Revel has released an upgraded version of its F208, with a new dual composite cone and (obviously!) a beryllium tweeter!

The driver layout of the new Performer F208Be is consistent with the F208, sporting a pair of 203mm bass drivers, a single 125mm midrange driver and a 25mm dome tweeter in a classic four-driver three-way configuration. But the bass drivers now have new dual composite cones and the 25mm tweeter is made from Beryllium.

Finishes have yet to be finalised, but will include black and white finishes, plus a metallic grey finish (the white finish is shown in the photograph above.) Pricing has yet to be announced, but will obviously be higher than the $US5,000 per pair that is the current retail price for the older F208 model.

We have always missed having a model between the F208 and the Salon 2,’ said Revel’s Youseff Itaider. ‘So customers had to choose between the F208 at $5000 per pair and the Salon 2 at $US21,000 per pair. The new Performer F208Be will be that “something in-between” but so far we have no price we can announce.

For more information about Australian pricing and availability, contact Revel’s Australian distributor, Advance Audio.