NAD Electronics has updated one of its most popular amplifiers. The result is the C 316 BEE V2, which now has a MM phono input.

The inclusion of a phono input on the NAD C316 BEE V2 means that over the last two years, NAD has not only updated its five most popular integrated amplifiers (the others being the C328, C338, C368 and C 388) but has also added its low-noise RIAA phono stage to all five models. ‘NAD did this in recognition that many music lovers have rediscovered vinyl,’ says Geoff Matthews, of Convoy, which distributes NAD in Australia. ‘It’s no ordinary phono stage either, as it’s based on the company’s highly-acclaimed RIAA equalisation circuit which combines low noise with high overload margins to virtually eliminate noise and distortion and has an infrasonic filter to help control low frequency feedback, and is handy to control floor and cabinet vibrations.’

As well as updating the phono circuitry, NAD has also updated the exterior design, by using slightly curved edges on the charcoal front panels. The flagship models (C388 and C368) feature NAD’s ‘Modular Design Construction’ (MDC) with card slots to accommodate changes in technology to help prevent obsolescence. ‘A popular use of MDC is to add a BluOS module to instantly transform the amplifier into a wireless, high-res, multiroom hub,’ Matthews told Australian Hi-Fi Magazine. Available now, the NAD C316 BEE V2 retails for $549 (RRP).

For more information, contact Convoy International.