Metronome has released its DSC1 (the letters stand for ‘Digital Sharing Converter) which is essentially a streamer that will decode almost any digital file, up to DSD512, from mobile and network sources. ‘The DSC1 is a top high-end D/A converter, which uses the latest-generation conversion chips AK4497 (one per channel) to result in excellent precision, which perfectly conjugates with the analogue savoir-faire of Métronome,’ says Jean Marie Clauzel, of Metronome. ‘Sound reproduction is very well defined, aerial, and powerful.’

Although the DSC1 can use most DLNA-compatible apps, Clauzel told Australian Hi-Fi Magazine that he recommends using the mConnect player. ‘This easy-to-use app allows a fluent network browsing, reading high-resolution music files, driving playlists… and is available in both iOS and Android,’ he said.

The power supply of the DSC1, which is integrated inside the aluminium chassis, comprises four toroidal transformers and ten independent regulation lines. The D/A board is independent of the main board in order that it can be upgraded to accommodate new digital formats, should they become available. As with all Métronome Technologie products, the DSC1 is made entirely by the company in its facility located in Montans, France.

For further information, please contact Metronome’s Australian distributor, Kedcorp