The Focal Sopra 1, which has been one of Focal’s most popular models, is now available in Blue, so what was once just a colour palette for interior decorators is rapidly turning into a kaleidoscope.

But introducing blue also seemed strange to us. because we’d heard on the grapevine that the colour most ordered  ̶  at least for the Sopra 1  ̶  was orange. ‘The real reason we introduced blue as a standard colour was that we offered blue as a one-off special for promotional purposes, and it was so popular that we decided to include it as a standard colour option,’ said Barnaby Fry, of Focal. Fry told Australian Hi-Fi that although orange was the most popular colour choice for the Sopra 1, it was the least popular for the Sopra 1. ‘I haven’t done any research, but I think the reason is simply that the Sopra 2 is so much larger than the Sopra 1… I think you can have just too much orange!’

When we expressed surprise that blue and orange could be so popular, since we saw so few ‘in the field’, we discovered that Focal does not count black or white as ‘colours’, and it is these two finishes that are overwhelmingly chosen by Focal customers. But if orange is the new black, then red is the new white, because red finishes are extremely popular with Focal’s customers, irrespective of the size of the speaker cabinet. (See photograph below.)

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