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In Memoriam: John Stancavage

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by Kerry Malone

“Never leave a friend behind. Friends are all we have to get through this life — and they are the only things from this world that we could hope to see in the next.” — Dean Koontz

First, John wanted you to be sad he’s gone, but, more than that, happy to have him as a friend. He surely was happy to be your friend.

He’s sad he’s gone, too. He had so much in life that he still wanted to do.… Read the full article

Monthly Spins: August

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July slipped by rather quickly and here we are with a new edition of Monthly Spins for August 2018. A rather light month compared to those recently. Still, a great deal of lovely music for you to check out. Enjoy.

File Under: Cumbia and electronic wizardry

This is what you want when someone decides to honor a traditional art form like Cumbia or Andean folk music, not a slavish field recording but bringing to a joyous and upbeat sound and taking it a few steps further.… Read the full article

How do we attract more younger listeners? | The Listening Room

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[Editor’s note: This article first appeared in the spring/summer edition of The Occasional, Part-Time Audiophile’s free, downloadable print/web magazine. You can read previous columns and other exclusive stories in that issue here.]

I was checking my email recently when I noticed a breathless announcement from Best Buy that “AUDIOFEST IS HERE,” with “Incredible Savings on Amazing Sound.”

OK, worth a look, I thought as I clicked on the message. Many Best Buy stores include a Magnolia outlet, which routinely stocks high-end brands such as MartinLogan, Sonus Faber, McIntoshSennheiser, and AudioQuest.… Read the full article

Pure Fidelity Eclipse Turntable Review

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Pure Fidelity Eclipse Turntable Review: Total Eclipse of the Art, as originally seen in The Occasional Magazine.

Pure Fidelity Eclipse Turntable

Rafe Arnott’s review of the Pure Fidelity Eclipse turntable originally appeared in The Occasional Magazine.

What do you do when you’ve owned a number of turntables over the years but always found one aspect lacking in each design you’ve entertained?

You design and build your own deck and start-up a company to produce and bring them to market.

This is exactly what John Stratton of Vancouver, British Columbia did when he decided he wanted a ‘table that could deliver the sound he loved from high-price turntable designs but at a price grounded more in reality.… Read the full article

Luxman L-550AXII Integrated Amplifier Review

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Luxman L-550AXII integrated amplifier

By Steve Folberg

Long before the Luxman L-550AXII ever graced my door, there was a stereo system. I bought my first real system just out of graduate school in 1985: a Systemdek turntable (with a glass platter and the worst suspension system ever slapped into a turntable), a used Linn Basik tonearm with some long forgotten Audioquest cartridge, a PS Audio Elite Plus integrated amp, and a pair of the original Vandersteen 2C loudspeakers, bi-wired with some fat, ugly, Monster Cable speaker wire scattered all over the floor.… Read the full article

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Zoho Rising: Jazz Label as Creative Force | The Deep End

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Zoho Music, a contemporary jazz record label you’ve never heard of, is producing some fantastic new music.

A trio of jazz albums from Zoho Music

Zoho Music is a record label that you’ve never heard of. Which isn’t surprising. But it is a shame.

Think about the numerous Golden Ages of Jazz and you’ll invariably start mentioning all the innovative artists who propelled the genre into musical history. Any mention of famous record labels becomes almost secondary—Miles Davis delving into modal jazz in the Columbia Studios, recording engineer Rudy Van Gelder sitting in the Blue Note studios and making sure all those classic recordings sounded just so.… Read the full article

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Burning Amps and Summer Ghosts: Summertime at PTA

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The Outer Banks, NC

Sea oats dot the dunes along the National Seashore in Salve, NC

Summertime. Hot hazy humid days. But it’s more “wet” than anything else, this year. Still, it’s summer. Time for lolling about, also known as “resting and rejuvenation”. Time to not do chores. Time for memories. Ghosts.

“I’m pretty sure it’s not supposed to do that.” The “that” in question was flames. About 4′ high. Coming out of the back of an amplifier. Amplifier flambé. Good times.

Summer Logo

There’s even a sweet summer logo

In retrospect, it was lucky I was in the room when the amp decided to start its 4th of July Spectacular in my basement.… Read the full article

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Apple HomePod Review: Smart Speaker for the High-End?

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The Apple HomePod is reported to be an excellent sounding smart speaker, one of the best in the segment. Apparently, that’s not a high bar.

The Apple HomePod is a head-scratcher of a product. In many respects, it seems to be a me-too offering, perhaps even a place-holder for something that will come later. Perhaps it’s a platform that will one day “grow up” into whatever promise it’s supposed to be offering.

As a die-hard Apple fan, I want to love it.… Read the full article

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The Hand-Crafted Luxury of William Henry

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William Henry, Luxury Craftsmen

William Henry (website) is an American luxury brand, designing and creating jewelry and accessories specifically for men. The William Henry collection includes jewelry, knives, pens, key-chains, writing instruments, money clips, cuff-links, and golf tools. The brand has become popular with many Hollywood celebrities including Jared Leto (actor/director), Matt Goss (singer/songwriter), Jamie Alexander (actress/director), and Peter Facinelli (producer/actor).

William Henry, Luxury Craftsmen

The William Henry website offers detailed product information along with ways to purchase.

William Henry’s limited-production collections are sold on its website and through a select group of authorized independent retailers in the US and abroad.… Read the full article

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Studio Electric M4 Review | The Millennial Audiophile

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Studio Electric M4 with grils

Studio Electric M4

Studio Electric looks for a higher class of consideration

Call me crazy but I have a particularly unwavering bias in this hobby for sound and sound only. I do not personally subscribe to the church of audio-bling, although I don’t mind its existence or necessity in another’s sense of taste. I understand the appeal high-end-audio-jewelry and cost-no-object endeavors that embody faultless craftsmanship inside and out. I don’t fault high-end audio manufacturers for looking to one-up each other by creating flashy high-end-art pieces as much as they are high-end-high-fidelity.… Read the full article

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