Audeze Sound in a Planar Magnetic Nearfield Desktop System
Main Floor | Adventure Room Next to the Ear Gear Expo

The Dragonfire Acoustics Mini Dragon Planar Desktop Speaker System is the latest innovation from Dr. Dragoslav Colich, Audeze’s pioneering Chief Technology Officer. Join us at Dragonfire and audition the system from 4/12 to 4/14 at AXPONA, Main Floor, Adventure Room Next to the Ear Gear Expo. Dr. C will be on hand for photos and interviews, speaking about his continuing advances in planar magnetic technology.

Dr. Colich has researched planar magnetic physics, material science, and industrial design for over 40 years. His speakers are known for their unparalleled sound quality and holographic 3D imaging. Dr. C’s designs for Audeze are sold around the world and garnered many awards. Dragonfire Acoustics is his personal enterprise, translating all he’s learned into a desktop system with subwoofer plus electronics that create an astonishing nearfield experience.

The Dragonfire Acoustics Mini Dragon Satellite Speakers are housed in attractive aluminum 6”x12” supported frames with 5”x10” planar transducers. All Dr. C’s planar designs feature extremely low-mass diaphragms that are suspended between powerful magnetic arrays. The diaphragm is a mere 4 microns thick and Fluxor Magnetic Arrays create up to a muscular 1.8 Tesla to control the diaphragm. These special transducers and patented Uniforce Diaphragm Traces provide exciting, engaging sound that pulls you in with incredibly fast transient response for airy, wide soundstages and palpable imaging.

Along with the Mini Dragon Satellites, each Dragonfire Acoustics Mini Dragon DFA 2.1 System comes with a dedicated Dragonfire MD-4 Amplifier/DAC, and the SB-8P Subwoofer, House StandardCables, Digital Preamp/Music Streamer with Dirac Room Correction, and a calibrated USB microphone with remote control. Components can be purchased individually.

Each system is handmade in California and offers a 30-day money-back guarantee. MSRP: $10,000 for the complete system. Pre-Order for a complete system at a SPECIAL SALE PRICE: $7,500. New dealers welcome, stop by and listen.

Dragonfire Acoustics

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