Right now you can purchase Vanguard or Slik tripods at special ‘Get Vivid Ready’ prices, along with Hahnel accessories such as remote triggers and LensBaby products. There’s a massive 50 percent off all Slik tripods, incluing the Lite AL-240 (now selling at just $52.25, down from $104.50) and the Slik 500G tripods (now at $17.50). There’s 30 percent off all Vanguard tripods, including the Alta Pro 2+ 263AT (now selling at just $188.97, down from $269.95) and the Veo 2 204AB with a ball-type head (now at $125.97).

Slik 500G compact tripod

All Hahnel camera accessories are also currently reduced by 30 percent, including the HRC 280 Pro remote shutter release (suitable for most major camera brands) which is now selling for just $20.97.

All LensBaby models are reduced by 30 percent, including the 56mm f1.6 Velvet and 35mm f2.9 Burnside which right now are just $405.30 each. Both these models are available in Canon, Nikon, Sony, Fujifilm, Micro Four Thirds and Pentax lens mount.

LensBaby 56mm f1.6 Velvet

CRK Photo Imaging’s ‘Get Vivid Ready’ sale runs until 17 June 2018 so head over to www.crkphotoimaging.com.au to see the full ranges of sale products, and use the promotion code CRKVIVID.