Italian company Monrio has released its largest and most powerful integrated amplifier to date, the Monrio MC207.

Rated at 140-watts per channel into 8Ω, the Monrio MC207 uses exclusively NPN transistors in its output stage, which is powered by a 500VA power transformers and four large electrolytic capacitors each rated at 10,000µF. It has four line inputs, a dedicated unity gain ‘AV-Direct’ input for use with a processor in a home theatre system and a pre-out for direct connection of a subwoofer. A USB input is available as an option.

‘The Monrio MC207 is now the largest and most powerful integrated amplifier in our range,’ said Giovanni Gazzola, of Monrio. ‘Featuring latest circuit topology and top-notch materials, sound quality has reached an even higher level than before, presenting a superbly matched blend of performance, features and musicality.’ Other models in the Monrio MC series include the MC202, MC200, MC205 and MC207.

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