Martin Logan exhibited at CES, but although the room sounded lovely, there was nothing new in it… though we did learn something about its model numbering system.

One reason for the great sound in Martin Logan’s room was the Impression ESL 11As (pictured above), which feature a 44×11 inch SLS electrostatic panel that’s coupled to a pair of 203mm bass drivers that are driven by a pair of amplifiers, each one rated at 275-watts continuous per channel. That panel size means a total radiating area (not including the bass drivers) of 3,136 square centimetres and results in a claimed frequency response of 29Hz to 23kHz +/-3dB. Efficiency is very high, particularly for an ES design, at 91dBSPL at one metre for a 2.83V input. Standard finishes are gloss black, gloss white, walnut and dark cherry, but premium finishes are now available that include arctic silver, desert silver, meteor grey, rosso fuoco, cordoba red, deep sea blue and basalt black. The recommended retail is $US10,000 per pair in Walnut.

As for what we learned about Martin Logan’s numbering system, it’s that the last numbers in the model number denote the width (in inches) of the electrostatic panel, so that of the Impression ESL 11A is eleven inches wide, while that of the Expression ESL 13A is thirteen inches wide. And, if there’s an ‘A’ after these two digits, it means the model has actively driven bass drivers. Australia being a metric country, where the width of the Impression has always been 300mm, the significance of that ’11’ in the model number has always passed us by…

For more information about Australian pricing and availability, contact Martin Logan’s exclusive Australian distributor, Audio Active.