The Mojo is Chord Electronics most affordable FGPA DAC/Headphone amplifier… and it’s portable. The new Poly, launched at CES 2017, gives it a wireless streaming capability. 
Chord’s Poly is a clever little module that plugs into the side of any Mojo. ‘Once the two components are linked, the user is able to stream to the Mojo wirelessly,’ said Tom Vaughn of Chord, ‘so you can play content to it from your phone. Not only that, but you can also use your phone as a controller. The Poly has Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and Airport, plus it also has a line-level output, should this be required.’
Although it was released at CES 2017, Chord says it won’t be available to consumers until March, at which time it should sell in the UK for around ₤500. 
For more information on Australian availabilty and pricing, contact Chord’s Australian distributor, Radiance Audio Visual.