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ISP Technologies Deci-Mate

By | February 17th, 2019|Categories: AV Hub|

Buck Waller, a pioneer in noise reduction, unveils his latest high-tech, low-profile buzz battler. Words by Peter Hodgson.

Note: This piece first appeared in Australian Guitar #131Subscribe to our print edition here!

ISP Technologies was founded by Buck Waller, who previously revolutionised the things we don’t hear about the guitar when he created the HUSH system for Rocktron.

Noise types and requirements have changed a lot over the last few decades, and the ISP Decimator broke new ground a few years ago with its unprecedented tracking and sound quality.Read the full article

Vitus Audio RI-101 Integrated Amplifier Review & Test

By | February 17th, 2019|Categories: AV Hub|

Expert review and test of the Vitus Audio RI-101Krix Esoterix Altum Loudspeakers by Australian Hi-Fi Magazine. Free pdf download included.

Eight years is a long time in the high-end audio business. But that’s how long Vitus Audio had its RI-100 integrated in its amplifier line-up, so you’d have to assume that the company’s founder and head designer Hans Ole Vitus was so happy with it that he didn’t see any need for an update… until now, that is, since he’s replaced it with the RI-101.… Read the full article

NAD T 758 v3 AV receiver with BluOS REVIEW

By | February 17th, 2019|Categories: AV Hub|

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It’s been six years since we reviewed NAD’s T 757 receiver — has it taken so long for the T 758 to appear? That seems like a long time between models. But it turns out that this is not just a NAD T 758, but a NAD T 758 v.3. And apart from amplifiers that have similar specifications to that long ago model, very little is the same.… Read the full article

Dear Seattle: A New Frame Of Mind

By | February 16th, 2019|Categories: AV Hub|

After a few storied years spent working hard to chisel out a place for themselves in the echelon of Australia’s alt-rock greats, Dear Seattle are ready to launch their bear-soaked brand of mosh-ready rock into the mainstream with Don’t Let Go. The debut LP from the Sydney foursome, Don’t Let Go is 11 tight and turbulent nuggets of raw, from-the-heart passion wrung out into crunchy guitars drenched in overdrive and punchy, heavily accented vocals.

Don’t Let Go is out now on Domestic La La – fans might remember that Dear Seattle were one of the first bands to be signed on the UNIFIED imprint led by James Tidswell (of Violent Soho fame) back in 2017.… Read the full article

Denon AVR-X2500H AV receiver with HEOS REVIEW

By | February 15th, 2019|Categories: AV Hub|


How much of an AV receiver do you need? If you’re shopping for one, it’s a real and fundamental question, together with your price level. Clearly we’d all love to have the very top-of-the-line stuff, like Denon’s delicious AVC-X8500H home theatre amplifier which we reviewed recently, and which I was using until a few weeks ago, or the Marantz and Yamaha range-toppers also featured in this issue.… Read the full article

Fujifilm Packs Value Into New X-T30

By | February 15th, 2019|Categories: AV Hub|

Similar in size to the compact and lightweight X-T20 and with the same classical SLR-look styling, the new X-T30 introduces a number of Fujifilm’s fourth-generation X mirrorless system developments – as seen in the X-T3 – to a mid-range model, including the ‘X-Trans CMOS 4’ sensor and the ‘X Processor 4’ quad-core CPU. The sensor employs a backside-illuminated (BSI) design and has an effective resolution of 26.1 million pixels which is optimised by the omission of an optical low-pass filter. The native sensitivity range is equivalent to ISO 160-12,800, with extensions either side to ISO 80 and 100, or ISO 25,600 and 51,200.… Read the full article

Focal's new flagship Stellia closed headphones

By | February 15th, 2019|Categories: AV Hub|

Focal has announced a new closed-back headphone to rival its open-back Utopias, the $4499 Focal Stellia.

The new headphones not only include a new generation of exclusive speaker drivers from Focal, the French company has achieved a nominal impedance of 35 ohms, making the headphones driveable from the output of a phone, tablet or laptop if required — audiophile headphones that are made to travel, and with a nice ‘cognac and mocha’ faux-leather travel case to match the new headphone’s colours.… Read the full article

Focal's $3799 Arche DAC & headphone amplifier

By | February 15th, 2019|Categories: AV Hub|

Focal has released the $3799 Arche DAC/headphone amp simultaneously with its new high-end closed Stellia headphones (see here for Stellia information).

The Arche electronics were developed for Focal by Micromega, another French company with which its equipment is often combined in some markets. It combines twin balanced DACs with two alternate amplification circuits which are user-selectable. 

The DAC section parallels twin AK 4490 DACs operating at an extended 32-bit/768kHz, and processing PCM to 384kHz, as well as DSD up to DSD 256, from the USB-B input.… Read the full article

Nikon Unveils 24-70mm f2.8 Z Mount Zoom

By | February 14th, 2019|Categories: AV Hub|

Another ‘S Line’ high-performance model for Nikon’s full-35mm mirrorless camera system, the new Nikkor Z 24-70mm f2.8 zoom is clearly an important addition to the Z mount line-up, being a staple lens for a great many photographers. It’s around 25 percent smaller than Nikon’s current F mount model (which, it has to be said, is a big lens) and 18 percent lighter. The optical construction comprises 17 elements in 15 groups, of which four elements are aspherical types to correct for distortion and two are made from ED glass to minimise chromatic aberrations.… Read the full article

Code Orange: Orange Is (Still) The New Black

By | February 14th, 2019|Categories: AV Hub|

Note: This piece first appeared in Australian Guitar #131Subscribe to our print edition here!

Three albums down, Code Orange are on the verge of a revolution. Ahead of their trip Down Under for Download ’19, Matt Doria catches up with shredder Reba Meyers to chat new music, influences and her new best friends at ESP.

Though usually tackling interviews with deadpan prose and a generally intimidating aura, Reba Meyers is in high spirits when Australian Guitar snags a call with her.Read the full article