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CAF 2018: MoFi, Tenacious Sound and a Whole Lotta Real Estate

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Tenacious Sound, one of my old dealers out of Syracuse, New York, has been busy expanding over the last couple of years–owner Shayne Tenace has moved his base of operation into Augusta, Georgia and has just purchased a store in Jacksonville, Florida. Shayne teamed with industry stalwarts such as Jonathan Derda from MoFi and Lenny Mayeux from Audience to make a big presence at the 2018 Cap[ital Audiofest. Tenacious Sound had a total of eight systems set up in four separate rooms, covering nearly all price points.… Read the full article

CAF 2018: Odyssey Audio; A punch in the face that feels great

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Klaus Bunge of Odyssey Audio is a one man circus of personality, high-end sound, and high-end value. Together with VPI Industries, and Symphonic Line we get a healthy dose of what might be Klaus’ highest-end speaker achievement yet. Don’t worry, the value aspect remains the same.


Entering the darkest room of the show, I “marco-polo” my way over to Klaus. We talk a bit and he offers to give me center seat, and fire up a few records that we’ve heard before last year in this same room.… Read the full article

Acoustic Research AR-H1 Review | The Millennial Audiophile

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Nothing holds you hostage with the music like a big set of cans. You are isolated, alone, just you and the music. The music gets inside your head in more ways than one. A lifelike sound-stage isn’t usually something I usually associated with headphones, that is until I got myself into a fancy set of Audeze LCD-X headphones. Planar drivers can hold and shape the sound-stage in unprecedented ways. When I first had a run in with Acoustic Research (website) at Rocky Mountain Audio Fest, I laid eyes and ears on the AR-H1 — and like many of the more expensive Audeze, Abyss, or even HiFiMAN headphones I had heard, the AR-H1 was right in pace, except in price.… Read the full article

Monthly Spins: December 2018

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File Under: Athens Indie rock reissues

Released a couple of weeks ago this self-titled album is originally from 2000 and finds a fully-formed Athens, Georgia band that should have had a wider following given the fact that they pretty much define everything that is good about indie rock. A little Modern Lovers, a little American Analog Set. The leader and singer for The Glands is one Ross Shapiro, who passed away in 2016 from lung cancer. The surviving bandmates and fans decided a good tribute to the life of Shapiro would be to sift through the many years of Glands material and to rerelease this self-titled original offering as well as an album of 23 related songs released as Double Coda.… Read the full article

CAF 2018: ModWright Instruments, Fritz Speakers and Oh, It’s You Again

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It became a running joke after a while. I’d be walking the halls at the 2018 Capital Audiofest, I’d look up and Fritz would be standing there or walking by or coming out of a room. By Fritz, I mean John “Fritz” Heiler of Fritz Loudspeakers. I’d met him at a few times over the years, mostly at audio shows, but never in a room where his speakers were being shown. It was always in an elevator, or in someone else’s room.… Read the full article

CAF 2018: Paradigm, Anthem and Staying the Heck Out of the Way

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At the 2018 Capital Audiofest, the gentleman in the Paradigm/Anthem room had it all figured out. He had the simplest of systems in his exhibit—the Anthem STR integrated amplifier ($4500) hooked up to a pair of Paradigm Persona 5F tower loudspeakers ($17,000/pair), streaming tunes via Qobuz. He could have packed it all in the smallest of cars—just move up the passenger seat for the 5F boxes, perhaps—and drove down to the Capital Audiofest without breaking a sweat.

Here’s the thing: it sounded great.… Read the full article

CAF 2018: Sound Insight, GT Audio Works, Pass Labs, Semper Sonus, Esoteric, Triode Wire Labs, ATS Acoustics

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Sound Insight made the subs, GT Audio Works made the speakers, Pass Labs made gobs of power, Semper Sonus provides the mechanical wizardry, Esoteric and Vu Jade Audio kept things nice and dark, while Triode Wire Labs and ATS Acoustics kept everything in check.


Sound Insight is a New York state dealer with two showrooms in Long Island; one in Massapequa, and the other in Huntington. Here at Capital Audiofest, stood one of the companies greatest contributions to hi-fi.

The GT Audio Works GTA3R planar ribbon loudspeakers use a proprietary membrane, and no crossover.… Read the full article

CAF 2018: Zu Audio, Mytek, MoFi, HiFi Logic; Always right on time

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Zu Audio brings two pairs, Mytek Digital amplifies the Brooklyn sound, MoFi Electronics spins wax, and HiFi Logic takes us on a musical journey.


Koby Koranteng of HiFi Logic was on hand to play record selector, and guide throughout our musical journey. Koby is famous for breaking down the history behind the grooves. His enthusiastic presentation was as enjoyable as the records selected and played. Wind him up, and let him go. You’ll have a good time.


Our journey of sound, took us on a tour of many west and north African rock groups of the ‘70s and ‘80s.… Read the full article

CAF 2018: The Vinyl Revivers, MyTek, Accuphase, Sonner Audio; A sound I would love to come home to

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The Vinyl Revivers bring value to the game, MyTek brings a big apple, Accuphase reminds me of my childhood, and Sonner Audio definitely is the all joining smooth one.


The Vinyl Revivers is a passion project created by Russ Katz. Russ is a music lover, whose passion for involved listening runs deep. Delving into his childhood experiences of listening to music of all genres with his father and mother, his devotion to good sound and attentive listening experiences show through in his cultivation of high-end audio products.… Read the full article

CAF 2018: Fritz Speakers, ModWright Instruments, Zu Audio, Fern & Roby; The cool kids room

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Fritz Speakers prove their versatility, ModWright Instruments exhibits choice sound, Fern & Roby spin a few tunes, and Zu Audio ties it all together.


The Fritz speakers are quite legendary in online audio forums, and even specifically among our review staff. John Richardson recently reviewed the Fritz Carrera 7 BE monitors, and by the end of it all Fritz Speakers walked away with an Editor’s Choice Award. So I was excited to add the Fritz / ModWright room to my list of show coverage.… Read the full article