We’re not quite sure why Moon calls them ‘lucky’ watts, but this Canadian company’s latest monobloc can deliver 888 of them into 8Ω loads, and 1,776 of them into 4Ω loads.

[Stop Press: We now know where they’re called lucky watts. For information about Chinese astrology and lucky numbers, click HERE)

The 888 is state of the art taken to its very extreme,’ said Costa Koulisakis, of Moon. ‘The 888 isn’t just another monobloc amplifier, it’s a statement. A concept taking to the extreme in every detail.’ Although it’s rated at 888-watts, the transistors in the output stage are rated at 8kW in total, so the amplifier will always be operating ‘way below its capacity, plus there’s more than 350,000uF of capacitance in the power supply.

According to Koulisakis, the 888’s chassis is a single piece of cast aluminium that’s manufactured using the same process used to make high-performance racing engines, using CNC machining processes that are accurate to better than 1/1,000th of an inch. ‘The 888 can track the musical signal so accurately that it simply does not impart any character of its own,‘ said Koulisakis. ‘The ineffable clarity unleashes musical detail until now unheard-of and for the first time, the awesome dynamics of real live music are possible in the playback chain.’

There are lots of lucky 8s in the recommended retail price too, with the Moon 888 listed as selling for $US118,888 per pair (RRP).

Manufacturer’s Specifications: Moon 888 Power Amplifier

Power Output: 888-watts (8Ω); 1,776-watts (4Ω)
Frequency Response: 10Hz – 200kHz -3dB
S/N Ratio: 120dB unweighted
THD: 0.04%
IMD: 0.006%
Input Sensitivity: 2.4VRMS
Gain: 31dB
Dimensions (WHD): 559x356x686mm
Weight: 136kg
Price: $US118,888 per pair

For more information about Australian pricing and availability, contact Moon’s Australian distributor, BusiSoft AV.