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A visit to Hawaii’s oldest record store: Hungry Ear Records

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Sun, sand, vinyl.

It was sun tan lotion, and fresh rain… no wait, tropical flowers. Errr, maybe a whiff of roasting meat on a BBQ mixed in too?

This is what greeted my nose upon disembarking from the plane that had just landed in Honolulu, Hawaii. A pastiche of wonderful aromas that instantly switched my internal gears into chill out mode. I had headed to the island of Oahu in the middle of the Pacific Ocean for some much needed R&R, and to also to get a firsthand whiff of what the remote paradise offered for crate digging alá vinyl, and CD.… Read the full article

Periodic Audio introduces Nickel Headphone Amplifier

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Periodic Audio makes a terrific set of inner ear monitors at very reasonable price points. Roger Skoff and I awarded their Be IEMs an Alfie Award at the LA Audio Show. And let’s be honest, the whole theme of a periodic table of elements is quite clever.  Well now we have another element to add in the table via the Nickel amplifier.  I heard an early prototype at the Rocky Mountain Audio Fest and was impressed.  Priced at $300 USD, the Nickel now adds a robust headphone amplifier to the lineup.… Read the full article

McIntosh MCT500: New flagship SACD/CD Transport launched

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Look ma, no analog outs: The McIntosh MCT500 SACD/CD Transport.

The hits keep coming from McIntosh Labs.

Apparently the iconic American high-fidelity company can’t stop itself from launching new products, something you won’t hear any complaints from me about.

The latest announcement from the Binghampton, New York-based manufacturer concerns their new flagship SACD/CD Transport, namely the MCT500 which is an digital-out only player with optical, coaxial, balanced XLR, and McIntosh proprietary MCT connector: no analog out here folks, everything stays in the domain of ones, and zeros.… Read the full article

Liberty DAC for all from Mytek for $995

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Diminutive, full-featured, and affordable. The $995 USD Liberty DAC from Mytek.

What price would you pay to be free from digital-file type constraint? $2,000? $5,000? $10,000?

How about $995 USD?

Mytek Digital’s new Liberty DAC can up-convert to 384K/32bit PCM/DSD256 through it’s ES9018 Sabre chipset, its array of digital inputs (USB2 – Class2, S/PDIF, Toslink/ADAT, AES/EBU) natively handles PCM 192K, and DSD64 DOP, it features digital-volume control (preamp anyone?), balanced (TRS, TRS to XLR) and unbalanced outputs (RCA), and a headphone amplifier (300mA, three watts, single unbalanced headphone jack, 0.1 Ohm impedance).… Read the full article

Jason Stoddard

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Schiit Audio co-founder Jason Stoddard. Jason conveys his thoughts on MQA, audiophile cables and the what its like taking an audio company from the garage to the warehouse. Recorded live at the Schiitr retail space in downtown Newhall, CA.

ATOCHADESIGNDOTCOM – Handmade American Furniture for Vinyl Lovers

Read the full article

In memoriam: Joe Stromick of JS Audio

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With great sadness, we regret to inform you that Joe Stromick of JS Audio passed away on February 10th, 2018, at a young age of 62.

Joe touched many of us, supporting the high-end audio industry for 32 years at JS Audio, a world-class dealer in Bethesda, Maryland.  Home of our favorite manufacturers and audio events. A pillar of the high-end in Maryland.

Joe and I met for the first time in 1999, when I wandered into his fine brick and motor store. … Read the full article

CAF 2017: VPI, Luminous Audio, Pure Audio Project; and The Future of Audiophilia

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I’m not too worried about how late this show report is because Capital Audiofest feels just like yesterday’s breakfast. Along with the feeling that collective demonstrations from VPI Industries, Luminous Audio, and Pure Audio Project are in my mind giving us a brief look into the future. So despite this article seeming a bit of procrasturbation material, I remain firm with the feeling of being an early messenger to what aims these brands will achieve within new markets.Read the full article

The Reluctant Sommelier: Wine Gifts for Valentines Day

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By Nina Sventitsky

There’s still time to get a cool wine-related gift for your top person – even if that person is you.  Some ideas follow, and my short list of bubble bottles…

  • $199 to $399

My #1 gift is a pricey gadget that allows you to open that rainy day wine whenever. It preserves bottles for months (and supposedly years.)  The principal is that you can open that $65 of Napa Cabernet Sauvignon, enjoy a glass and come back to the bottle months or years later to enjoy again. … Read the full article

Review: AmpsAndSound Hudson

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Photos by Lee Shelly

By Lee Shelly

Well, a more accurate title would be “Life with the Hudsons”, but that seems less poetic, so there you go.

A few disclaimers before I get started. Yes, I’m a photographer who does a lot of work in the high end audio genre. With that said, AmpsAndSound is not and has not been a client of mine. I consider Justin, who owns AmpsAndSound to be a personal friend, though I really only see him at audio shows.… Read the full article

Trafomatic Audio launches new Primavera statement headphone amp, and it’s a beast

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The name Primavera is not appropriate if you ask me. Primavera stands for “spring” in Italian and though I can see where Saša Čokić, chief designer of Trafomatic Audio, is going with this, but it makes absolutely no justice to the gorgeous beast of 10Watts @50 Ohms in pure A class coming from Svetlana’s 811 direct heated triode tubes.

The amp has an enviable, almost unique feature, several secondary windings on the output transformers for matching practically any given headphone. … Read the full article