We continue our $50k gear giveaway with the Final Audio F7200 universal IEM. Just keep reading and enter the giveaway!

Last week’s Winners

The Beyerdynamic Amiron Wireless headphone giveaway turned out a lot more popular than expected but there can be only one winner. This week that is Yauheni Salopiy from Belarus. Congratulations. You’ll be contacted very soon, please get in touch.

Number 21

As promised and explained earlier, we’ll be doing a year long of weekly giveaways and last September was the start of our 52-week celebration. For this twentieth unit of the biggest audio giveaway the world has ever seen, we’re giving away one Final Audio F7200 IEM worth $459USD. This wonderful earphone can become yours and all you have to do is … sign up and leave a comment. Any comment is good but let’s keep it fun and comment what band you absolutely hate.

But first, let’s look at Final Audio and their F7200 IEM.

About Final audio

S’NEXT is a company that sells high-end audio earphones and headphones under its own brand final as well as conducting component technology development, product planning, design, planning, manufacturing and sales of other companies’ brands. The company was established in 2007. It began as a subsidiary of the major American connector manufacturer Molex; in 2014, it went independent through an MBO by the current management team. Now is what you would call its second formation.

Since beginning sales of our own final brand earphones in 2009, our way of thinking regarding good sound quality and designs that differ to those of other major electronics manufacturers has garnered attention, and we have built our own unique place both in Japan and abroad. In Europe in particular, our products are not only sold at high-end audio shops, but also at high-quality department stores and famous lifestyle shops such as Paris’ Colette, and our sales increase steadily every year.

Products such as earphones and headphones belong to a category known as current electrical appliances whose value is the greatest when they are brand new.
We, however, would like to create earphones and headphones that people have an affinity for and continue to use in much the same way they have with a mechanical wristwatch, the kind that will be valued as an antique in the future. To that end, it is necessary to embody the design of the product and the way in which it is considered, including the repair system, as a concrete organization or structure.

You can find the company’s website here: http://snext-final.com/en/

The F7200

It was Nathan who reviewed it for us back in 2016 already and he had the following to say about it:

Sound-wise, the Final Audio F7200 is polite, has good extension in both extremes, and it’s ready for the long listen. It’s not so polite that it’s warm. It sidesteps V and U shapes, and is utterly free of sibilance. It is tiny and tough. In general, it is beautifully designed to be used. The Final Audio F7200 is an earphone about which it is very hard to complain. But it’s also an earphone about which it is hard to jump and down and scream and shout. It’s an earphone that deserves your time. It rewards the long-term listener. In the long run, I think it will be considered a cornerstone to the new Final.

You can find the Product Page here: http://snext-final.com/en/products/detail/F7200.html

Our full F7200 review can be found here:

In order to enter the competition you need to do the following steps:

  • Fill out the form on the page linked below. Use a real email address as this is the address we will use to contact the winner
  • Leave a comment on this post you’re reading here. Preferably telling us what band you absolutely dislike, though you can comment anything to enter (This is just here cause one reader didn’t understand this and went a bit crazy)

And while you’re at it like the Final Audio and Headfonia Facebook pages HERE and HERE, if you haven’t already.

The winner will be chosen at random out of those that completed all 2 steps!

After signing up you’ll get a personal link to share. For each new participant that enters via your personal link on Twitter, Google+ or Facebook, etc. you get an extra chance to win!  Make sure you share/use the referrer link! By entering the giveaway you agree to the rules shown under the “ENTER” button

Participants will be contacted by email after subscribing, so by participating all entrants also accept us to email them. Do check your spam folder, but if you didn’t get an email you’re still entered. (Gmail addresses receive it slow/late! Don’t request us to check your entry)

The winner of the F7200 IEM will be announced next Monday as usual. That means you have till Sunday evening to enter the Final Audio headphone giveaway!

Thank you Final Audio for doing this with us! Good luck to everyone!

TO ENTER THE GIVEAWAY, leave a comment below and then , CLICK HERE:



Celebration Giveaway 21: Final Audio F7200

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