Disclaimer: This is a Picture Sunday post where we share some very first impressions of equipment. Check out recent Picture Sunday posts HERE. Shanling M0 is a review sample directly from the company.

Shanling has made some very nice digital audio players lately. Yet I’m not sure it could get nicer and prettier than this one; the M0. As the model name suggests, this is the smallest Shanling DAP available. What makes it extremely sweet and sexy though, is the design language of Shanling that we loved from the other two DAPs they sent us.

The Shanling M0 is fabulously compact and tiny, which would make it a great workout and travel companion for many people out there. You get a fully functional DAP with many features in a size of a Bluetooth module, which is impressive. It is also different from the Shanling M3s and M2s navigation-wise. I suggested Shanling to switch to touchscreens with next products but seems like they’ve already made their decision. The M0 is operated with a small touchscreen, which is responsive enough to use it comfortably. The software is shaped to be simplistic and practical with smallness of the screen as well. The responsiveness can be improved with updates, but it’s still easily manageable.

Shanling M0

Shanling M0

I’ve called the M2s a “Tiny Musical Wonder” but I might put a headline like “Super Tiny Wonder” to M0’s review, which will be online here soon. Sound-wise I just gave it a brief listen with a few songs. Overall it sounds balanced with good dynamics, and I think it sounds quite flat and neutral. It’s a very promising sound but of course I need to listen much more than that, since it just arrived yesterday. I’m thinking to shoot a short video of it to show the software and ease of use, but let’s see how my planning goes with other stuff.

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Shanling M0

Shanling M0

Picture Sunday: Shanling M0

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