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Mark Gemini Thwaite: Something Wicked This Way Comes

By | May 23rd, 2018|Categories: AV Hub|

Note: This piece first appeared in Australian Guitar #127Subscribe to our print edition here!

Mark Gemini Thwaite has lent his alternatingly atmospheric and crushing guitar work to many great artists. Now under the banner of MGT, he’s free to follow his own muse into some very dark places. Words by Peter Hodgson

British guitarist Mark Gemini Thwaite has established himself as the go-to guy for when you need a player who can do justice to ‘80s goth classics and infuse them with a modern sensibility.… Read the full article

Sony Xperia Ear Duo

By | May 22nd, 2018|Categories: AV Hub|

The Sony Xperia Ear Duo, an ‘open-ear’ stereo headset with a ‘dual listening’ mode will be available in Australia next week.

Although the Xperia Ear Duo is an in-ear device, the sound generator is built into a separate chassis that sits behind the ear and the sound is ‘piped’ into the ear canal by a small tube, or what Sony calls ‘a Spatial Acoustic Conductor, developed by Sony’s in-house technology incubator Future Lab Program.’ When the Ear Duo is used in conjunction with a mobile device running Sony’s free Xperia Ear Duo App (Android and iOS), you can use the ‘Dual Listening’ feature to adjust the balance between the sound from your device and the environmental sound.… Read the full article

Hasselblad Launches Its Widest Angle Lens Ever

By | May 21st, 2018|Categories: AV Hub|

Hasselblad has introduced its widest-angle prime lens ever, a 21mm f4.0 XCD mount model for its mirrorless digital medium format camera system. The new ultra-wide lens is equivalent to a 17mm in the 35mm format and gives a diagonal angle-of-view of 105 degrees. It’s the first of six new XCD lenses planned for 2018 which will bring Hasselblad’s mirrorless digital medium format lens system up to ten models. The optical design comprises 13 elements in nine groups, two of which are aspherical types to correct for distortion.… Read the full article

JBL Bar Series Launch

By | May 21st, 2018|Categories: AV Hub|

JBL Australia introduced its all-new JBL Bar Series soundbars at Sydney’s Golden Age Cinema at a screening of Mad Max: Fury Road. JBL Bar Series soundbars were set up in place of the Golden Age Cinema’s sound system to demonstrate the sound experience offered by this new range.

Available in four models—Bar Studio, Bar 2.1, Bar 3.1, and Bar 5.1, all four include Bluetooth 4.0. ‘With the all-new JBL Bar Series, we redefine the home theatre experience by delivering epic JBL signature sound in a sleek and stylish package,’ said Marcus Fry, Brand Activation Director, of AUNZ at Harman Australia, which distributes JBL.… Read the full article

Lundahl LL1931 Moving-Coil Transformer Review & Test

By | May 21st, 2018|Categories: AV Hub|

Expert review and test of the .Lundahl LL1931 Moving-Coil Transformer by Australian Hi-Fi Magazine. Free pdf download.

Lundahl isn’t exactly a household name amongst audiophiles, yet you’ll find the company’s transformers in many of the world’s best-performing high-end audiophile products. Yet despite having been in the transformer and coil winding business since 1958, when the company was established in Sweden by Lars Lundahl, the company only started building consumer products in 2009. Until then, it had built products specifically for other manufacturers, which used its coils and transformers in industrial, electronics, aerospace and professional audio applications.… Read the full article

Line 6 Relay G70 Wireless

By | May 21st, 2018|Categories: AV Hub|

Line 6’s wireless technology continues to evolve, and they’re coming for your tuner, boost pedal, ABY box and DI. By Peter Hodgson

Whether you want to do the cool Steve Vai ‘spin the guitar around your neck’ move, run from one side of the stage to the other like you’re in Def Leppard, ride around on your singer’s neck like Ben Weinman of The Dillinger Escape Plan (RIP), or if you’re just tired of trippin’ over stuff, a wireless can be a crucial piece of kit.… Read the full article

Hisense announces global availability of new 80-inch laser TVs

By | May 20th, 2018|Categories: AV Hub|

The Beijing launch of the Hisense L5 laser TV with its 80-inch screen

With its sponsorship of the imminent FIFA World Cup, Hisense is in a strong position to capitalise on what is expected to be a hump in TV sales as the competition progresses.

And in addition to its latest 2018 ULED TV range, Hisense is globally launching a new laser TV which will deliver an 80-inch image for a price far below that of its 100-inch laser TV model shown in 2017 at CES and IFA.  … Read the full article

PSB SubSeries 200 Subwoofer Review & Test

By | May 20th, 2018|Categories: AV Hub|

Expert review and test of the PSB SubSeries 200 Subwoofer by Australian Hi-Fi Magazine. Free pdf download.

Look at the back of the PSB SubSeries 200 and you’ll see a small inscription that says: ‘Developed by PSB Speakers in partnership with NAD Electronics’. If you’re thinking that it’s strange for two competitors to form a partnership, you obviously don’t know that both companies are owned by Canadian company Lenbrook Group. In the case of PSB, Lenbrook purchased the company from its founder, Paul Barton and, since Barton was also PSB’s head designer, had the good sense to keep him on as an employee.… Read the full article

SME Buys Garrard

By | May 20th, 2018|Categories: AV Hub|

British engineering and specialist hi-fi manufacturer, SME, has acquired the rights to the Garrard audio brand from IGB Gradiente S.A. of Brazil. Arguably the most famous British manufacturer of audio products—particularly turntables—from 1950s right through to the early 80s, many of its most famous turntables, such as the 301 and 401 transcription decks are still eagerly sought out and traded worldwide, not least because of the efforts of UK manufacturer Loricraft Audio, which has been servicing, rebuilding and providing spare parts for Garrard products for more than a decade, and is a company that SME now also owns, having purchased it from owner Terry O’Sullivan.… Read the full article

Sonus Faber Chameleon B Loudspeakers Review & Test

By | May 20th, 2018|Categories: AV Hub|

Expert review and test of the Sonus Faber Chameleon B Loudspeakers by Australian Hi-Fi Magazine. Free download.

Change. It’s a powerful motivator. Part of the human condition. We often change what we wear, what we eat; where we live… and even, sometimes, who we love. So why shouldn’t we be able to change the look of our hi-fi components? Over the years many speaker manufacturers have built speakers that allowed owners to change the colour of their loudspeaker grilles, by making different-coloured grilles optionally available, but this is about as far as it has ever gone.… Read the full article