Queensland distributor PuraSound has been appointed the sole Australian distributor for Grandinote amplifiers, which use what the Italian company calls ‘Magnetosolid’ technology.

Our Magnetosolid technology combines the advantages of solid-state and tube amplifiers, overcoming their respective limitations,’ says owner/designer Max Magri of Graninote. ‘The result is a tight, precise and dynamic sound, yet one that’s also gentle, airy, warm and pleasant… natural.

Magri says that all Grandinote amplifiers have independent power supplies, all low-level signal stages are direct-coupled, and all are Class-A designs without feedback. One of the first products to arrive is Grandinote’s Genesi preamplifier, which is a dual mono design with four inputs (all balanced) and a balanced XLR output. Despite being a Class-A design, Grandinote claims a frequency response of 0.5Hz to 650kHz. It retails for $29,000.

Also now available for audition in Australia are the Grandinote Demone monobloc amplifiers. German magazine Audio has only given three perfect scores to power amplifiers in its 45 years of publication, and the most recent of those three was for the Demone monoblocs. In Australia, the Grandinote Demone monoblocs retail for $45,000 per pair.

Manufacturer’s Specifications: Grandinote Demone Monobloc

Power Output: 60-watts into both 4Ω and 8Ω
Frequency Response: 1.5Hz–350kHz
Damping factor: >230
Input Sensitivity: 750mV
Dimensions (WHD): 318×196×473mm
Weight: 30kg
Price: $45,000 (per pair)

For more information, contact Purasound