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RMAF 2018: Old Forge Studio and The Times They Are a-Changin’

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I haven’t written a show report in nearly eight years, so it makes sense to start it off with a room at the Rocky Mountain Audio Fest that has a definite story behind it, a deep meaning, particularly for me.

I didn’t know if it was proper for me to cover David Cope’s room at RMAF, since up until a couple of months ago I was the US importer for New Zealand audio brands PureAudio and The Wand (David recently took on both lines for his Mystic, Connecticut-based Old Forge Studio).… Read the full article

Audio Advice: Music Matters 2018, and 40th Anniversary Celebration

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Audio Advice celebrates forty years in business by pulling out all the stops during their annual Music Matters event.

Music Matters, is an annual celebration of music listening. However this year is an extra special event as Audio Advice not only celebrates their love of music, but also 40 years in business. With nearly twice as many brands as usual on hand to meet with customers and demonstrate some of the most exciting audio gear on the planet, everyone was ready for this year’s event to be bigger than ever.… Read the full article

RMAF 2018: Nola , VAC, Nordost; The Metro Grand Reference Gold 2, a live experience in-room

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It is almost impossible to visit every room at an audio show. To do so would require running shoes, twenty-something knees, and a stopwatch for limiting your listening window to only two minutes. Now with my excuses firmly in place, I want to take the opportunity to mention, that before this day at Rocky Mountain Audio Fest in 2018, I had not reserved the requisite time to dedicate myself to in-action and listen to Nola speakers.


Accent Speaker Technology is Nola, and I don’t know any other way to put it.… Read the full article

RMAF 2018: Ayon, Lumen White, USA Tube Audio Labs, AVM Audio; rock us like a hurricane

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Ayon Audio and USA Tube Audio brought to Rocky Mountain Audio Fest one of the more popular rooms at the show. Not only for bringing great sound, and a stunning product, but for consistently playing great pop and r&b music. If you want a crowd, content matters. That is a rule of media and broadcasting. Content is king, and it’s what you don’t do that matters. One of those “don’ts” these days is to drown your audience in Diana Krall and the usual hum-drum associated with budding audiophile playlists.… Read the full article

RMAF 2018: Auralic, YG Acoustics, Kubala-Sosna; Perfect timing and sound down to the atomic level

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When I first walked into the Auralic + YG Acoustics room at Rocky Mountain Audio Fest, admittedly a little anxiety washed over me. However, I’ll go into why later. For now, let’s talk about Auralic, a brand I (and we at Part Time Audiophile) have descent experience with. Auralic has been impressing the members of our team for a years now, and more recently of note, a lot of press writers around the industry with the debut of their G Series DACs and streamers.… Read the full article

RMAF 2018: Spatial Audio, Vinnie Rossi, Innuos and Anticable; a nomination for Best-In-Show sound.

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Starting at the source, the Innuos ZENITH which is directly a more affordable version of their SE model, and spiritually their reference Statement model. The ZENITH is no slouch by any means, — seriously, it has three linear power supplies, it is not a toy — but the ZENITH is also not the company’s most refined offering. I want you to know this, because I especially took note of this once the music started playing. It shouldn’t sound this good, but here we are and there it does.… Read the full article

Rocky Mountain Audiofest 2018

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KEF R Series

Rocky Mountain Audiofest 2018 recap and highlights. Co-Host Scot Hull and the rest of the PartTimeAudiophile team throw in their favorites from the Denver audio show, talk bourbon and explain why all the real deals in audio are cut at the hotel bar.

SCHIITdotCOM – Audio components made in the USA, starting at $49.

Read the full article

RMAF 2018: PS Audio Factory Tour

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As readers may remember, I’m a huge fan of the PS Audio DirectStream DAC.  Very recently, PS Audio moved into a much larger facility right across the street from the old facility.  I was quite keen on seeing the new place as I visited the prior location around five years ago and had a great time.  I spoke to Bill Leebens about possibly doing a quick tour and he set it up for me.  I felt a bit guilty about it as I was hitting them up while all their people were at the Marriott setting up their room.  … Read the full article

McIntosh MC312 Power Amplifier | New Release

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McIntosh MC312

A new great-big amplifier is coming your way from downstate New York. The new McIntosh MC302 is a moderately priced solid-state stereo amplifier with improved performance and some tweaked aesthetics. Need power? 300 watts is a lot of mojo.

But I still feel like a moth drawn to the flame of those blue meters. Hmmm. ZAP.

Authorized retailers should be able to order them now; customer availability is targeted at “October”, which is now, so I’m guessing “real soon”.

MSRP is $7,000.… Read the full article

Wavelength Ethernet Spacelator | RMAF 2018

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Wavelength Ethernet Spacelator prototype

Gordon Rankin of Wavelength Audio is no stranger to controversy. He’s the guy that single-handedly brought computer-based audio into the realm of high-fidelity with “asynchronous USB”, and most such products today either use his work or leverages his ideas. That’s a nice way of saying that he had to slog through an unending bog of nonsense from partially informed but fully opinionated audiophiles that have, at various times, hailed him as both heretic and hero. So, when he introduces a new product like the “Wavelength Ethernet Spacelator”, you just have to cringe along with him.… Read the full article