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Warsaw 2017: Intriguing Eryk S. Concept

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There was something like 100 rooms in the Sobieski hotel, filled with all sorts of gear and Eryk S. Concept clearly stood apart, at least in terms of originality. The main system was composed by nothing more than an old Sony CD player, a class D amplifier and a pair of tall, thin, wavy speakers. I took seat.

The speakers, Eryk named the Wind, pack a front-firing full range driver paired to a side-firing 30cm woofer. Tall and slim, like a whisper of air passing through a fissure, they take my originality award with nothing else coming even remotely close in terms of modern speaker design.

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TAVES 2017 Show Report – Part Two: Triangle Art, Angel City Audio, TEO Audio

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The second of two reports from the Toronto Audio Video Entertainment Show by Richard Mak

Angel City Audio


Angel City Audio

Angel City Audio’s room was one of the best sounding room at TAVES 2016.   This year they partnered up with Tom Vu of Triangle Art, and showcased a great sounding system with lots of bling (all prices in USD):

  • ACA Seraphim Prime Extreme Speakers $35,000
  • Triangle Art Master Reference Turntable $39,900
  • Triangle Art Concerto Turntable $4,990
  • Triangle Art Osiris Mk 2 12” Tonearm $6,800
  • Triangle Art Apollo MC Cartridge $8,000
  • Triangle Art Zeus MC Cartridge $4,000
  • Triangle Art Reference Tube Monoblocks $17,999
  • Triangle Art Reference Tube Pre-Amplifier $17,999
  • Triangle Art Reference Tube Phono $12,999
  • TEO Audio Reference 1m Interconnects $ 3,199
  • TEO Audio Reference 9ft Speaker Cables $44,000
ACA Triangle 2

Reference Tube Monoblocks.

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Capital Audiofest 2017: Well Pleased AV takes us backstage

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Death, Taxes, and Good Sound from Well Pleased AV. Three things in life you can be assured of. I say this because in typical fashion Mark Sossa has brought us something new to gawk at and exhibited it with showstopping results. Namely his latest addition of Rethm loudspeakers. Mark was demoing a system of familiar electronics carried over from previous audio shows in 2017, and the new entry level Bhaava loudspeakers from Rethm. At the heart of the Bhaava tower is a retro 7” Boston/Philips Hi-Q driver, a transducer underutilized in its heyday, now finding new life in a horn loaded tower.

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Review: The Pro-Ject RPM 9 Carbon turntable with Sumiko Blackbird

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Reflecting on the Pro-Ject RPM 9.

Playing records is – as my good friend once told me – the audiophile version of the Japanese tea ceremony. It is all about preparation, and presentation. There is a strong visual aesthetic to the act of putting an LP on a turntable, cueing up the tonearm, and dropping the needle into the groove. If you’re not sure of how to do it, it shows, and you lose some of the inherent grace, intelligence and sophistication that having a turntable, and a record collection, connotes in many people’s minds.… Read the full article

Warsaw 2017: Miro Krajnc and Soulsonic

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Names like Andrew Jones, Laurence Dickie and Joachim Gerhard do ring a bell? From what I have found or better auditioned during the Warsaw show we must add Miro Krajnc to the list of modern speaker designers. Miro is the mind behind the Ubiq Model One, the Soulsonic Hologram X and the Natural Sound speakers.

I will focus this report on the Soulsonic Hologram X, an imposing hybrid design standing more than two meters tall and packing four 15″ neodymium magnet woofers, a 12″ paper-cone midrange driver and a ribbon tweeter good for 221 square cm effective radiating area.

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Capital Audiofest 2017: Dr Vinyl has the cure

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Meeting Bob of Bob’s Devices on Thursday in the atrium marketplace during setup hours I had a great time pestering Bob about his presence in the audio show circuit. Though I don’t often get to hear his product in demo rooms, he guided me towards hearing the Dr. Vinyl room where one of his famed step up transformers was in employ. Now on my shortlist of rooms to visit, I make my way in on Friday. Spartanly decorated, seating all along the long wall, and the system also along the long wall, I’m visually left wanting more.

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Whisky and Listening: The VPI Scout Prime, MoFi Master Tracker and Northern Harvest Rye

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Northern Harvest won the 2016 World Whisky of the Year.

Welcome to what I like to think of as a pinnacle of editorial writing in my small world, as it combines two of my favourite things to do: Have a glass of whisky, and kick back to listen to a couple of albums. A pastime I’m sure some of you out there can identify with. How on Earth did I stumble into such remarkable luck to turn this into a monthly article moving ahead?… Read the full article

Warsaw 2017: Zeta Zero shoots for the moon

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This is a small world, no doubt. On my flight to Warsaw I sat next to a colleague, not a journalist but another Dr, a psychiatrist. She asked why I was on my way to Poland, told her for an audio show. She immediately told me I should book a few sessions for my audiophile issues, then she mentioned her neighbor, Tomasz, who makes “funny looking” speakers that sound exceptionally well, when she or her husband want to listen to some music they prefer asking their friend Tomasz to pump up the volume.

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Capital Audiofest 2017: Bricasti Designs the point of the music

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Damon Gramont had one of my favorite rooms at RMAF so I was excited to see what was up next from the offerings of Bricasti Design LTD. Nothing new in the system from RMAF, but a change in the speakers. Now with the familiar Tidal Contriva’s I am teased with expectations, only to have them all smashed. You think you have a bead on something. Be it a sound or systematic character, you build experiences, you collect the data, and nothing adds up.

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Warsaw 2017: Muarah reinvents the wheel

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Speaking of originality, Muarah, a new to me Polish company that specializes in tube electronics and turntables introduced the most interesting gizmo in a long time, the Inteliclamp. It looks like a record clamp, only ten times smarter.

Inside the clamp sits a battery powered sensor that measures rotation speed and transmits via radio frequencies (far above the audio band) at the Precision Speed Controller, a device that can adjust in real time the turntable’s frequency, thus heavily diminishing wow. The PSC is built around a “quartz stabilized 230V generator with frequency deviation less than 0,01Hz, absolutely inaudible for human ear”.

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