied to making recordings across America fascinating. These treasured recordings provide a glimpse into our musical heritage, the development of recording techniques and technology, and the music industry in general.… Read the full article

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LA Audio Show 2017 Day 2

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I don’t have a lot of time this morning, but I did want to provide a quick report on the second day of the show. First the most exciting news of the day — the YARRA 3DX won an award for “superior technological achievement in combination with audiophile performance!” Roger Skoff headed a group of “blue ribbon” audiophile judges that visited the nominated vendors and auditioned their products. Here’s what John Williams, one of the judges, said when he announced the win for Comhear’s YARRA 3DX sound projector:

“Chuck and I, in the mezzanine area, came across the Comhear YARRA 3DX.… Read the full article

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LA Audio 2017 Show Opens

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The LA Audio show opened its doors at 10 am yesterday to eager throngs of audio enthusiasts. This is the inaugural show for the organizers, which include that Los Angeles and Orange Country Audiophile Society run by Bob Levi. I got up quite early, packed up my usual rolling suitcases (without the 50 pound limitation demanded by the airlines), loaded everything in the car, and drove about 30 minutes to the Sheraton Gateway Hotel at LAX. How convenient could it get?… Read the full article

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