German manufacturer Lindemann very recently upgraded its MusicBook Music Players with a new AKM chipset, enabling better upsampling performance and DSD playback.

CES 2017 was the first time products with the new AKM chipset have been shown, and according to Mark Gurvey, of Source Systems, which distributes Lindemann in North America, the new circuitry is clearly superior. ‘You now have the capability to natively play back any format up to DSD256 or upsample any format right up to DXD or DSD 128/256’ he told Australian Hi-Fi Magazine. ‘Plus you can set the upsampling to be automatic, or you can choose on a track to track basis, and the DSD direct mode optionally allows you to bypass the Delta-Sigma modulator.’

The upgraded models have new pricing, as follows:

MusicBook 10:DSD $US3,495
MusicBook 15:DSD $US3,995
MusicBook 20:DSD $US4,495
MusicBook 25:DSD $US4,995

The new models are compliant with DNLA, UPnP, Tidal, Deezer and other streaming services, plus it’s really nice that they all offer full preamplifier functionality and the analogue outputs, both balanced and unbalanced, have their level are controlled in the analogue domain, even though the controller itself is digital,’ said Gurvey.

For information on Australian availability and pricing, contact Audio Magic