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F.U.S.E vinyl box set to sell for £300!

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Dimension Intrusion. A 1993 album from Richie Hawtin released under his F.U.S.E alias, first via his own Plus 8 imprint and later via Warp as part of their Artificial Intelligence series — electronic music refashioned for home listening with sci-fi movies a strong influence.

Twenty-five years on, original CD copies of Dimension Intrusion are still relatively easy to come by. The 2LP version not so much. Even harder to find are vinyl copies that haven’t done a tour of duty in a DJ box.… Read the full article

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A short film about the Mytek Brooklyn Bridge & AMP

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Designed in Brooklyn, made in Poland, Mytek has removed the WCK IN/OUT and AES/EBU connectors from the rear of the Brooklyn DAC+ (review here) to make way for a 24bit/192kHz/DSD64-capable streaming board and a third Brooklyn: the Brooklyn Bridge (US$2995/€2995, previewed here).

The Brooklyn Bridge connects to a home network via Ethernet or Wi-Fi using the associated mControl smartphone app (iOS/Android), which in turn gives us direct access to cloud services – Tidal, Qobuz, Deezer and Spotify Connect – as well as local UPnP/DLNA and Roon servers.… Read the full article

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KIH #65 – Reprogramming the Munich machine

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Woe be me. Stick around. You might see yourself in the mirror.

That’s because you’re a showgoer, too. You’ve saved up to book the hotel and flight. You’ve even brought a credit card with big dynamic headroom just in case one of your favourite vendor sells discounted display samples that fit into your luggage.

Once the doors of the M.O.C. open, your mind stops. You’ve of course read about how big this annual Munich show is but in person, it’s a whole other gig.… Read the full article

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What is electrical noise and how does it affect your DAC?

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We’ve been here eleventy billion times before: the sound quality of a digital audio system doesn’t rely simply on the safe arrival of each and every bit but how accurately those bits are timed into the DAC chip. Any mis-timing is called jitter. Electrical noise – entering hi-fi components via the mains and via cables acting as antennae – can seriously disturb the timing accuracy of a DAC’s clock oscillators.

Not only. According to Garth Powell, Direct of Power/Engineering at AudioQuest, electrical noise will also make its way into the analogue section of a DAC to potentially mask the very low-level signal retrieval for which it was designed/purchased.… Read the full article

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Vanatoo announces Transparent One Encore

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Vanatoo — not a fictional planet from Doctor Who but an American loudspeaker company built around the work of one Gary Gesellchen and one Rick Kernen, who this commentator first encountered at a Newport Beach hi-fi show back in 2013. That meeting led to our review of their debut product: the Transparent One — a US$499 powered loudspeaker with serious low-end assault.

Six years later comes a revised version: the Transparent One Encore. The T1E starts with the same MDF cabinet that houses the same 5.25″ aluminium mid/bass driver – and backed by the same 5.25″ rear-facing passive radiator – but is now augmented up top by an all-new 1″ aluminium dome tweeter.… Read the full article

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Being Frank about vinyl

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In the above photo, we see Frank Schröder, a Berlin-based tonearm manufacturer of over twenty years, sitting on my couch (in Mitte) and not on his own, 6 km away in Charlottenburg. He has just installed a Zu/Denon DL-103r to a Rega Planar 2 turntable — because if anyone in the world knows how to properly align a cartridge, it’s Schröder.

This Berliner made his first tonearm at 14 years old, sold his first tonearm at 17 years old and joined the world of high-end audio exhibitors in 1999 at the High-End event in Frankfurt (before it relocated to Munich).… Read the full article

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KIH #64 – Get real!

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Real people fi. Oops. Cursed by dualistic language, once we write that, we’ve turned ourselves into despicable judgmental dunces. What does that term make the rest? Hifi for faux people? Let’s try again.

I just want to document what ‘real’ people apart from diehard audiophiles might/should do with small speakers like these Amphion Argon3s. For evidence, your prosecutor of the cause presents exhibit A. That’s my wife’s room. It’s how she has always set up her bedside system around her MacBook with external DVD drive.… Read the full article

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Have your Pi & eat it: Pro-ject’s Stream Box S2 Ultra

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‘£600 is flipping expensive for a tarted up Raspberry Pi!’

Not quite the words of the forum poster but in line with the sentiment: that Pro-ject is ripping off customers by charging silly money for a Pi with open source software and a nice case. Fairy dust or what?

Actually, strip away the invective and we find a reasonable question. Pro-ject are quite open about the Stream Box S2 Ultra (Stream Ultra) being based on the (CM3 industrial version of a) Raspberry Pi running a customised Volumio operating system.Read the full article

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Hi-res techno: Berghain 9 by Vatican Shadow

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90 minutes. 90 tracks. 13 exclusives. These are the vital statistics of Ostgut Ton’s latest DJ mix release Berghain 9. Curated and mixed by relatively new Berghain resident Vatican Shadow (Dominic Fernow), the mix is part field recording, part industrial, part noise, all underpinned by a foreboding techno sound:

“My interest in DJing developed naturally out of industrial music traditions such as mail art, tape trading, and sound collage. While this mix, of course, does not solely focus on cassettes, they were used as the bridge between the seemingly disparate areas and cross-sections of underground electronic edits you will find sewn together from diverse factions to create a sonic ‘cut up’.Read the full article

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