PRS Guitars and Vernon Reid have just announced a new limited edition model in the S2 series of US made electric guitars: the S2 VR Vela. Initially attracted by the Vela’s offset body shape, Vernon took the S2 Vela to another level through a unique set of appointments. Loaded with two HFS pickups by PRS, the S2 VR Vela has an aggressive sound with clear highs and strong mids and bass. It has a Floyd Rose 1000 Series tremolo and a “V-shape” neck that feels full and strong in your hand. And the pickguard design is unmistakably ‘Vernon.’

“I love the way it looks, the way it feels, the way it sounds,” Vernon says. “I think it’s really meant for the player that is prepared to go all different kinds of places. It’s the kind of instrument that invites people to experiment and just have a good time. Whatever kind of music you want to play…whatever you want to plug the guitar into.”

There is no limit to the number of S2 VR Vela guitars that will be made, but the order window is open from August 8 – September 30, 2017 only through authorized PRS Dealers.

Living Colour’s new album Shade is out on September 8.