Lamm Industries showed the Lamm L2.1 Reference Pre-amplifier for the first time anywhere in the world at CES 2017.

A dual mono line-level pre-amplifier, the new Lamm L2.1 Reference is also a dual-chassis design, with the power supply contained in a completely separate but cosmetically similar chassis. ‘At the time we designed the original L2, its circuitry was virtually flawless,’ said the always elegant Elina Lamm, who was personally supervising Lamm’s two palatial suites on Level 35 of the Venetian Towers. ‘It was only the emergence of new electronic components that opened up the possibility of creating a preamplifier that would bring the lound reproduction level even closer to the sound of live music than before.’

Compared to the original L2 Reference, the L2.1 uses completely different and improved printed circuit boards, with gold-plated traces and thru holes. The components inserted into the PCB have been upgraded across the board, but most particularly all the electrolytic capacitors have been replaced by high-density polypropylene types. Although the basic amplification circuit design remains unchanged, the protection and time-delay circuits have been modified. ‘Technically, these changes have resulted in an improved signal-to-noise ratio and increased immunity to radio frequency interferences propagated via both radiation and conduction over signal lines and a.c. power systems,’ Lamm told Australian Hi-Fi Magazine. ‘The musical result is that the previously almost inaudible sonic signature is now even more inaudible, assuring the extraordinary transparency of perceived sound and perfect re-creation of the three-dimensional soundstage in the home or recording studio, without boundaries or limitations.’

As with the original L2, the L2.1 is pure Class-A from input to output, with no overall feedback, and all stages, including the high-current output buffers, are single-ended. Hand-selected high-voltage super-linear MOSFETs are used in the signal path, and TKD 41-step potentiometers are used for volume control. The pre-amplifier’s power supply has choke filtering, a full-wave valve rectifier and a valve voltage regulator.

‘We take the liberty of stating that we have been able to create a preamplifier with practically no sonic signature,’ said Lamm. Available now, the Lamm L2.1 Reference retails for $US22,790 which includes both the preamplifier and the power supply.

The system pictured below, comprised the Lamm LP2.1 phono preamplifier deluxe ($US9,190), Lamm LP1 Signature phono preamplifier ($36,690), Lamm LL1.1 Signature Line Level preamplifier ($US45,590 per pair) and Lamm ML3 Signature power amplifiers ($US139,690 per pair) and theThe speakers are the Kharma Exquisite Midi Grands (with F-Drivers) which retail for $US225,000 per pair. Total system cost, including cables and sundries was $683,850. For this scribe’s money, this system sounded ‘way better than the system in Lamm’s second room, which used Kharma’s new (and ‘way more expensive) EV2 loudspeakers.

For more information, including Australian availability and pricing for all Lamm products, contact Lamm’s Australian distributor, Absolute Hi End.