Mary Webb – her performances are included in the entry ticket to the Australian Hi-Fi & AV Show

With Australian singer-songwriter-guitarist Mary Webb appearing live in the Chapel Suite at this year’s Australian Hi Fi & AV Show, showgoers can not only enjoy her performance (included in the price of the show entry ticket), they can now learn more about what went into the making of her latest album ‘Love Like The Planets’.

Producer Mike Kirkham will be presenting a full AV presentation on the making of the album following each of her performances, including projection onto a screen of the full ProTools multitrack production, ready to discuss in detail production ideas, how and why particular elements (reverbs, compressors etc) were utilised in the recording, and to answer questions on production ideas and recording in general.

SnowGhost Studios in Montana, where Mary Webb’s album was recorded. Producer Mike Kirkham will be giving presentations at the Show on the making of the album.

The live performances are being brought to the Show by Magenta Audio/Halcro, while Mike Kirkham’s subsequent presentations will detail the creative processes of the album, recorded at the world-class SnowGhost Studios high in the mountains of Montana, one of the best equipped recording studios in the world (usingseveral sets of Halcro DM amplifiers in their reference monitoring system). In some ways this recording harked back to pre-digital techniques, including recording to two-inch tape during the sessions, which were engineered by Brett Allen and produced by Mr Kirkham. Backing vocals and more were added in the mixing process in Mike’s own world-class recording studio in Uraidla in the Adelaide Hills, before mastering at the Gavin Lurssen Mastering Lab in the US by Ruben Cohen.

Magenta Audio will be in Suite 416 at the Show, while the concerts and these sessions are all included in the price of your show entry ticket, currently available for a limited time with a special Bring A Friend 2 for 1 Ticket offer.

Australian Hi-Fi and Sound+Image are media partners for the Australian Hi-Fi & AV Show, which takes place at The Como, Melbourne, from 19-21 October. 

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