A host of awards, a couple of million fans and of course and a killer fan base was more than enough to win Killing Eve a second season and we're not surprised, with a show this good and a cliffhanger that suspense driven how could it not? 

Well if you've been buying your time waiting for the new season to come out the waiting is over…we'll tell you how to watch Killing Eve online now that the newest season has gone live. 

Considering the first episode of this season was the most watched episode yet and has received heavy praise, you know it is worth tuning in for. After a host of dramatic trailers and the first episode picking back up the chase, now is the time to tune in and watch Killing Eve online – and we'll show you how. 

The deadly game continues, so find out how to catch up on the first episode and see where to watch the rest of Killing Eve season 2 in the US or, if your holiday and the launch overlap, how to watch Killing Eve online from abroad. 

How to watch Killing Eve online

How to watch Killing Eve online in the US:

Watch Killing Eve online from outside your country:

If you find yourself out of the country, on holiday or temporarily abroad when the show is on, don't panic just yet, there is still a chance to watch Killing Eve online as it happens. Using a little handy trick, you can get around geo-blocks and digital borders using a VPN.

This will allow you to gain access to all the Killing Eve live content as it happens without even having to be in the states by changing your IP to an American one. That way you can binge watch the show instead of enjoying the beach on your holiday…

Which VPN is best for you? Our personal favourite is ExpressVPN. And how do you use that to watch Killing Eve online? Read on to find out all you need to know.

Season 2 trailer: get excited to watch Killing Eve

Killing Eve guide for watching online

How to watch Killing Eve online in Australia

Living in Australia often feels like TV guides are out to get you with shows coming out later than everywhere else. Thankfully that's not the case this time around. Australians can enjoy this excellent show on ABC's iview, with the first episode of Season 2 already out.  

There's a bit of a gap between the first and second episode, meaning you'll need to wait until April 19 to see how the cliffhangers from the first episode plays out. After that, it's a weekly phenomenon till the end of the new season.

How to watch Killing Eve online in the UK

Watch season 1 of Killing Eve online no matter your location

US season 1 – watch the whole first season on Hulu or BBC America
UK season 1 – watch the whole first season on BBC iPlayer
Canada season 1 – watch the whole first season on Crave
Australia season 1 – watch the whole first season on iView