1×1. 2×2. 3×1. 4×1. 4×2. 3×4. 4×4. 5×5. Not mathematics for young ‘uns but IKEA’s KALLAX – the world’s most popular vinyl storage solution. Why? Clean lines, simple colourways and value for money that is unsurpassed. The 1×1 sells for €20, the 5×5 for €120. Each internal cube can hold between 50 and 60 records.

For those not optioning a separate (and more costly) hi-fi rack to house their audio electronics, the KALLAX can do double duty as vinyl holder and component cache.

Where’s the rub?

The standard width of a full-sized hi-fi component is 43cm (19″). That’s nine centimetres too much for the 34cm internal dimensions of a KALLAX cube. Put a turntable atop a 2×2 KALLAX and we can expect to subtract 43cm from 77cm to once again leave 34cm of daylight.

Having done precisely this with a 2×2 and an SL-1200G turntable, I took visual aim at previously reviewed components that would fit alongside the Technics – or in one of its internal cubes – to classify them as Kallax-Fi.

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Further information: IKEA