Released on November 16 in Europe, the Kalista Dreamplay made its North American debut at CES 2017. 
Kalista is the brand name Metronome Audio uses on its luxury hi-fi products, and if you think that this kind of flags that the Kalista Dreamplay CD Turntable would be expensive, you’d be right, because in North America, it will sell for $US35,700, according to Jean Marie Clauzel, General Manager of Metronome (pictured above).

Clauzel told Australian Hi-Fi Magazine that the Dreamplay’s chassis is mostly made of aluminium, that all the transparent parts are 60mm-thick methacrylate, and all other parts are made of stainless steel. In common with all Kalista products, the Dreamplay is completely built by hand in France.

Clauzel says it calls the Dreamplay a ‘CD Turntable’ because it use a Philips CD Pro mechanism, which must be loaded in the same way an LP is loaded onto a turntable platter. ‘Although the transport we use is made by Philips, we make numerous proprietary improvements before installing it in the Kalista,’ he said.

The Kalista Dreamplay has three digital outputs: coax, AES/EBU and Toslink…which reveals the other reason it’s called a turntable, which is that it doesn’t have an in-built DAC, so you’ll need to add a DAC of your choosing. Clauzel recommends the aptly-named Kalista DAC.

For more information, contact Kalista’s Australian distributor, Kedcorp.