Hegel’s new Röst integrated amplifier is the opposite of Henry Ford’s first car. It’s available in your choice of white, white, or white!

Surely it being only available in white is going to limit your sales?’ was the question I put to Hegel’s Anders Ertzeid, (pictured above) looking not even the slightest bit jet-lagged despite having flown into Las Vegas from his company’s headquarters in Norway the night before. ’The colour was a carefully calculated decision’, he replied. ‘The problem as we saw it is that so far as looks are concerned all hi-fi components are either all more or less the same, or totally overdesigned simply to make them look different, but so over-designed that they don’t really fit in to a typical home. We decided to go with white because although 80 per cent of people will very likely hate it, the remaining 20 per cent will love it because it’s white. And since we’re the only company offering a white amplifier…

Hegel’s new Röst (slated to sell in the US for $US3,000) is more than just a white integrated amplifier rated at 75-watts continuous per channel. It also has an on-board DAC that can be accessed optically, coaxially, or via Ethernet or USB, or via Airplay. According to Ertzeid, the Röst is also the first two-channel integrated amplifier that has Control 4 built in, so it can slot into most smart home solutions. If you don’t want to access the Röst digitally, it provides both balanced and single-ended line inputs, as well as a home theatre input.

Ertzeid told Australian Hi-Fi Magazine that although he thought the idea of making the product in white was great, he hadn’t anticipated the technical difficulties of the finish. ‘It’s ‘way difficult to make a white product,’ he said, ‘because everything shows up. At the moment, we’re rejecting almost 50 per cent of the panels we make, and about the same percentage of knobs. The painting process is critical.’ But Ertzeid said that looks weren’t everything, and that the new Röst had the same ‘voice of Hegel’ as its other products. ‘.With our patented SoundEngine amplifier technology, the Röst sounds fluidly natural and dynamic, preserving all the tiny details that create the feeling of being there and delivering deep, thundering bass when needed,’ he told Australian Hi-Fi Magazine.

Manufacturer’s Specifications: Hegel Röst

Power Output: 75-watts per channel (8 ohms)
Frequency Response: 5Hz to 180kHz
S/N Ratio: >100dB
Channel Separation: >100dB
Damping Factor: >2000
Dimensions (HWD): 100x430x310mm
Weight: 12kg
Price: $US3,000 (RRP)

For more information, contact Hegel’s Australian distributor, Advance Audio.