“Basically what I want is a piece of paper that runs Photoshop,” says illustrator Andrew Rae in the video above — and that’s the remarkable achievement of new Intuos Pro Paper Edition of Wacom’s pen and touch tablets, which the company showed at the recent ShowStoppers event during CES in Las Vegas.

The slimline Intuos Pro Paper touch tablet gives users the ability to use paper clipped onto the tablet to capture ink-on-paper drawings which can be stored digitally on board the Pro Paper without connection to a computer; the captured images can be refined later using the tablet with any compatible layered raster or vector software application on computer.

A new Pro Pen 2 anchors the overall creative experience with enhanced precision and four times the pressure sensitivity of the former Pro Pen, delivering 8192 levels of pressure to support a natural and intuitive creative process.

The Intuos Pro Paper Edition boasts all the features as the latest Intuos Pro (also shown at Showstoppers) while adding a Paper Clip (to attach an artist’s preferred drawing paper), pressure-sensitive Finetip gel ink pen, and the Wacom Inkspace App to convert drawings for use with creative software applications. The Inkspace App environment also allows users to store and share work within the Wacom Cloud, while Wacom’s Finetip Pen provides smooth-gel ink and unparalleled precision. Users can also select a Ballpoint Pen as an optional purchase.

The Intuos Pro family of pen and touch tablets are born from customer feedback, with special focus on the importance paper plays in the creative process and the desire to have a seamless connection with the digital side of the creative workflow.  

Available in two sizes, the Intuos Pro Paper Edition Medium  is $549 in Australia, and the Large is $769,

The latest Intuos Pro model, less than half an inch thick, is also available in Medium and Large varieties. Intuos Pro is Bluetooth-enabled and comes with the Wacom Pro Pen 2, pen stand and features eight ExpressKeys, a TouchRing and multi-touch gesture control. The Intuos Pro Medium is $499 and the Large is $699 AUD.

All models are available online at the Wacom eStore https://buywacom.com.au/ or through JB HiFi, Officeworks and Harvey Norman.