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Sonore, Bricasti Design, Vivid Audio, Cardas Audio | RMAF 2019

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Bricasti Vivid Sonore RMAF 2019

DENVER (PTA) — Sonore, along with Vivid Audio, Bricasti Design, and Cardas Audio put together an impressively clean sounding exhibit of undoubtedly high-end sounds. The Vivid Audio KAYA 45 tower loudspeakers held my attention for much longer than I expected. Enough so that I ended up skipping lunch for the second day in a row.

Rocky Mountain Audio Fest 2019 coverage sponsored by Core Power Technologies A/V

Bricasti Vivid Sonore RMAF 2019

Let’s start with the Bricasti M25 ($18,000 USD) stereo amplifier however.… Read the full article

Leica unveils limited edition M MONOCHROM “Signature” camera

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You might know Andy Summers as the longstanding shredder of iconic English rock band The Police – but did you also know he’s a damn fine photographer in his own right?

To honour the work of the 76-year-old virtuoso, Leica have developed a new camera that – in addition to all the usual drool-inducing features you’d expect from one of their world-class point-and-shoots – incorporates elements of Summers’ signature Fender guitar, including a leatherette that matches a collage from Summers’ own photo collection.… Read the full article

Oracle aims to outpace change and stay ahead of competiton with digital assistant

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Oracle is trying to differentiate itself from other cloud providers and stay ahead of the game by helping enterprises to communicate with their applications using digital assistant in a bid to drive desired actions and outcomes using conversational AI.

“We have come to a point where people are still not happy with the kind of interfaces they have. Millennials prefer to use WhatsApp and SMS over email and they get an immediate response. People use WhatsApp because they can use natural language,” Suhas Uliyar, vice-president for AI and Digital Assistant at Oracle, told TechRadar Middle East.… Read the full article

Google Maps incognito mode is currently in testing

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Announced at the Google IO 2019 keynote back in May, an incognito mode for Google Maps is reportedly now in testing, as discovered by XDA Developers.

Available from today for members of the Google Maps preview group as part of a closed beta, the incognito mode test is included in Preview Maps' latest 10.26 update. At present, the update is currently limited to the Android version of the Google Maps preview app.

In the test, incognito mode may be switched on via the app's settings, at which point Google Maps will stop sharing your location, updating your location history, saving your browsing history or using your personal data to personalize your Maps searches. 

XDA Developers' editor in chief obtained a GIF of the new incognito mode for Google Maps in action, which you can check out in his tweet below. 

As you can see, switching on incognito mode will apply a black strap across the top of the screen, indicating to the user that "incognito mode is on." Also present is the classic 'hat and sunglasses' incognito icon situated within the Google Maps search bar.… Read the full article

NBN Co is proposing new high speed 250Mbps and 1Gbps plans

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In a past consultation paper, NBN Co floated the idea of raising the prices for Australian broadband users based on the type of data they were using rather than the amount. This was dubbed the ‘Netflix tax’ by critics, as it was predominantly targeting streaming media usage. 

The proposal was met with wide backlash and considered an attack on net neutrality, but NBN back-pedalled on the seriousness of the proposal, claiming that its wording didn’t specify whether it was a price increase or decrease for such usage.… Read the full article

New Samsung SSDs for servers double in speed and can ‘never die’

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Samsung's solid-state drives (SSDs) are about to get a lot faster. The company already has some of the best SSDs on the market, and it's introducing two new SSD series that will take advantage of the new PCIe 4.0 interface for dramatically increased throughput.

The new Samsung SSDs are called PM1733 and PM1735 for now, and between them will introduce 19 new SSD models. They'll come in two form factors: PCIe add-in card and 2.5-inch U.2 types. Between those two styles, they come in storage capacities ranging from 0.8TB (or 800GB) on the lowest end up to 30.72TB on the highest end.… Read the full article

Blockchain has become one of enterprises top five priorities

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Blockchain will evolve further in the next two to three years among the enterprises as it has become one of their top five priorities, an Oracle executive said.

Blockchain is another way to store data transactions to manage it, enquire it, protect it and store it securely.

While blockchain can greatly streamline many existing processes surrounding supply chain, identity, cross-border payments, and fraud detection, Frank Xiong, group vice-president of blockchain product development at Oracle, told TechRadar Middle East that supply chain management will grow faster as there is less regulation than the financial sector.… Read the full article

Are you tracking conversions from the SERP? Here’s why you should

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Small businesses are having a harder time attracting new customers through Google search as consumers are now able to find the information or products they’re looking for directly from the search engine results page (SERP). This means they’re less likely to visit a company’s website and this makes growth more difficult for small businesses.

To better understand how marketers can use SERP to their advantage, TechRadar Pro spoke with CallRail’s co-founder and CPO Kevin Mann.

Google Assistant

Read the full article

Dyson Award won by plastic bags made from dead fish

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Do you feel guilty every time you buy a plastic bag? How would you feel if that plastic bag was made from dead fish?

That could soon be the reality according to Dyson, who crowned MarinaTex, a bioplastic made from "fish offcuts", its coveted James Dyson Award. 

Designed by student Lucy Hughes, MarinaTex is made of a mixture of "organic fish waste ordinarily destined for landfill or incineration," and locally sourced red algae.… Read the full article


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