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FLORIDA 2019: Bananas Music, the record store with over three million titles

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Bananas Music (also known as Bananas Records) is an American record store that operates two locations in St. Petersburg, Florida. Opened in 1977, Bananas Music unofficially claims to be the largest record store in the United States, housing over 3 million vinyl records.

Originally opened as a book store in 1977, by founders Doug and Michelle Allen, things quickly escalated into the store selling more and more records, while eventually stepping away from book sales altogether in just a few short years.… Read the full article

Underwood Hi-Fi acquires Core Power Technologies, LLC

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Some news on the mergers & acquisitions front — Underwood Hi-Fi has acquired the assets to Core Power Technologies. New CPT devices will be available starting next month. Why you should care — “balanced power” provides noise cancelling, and based on my own testing, this is a no joke requirement for high-end audio playback. Believe me when I tell you that I wish it wasn’t so. I haven’t had an opportunity to explore these boxes, but the newest, the EQUI=CORE 1800, looks like a total monster.… Read the full article

FLORIDA 2019: Classic Audio Loudspeakers, Purist Audio Design, Atmasphere, Tri-Planar

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Classic Audio Loudspeakers brings field coil sound to the Florida Audio Expo, the minds at Purist Audio Design give us a tour of their Neptune series cables, Atma-Sphere brings the Novacron, Tri-Planar flexes their Ultimate 12 tonearm.


Purist Audio Design’s new Neptune series of cables is part of what they call their Luminist Revision. The revision was widespread across their product line, redesigning most series of cab le, to improve and include new technologies. Details range from the use of copper-beryllium everywhere, thicker gold plating, and fluid damping throughout.… Read the full article

Florida 2019: House of Stereo, Wolf Audio Systems, TAD, Wireworld

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House of Stereo brings retail sensibility to a small room, Wolf Audio Systems takes us back to the future, TAD (Technical Audio Devices) puts a fine point on detail, Ayre Acoustics continues to build a legacy, and Wireworld straps us in for a wild ride.


TAD (Technical Audio Devices) speakers almost seem to be a draw unto themselves. Several show goers I spoke to in the hallways remarked about listening to the TAD Micro Evolution 1’s in the House of Stereo room.… Read the full article

Florida 2019: The Audio Company, Von Schweikert, VAC, Esoteric, Airtight, Kronos, Critical Mass, Clearaudio, and Masterbuilt

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They’ve done it again! The Audio Company of Marietta, Georgia USA is without a doubt, one of the premier exhibitors of Von Schweikert, VAC, Esoteric, Airtight, Kronos, Critical Mass, Clearaudio, and Masterbuilt products. Jim, Gordon, and Keith take the Florida Audio Expo by “sonic-storm”, and leave many a show-going jaw dropped.

Holding court in the largest exhibit room within the Embassy Suites main hotel, The Audio Company set out to eliminate all the competition by assembling one of the more beautiful looking and sounding exhibits I’ve encountered.… Read the full article

AudioQuest Mythical Creatures | CES 2019

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A must-visit room at any audio event is AudioQuest (website) if only to see their esteemed engineer Garth Powell.  It’s absolutely fine for us as audiophiles to be subjective, but Garth’s engineering curiosity to understand why something is the way it is, is so refreshing.

Garth Powell debuting AudioQuest Mythical Creatures cables

Garth was originally hired six years ago to develop a line of power products, resulting first in the Niagara 7000 Power Conditioner and more recently the Storm Series power cables, both of which currently reside in my listening room. … Read the full article

Florida 2019: Integrity Sound, Parasound, Martin Logan, Rega, Aurender, AudioQuest

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Parasound shows off some incredible new products, Martin Logan stands tall as ever, Rega and Aurender did the cooking, and AudioQuest set the table.


If there was an award for “most fun and playful atmosphere” at an audio show, Parasound and Martin Logan’s exhibit at the Florida Audio Expo would be tops on my list of nominees. The pairing of Dennis Chern (of Martin Logan) and Phil Jackson (of Parasound, not the Chicago Bulls) is a recipe for great demonstrations, good music, and an engaging and fun atmosphere.… Read the full article

Rowen Absolute MONO | Mini-Review

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Who is Rowen?

Every dyed-in-the-wool, card-carrying, worldly audiophile knows of all the significant audio companies coming out of that highly regarded Alpine nation, right? Well, maybe not. Not only is Rowen a major player (website) in the Swiss audio market, it also boasts a 47-year unbroken heritage, successfully passing the flame from one generation to the next. Rowen is uncommon in that they manufacture high-end amps and speakers. This advantages them in knowing the demands both impose on each other.… Read the full article

Qobuz is My Funny Valentine

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Times up, waits over, let the queuing begin! Qobuz (website), the European music streaming service, is finally here and is set to challenge Tidal on its home turf — sound quality. But unlike Tidal, Qobuz is all about high-resolution audio, up to and including streaming music at up to 192kHz without requiring MQA and the associated hardware and software. Here’s the kicker: it sounds great. Perhaps because Qobuz has been a long time to come, but to me, the platform seems very stable.… Read the full article

Florida 2019: Sunday with Paul

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— by Paul Elliott

Kevin Hayes

From the late 1980s to early 1990s, Kevin was an academic; his hobby, music systems of that era, always left him wanting more.  He instinctively knew there was more on the recording, so, finally he just built an amplifier that he felt was better than what was available then.  Friends kept saying he should start a company and produce them. With some help from the family, he launched VAC.  It took almost 5 years to become a viable entity, many long days and seven-day-weeks to get VAC going. … Read the full article