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AXPONA 2019 Recap

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Axpona 2019 was a massive success for Nordost and all of our partners. This year, we were proud to treat attendees to a reference system featuring our Odin 2 cables, that showed music lovers what real synergy in a hifi system sounds like. Or as reviewer Jason Victor Serinus from Stereophile said, “OMG, it’s music…So much of what I’ve missed at this show is here.”

Thank you to all of our friends in the industry who chose to show what their products are capable of by using Nordost cables and power products.… Read the full article

Special Event at Filtronique

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In honor of their annual sales event and to celebrate 50 years in business, Filtronique invites you to attend a special event with Nordost.

Bruno de Lorimier, who is celebrating 15 years with Nordost, will be in attendance for both days of the event, providing information and performing demonstrations on our world renowned cables and accessories.

Presentations times for May 10th and 11th:

Friday 12:00 & 16:00 hrs
Saturday 11:00 & 15:00 hrs

Come enjoy special pricing, door prizes, hors d’oeuvres, refreshments and more!… Read the full article

Vana Ltd., Audio Physic, E.A.T. (European Audio Team), Okki Nokki | AXPONA 2019

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AXPONA 2019 Show Coverage brought to you by Core Power Technologies

CHICAGO (PTA) — European Audio Team (E.A.T.) unveil a new ultra-high performance platter and tonearm, Audio Physic and Okki Nokki were also making a strong showing in the exhibit system.


VANA, Ltd. announced the arrival of the European Audio Team (E.A.T) F-Note tonearm as well as an optional high-inertia platter/bearing combo just days before Axpona 2019. The new tonearm is compatible with the company’s Forte’ and Forte’ S turntables, while the platter has been specifically designed for the Forte’.… Read the full article

Nordost is heading to Munich for High End 2019!

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Nordost is thrilled to be exhibiting again at the High End 2019 show in Munich, held at the MOC May 9-12th. We are excited to be introducing several new products this year that will prove to be invaluable additions to your hifi system! Throughout the show, product trainers and specialists Bjorn Bengtsson, Alex Brady, and Dennis Bonotto will be performing live demonstrations on these soon-to-be-released products and answering questions in (Halle 4) Atrium 4, Room E114. Nordost is eager to share these new innovations with High End 2019 attendees, and is looking forward to seeing all of our partners and friends again in Munich.… Read the full article

Nordost Playlist – April 2019

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Nordost is lucky to have a wonderful team of representatives and product trainers who travel around the world educating and demonstrating the effects of Nordost’s products. As part of these demonstrations, it is our job to find an interesting and diverse selection of music to showcase our cables, power devices, sort system and accessories. Whether at shows, visiting our dealers and distributors or even in our own listening room in our headquarters in Holliston, we are constantly getting asked what music we are playing (or if our audience is not so bold to ask, we can see their Shazams working overtime).Read the full article

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Montréal Audio Fest 2019 Recap

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The Montréal Audio Fest was a great way to kick off the show season! With impressive attendance, a wonderful atmosphere, and fabulous sound, this show never disappoints. This year, we were thrilled to be involved in several stellar systems with a number of manufacturers and local dealers. Thank you to everyone who chose to elevate their system with Nordost!

We performed demonstrations in the Nordost room throughout the show.

Sim Audio had their system rigged with our Blue Heaven cables.

In the Audio by Mark Jones room, our Valhalla 2 cables linked gear from CH Precision and speakers from Magico.… Read the full article

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Tune in to CBS to see Nordost on “Superstar Renovation” with LaMarcus Aldridge!

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Juma Entertainment – CBS

Have you ever wanted to give the gift of great sound? That is exactly what San Antonio Spurs forward, LaMarcus Aldridge will be doing on April 7th—and we can all tune in to see it!

Last year, CBS introduced a new, heartwarming show to their line-up: “Superstar Renovation”. In this series of one-hour specials, we join sports celebrities as they head back to their hometowns to recognize people who have played a special role in their lives, and honor them with customized home makeovers.… Read the full article

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Pictures from Nordost Nation! March 2019

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Nordost is lucky to have such incredibly loyal and enthusiastic customers! One great way that our fans let us know that they are happy with the work that we do is by sending us pictures of their Nordost products in action. Here are a few photos that have been shared with us recently. Feel free to send us pictures of Nordost in your system, via Facebook, [email protected], or #nordostcables on Instagram, so that we can continue to share them with the whole Nordost family!… Read the full article

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Nordost is headed to AXPONA in Chicago!

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Come and see Nordost at Axpona, April 12-14th, at the Renaissance Schaumburg Hotel & Convention Center in Chicago.  For the first time, Nordost and VTL have come together to assemble the ultimate sound system for Axpona attendees. Experience the synergy, dynamic power, and musical nuance that has awarded these cutting-edge companies “Best of Sound” in numerous audio shows. Join the founders of Nordost and VTL as they enjoy their reference-level products performing at their best, arranged and fine-tuned by world-class set-up artist, Stirling Trayle.… Read the full article

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Speaker Set-Up: Time for an Adjustment

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It is no industry secret that, when it comes to hi-fi, proper system set-up is nearly as important as the components in the system itself. One of the most integral elements of system set-up is speaker placement. However, once your loudspeakers are perfectly placed, that rarely means your set-up days are gone for good. A hi-fi system is an interconnected entity. Every change that you make to it, whether you upgrade amps, your rack, cables, or any other component, affects the sound, and as a result, adjustments to speaker placement must be made.Read the full article

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