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RIP Mr Susumu Sakuma

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He build with passion and I can’t pretend to understand what he was doing but I enjoyed looking at his creations and hearing him talk even though I did not understand a thing he said. 

My personal favorite.

RMAF 2018: Darryl’s View

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Photo by Paul Elliott

by Darryl Lindberg

Let’s get this out of the way right now:  I love the Rocky Mountain Audio Festival.  I’ve made the trek every year and I’ve never thought, “maybe next year I’ll give it a pass.”  That’s because the vibe at this show is just so pleasant.  And that’s a tribute to Majorie Baumert and all the Colorado Audio Society volunteers who step up to the plate every year to take on this demanding task.  So, speaking as an attendee, I just want say thanks!… Read the full article

Newvelle Records | The Deep End

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Newvelle Records covers

If you’re a music lover who is older than 35 or 40, you’ve probably joined the Columbia House Record Club at some point in your life. I joined for the first time back in 1976, when I was barely a teen and had just purchased my very first turntable—a Soundesign all-in-one with a BSR changer that cost me a whopping $49.95. I know it was ’76 because my first “Selection of the Month” was Bowie’s Station to Station, and that’s when it was released.… Read the full article

Retro Hi-Fi Girl Friday

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Check out the amazingly talented Cary Grace.

Need a Google Home Mini before Christmas? Then don’t miss these deals

By | December 13th, 2018|Categories: TechRadar|

Just because Black Friday is behind us now doesn't mean you've missed your chance to get a cheap Google Home Mini. Actually, you have even more options today on this random day in December than you did during the recent sale event.

You can get a Google Home Mini on its own for just $29 and in any color too, including the brand new Aqua version (pictured below). Or if you're after a few more smart home items, you can bundle the smart speaker with some of those too.… Read the full article

Sennheiser flagship store opening in Martin Place: pics and deets

By | December 13th, 2018|Categories: AV Hub|

Peter Ogley, COO of Sennheiser Consumer Products,
outside the new flagship store at 5 Martin Place

Sennheiser has a shiny new flagship store in the landmark building of 5 Martin Place, the historic original home of the Commonwealth Bank of Australia. The ribbon was cut at 6.30pm as massed Sennheiser staff welcomed the first guests to the new store, which allows hands-on experience of not only Sennheiser consumer headphones, but also office and professional products such as the AMBEO VR microphone, conference systems, stage microphones and more.Read the full article

Bluesound Gets Apple AirPlay2

By | December 13th, 2018|Categories: AV Hub|

All owners of Bluesound Generation 2i Players can now update to Apple AirPlay2 thanks to a software update, enabling owners to stream audio to their player from an iPhone, iPad or Mac.

‘If owners simply follow the update prompts to update to the latest version of BluOS, Bluesound’s award-winning, proprietary hi-res multiroom platform, that will enable AirPlay2 after which they’ll be able to stream music services, podcasts, audiobooks, movies, games, YouTube audio, TV sound and stored music from their iPhone, iPad, or Mac computer,’ said Geoff Matthews, of Convoy International, which distributes Bluesound in Australia.… Read the full article

German Physiks refresh their site and product line

By | December 12th, 2018|Categories: Audiomatters|

Always loved the German Physiks room at RMAF over the years. The company has redone their site with much better images of their original designs, plus they announce the introduction (and re-introduction) of amps and cables too. Find out more here

Read the full article

Morley Mini Steve Vai Bad Horsie 2 Contour Wah Pedal

By | December 12th, 2018|Categories: AV Hub|

Steve Vai’s iconic signature wah pedal gets a limited edition overhaul to take up less pedalboard space, but look cooler while doing it. Words by Peter Hodgson.

Legend has it, there are few guitarists who are more demanding to design signature gear for than Steve Vai. You don’t rise to such technical and compositional levels of excellence without being extremely driven, and Vai’s demands on gear companies are the thing of legend.

So, when he turned to Morley to design a signature wah pedal, I’m sure a few white hairs sprung up on the heads of their engineers.… Read the full article

Smoother Video Shooting With Reddog R1

By | December 12th, 2018|Categories: AV Hub|

Nothing looks more amateurish than jittery video footage, but the equipment the pros use to ensure smooth shooting can be both pricey and bulky. The Reddog R1 is a compact three-axis gimbal stabiliser from tripod-maker Benro, and it’s designed to give super-smooth handheld video shooting with camera-and-lens combos up to 1.8 kilos in weight.

Photo: Benro

A clever design feature of the R1 is that its handle can be very quickly be moved from the vertical to the horizontal position (or vice versa) without changing your grip and thereby allowing for more flexibility when shooting.… Read the full article