Headphone Measurements

Not a lot of measurements really, but didn’t want what I had to get stale.

If you’d like to participate with the headphone measurement program by sending in cans that aren’t already measured and displayed on the measurement datasheets page, simply go to this forum page, read and follow the instructions, and we’ll get it done.

As usual I’ve updated the AllGraphs.pdf of course, and added the cans to the measurement datasheets page. I’ve also linked to the measurement sheets to the headphone name in paragraphs below. New additions include:

  • Audeze – Lots of Audeze headphones in this month. Measured the LCD-4 (review here); EL-8 Open; EL-8 Closed; and SINE.

    The LCD-4 review has got Audeze and I scratching our heads. We’ve been exchanging emails on measurements and things don’t seem to square-up. It’s beginning to look like all heads aren’t the same, or my Head Acoustics head doesn’t quite look to spec. I’m not sure yet, but I think I’m going to have to contact B&K and G.R.A.S. to see if I can borrow a couple of heads to compare to mine on my system. If nothing else, it’ll make an interesting story.

    On the less complicated note, I liked the SINE quite a bit. Review soon!

  • Fostex Massdrop TH-X00 – An InnerFidelity reader (sorry, forgot who) sent in the TH-X00. Holy Smoke! Thanks for lending me your headphone for measurements, they are really a significant improvement over their Denon ADH-DX000 predecessors to both my ears and measurements. Massdrop headphones would be hard for me to review because they go away before I get a chance to review them, but man, Massdrop seems to be doing some killer stuff. Group buy, direct to consumer, custom modified headphones….and they do it well. Pretty amazing.
  • Mr. Speakers Ether C – Having just finished the review, I’ve got the stock Ether C .pdf, but I’ve also got full measurement sheets on the Ether C with: 1 black filter; 2 black filters; and the white filter. Still loving these headphones!
  • Takato14 – We probably shouldn’t tell him, but I think Takato14 may be lost down the headphone rabbit hole. The reason we shouldn’t tell him, of course, is because without him we wouldn’t have all these weird headphone measurements.

    For starters, he’s vintage headphone crazy. This time he sent in the NAD RP18 bass-light version and Sansui SS100. They’re similar old school planar magnetic headphones—and similarly bad sounding compared to today’s headphones. We’ve come a long way, baby.

    He also sent in some DIY modified headphones; a Pioneer SE500, and his home built Sennheiser HD 700 with transplanted drivers I wrote about here. Here they are as he sent them, and then with a filter change.

    Thanks, Tak! You keep rummaging around down in that hole and sending me stuff, I’m always happy measure whatever you unearth.

  • Sennheiser HD 800 S – Boy, I really like this headphone; here’s the review. A bunch of measurements came out of it. I measured the first sample I got twice, and I also measured two other samples: SN# 01067 and SN# 01070. Also measured was Sorrodje’s Superdupont Resonator HD 800, and Superdupont Resonator HD 800 with SBAF carpet liner mod.
  • Caeden Linea No.10 – I liked this fashion Bluetooth wireless on-ear quite a bit and reviewed it here. It’s rare that I find a wireless headphone that sounds and measures quite similarly passive wired, active wired, and over Bluetooth. Keep this one in mind for this winter’s holiday season; it would make a great gift.
  • V-Moda Crossfade Wireless – I probably bitched about V-Moda’s EQ curves too much in my review; these are pretty good basshead Bluetooth cans. Here’s the measurements on the wire, and with Bluetooth.

It was 70 degrees in Bozeman yesterday; it snowed this morning. Welcome to springtime in Montana. Having a BBQ this weekend, it’s supposed to be nice. Hope you can get one in soon too. Enjoy the greenery!